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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as PCMCIA, SDRAM, Video Memory, PWB Memory, Uncategorized from manufacturers you trust. Parts including XJ4336, XJ2288, XJ2114, XJ1560, L1672P18-06 and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
XJ4336 pcmcia 33.6k xjack cabled pcmcia mode... Avl RFQ
XJ2288 pcmcia new megahertz xj2288 pcmcia 28... Avl RFQ
XJ2114 pcmcia pcmcia modem Avl RFQ
XJ1560 pcmcia pcmcia laptop modem 56k xjack Avl RFQ
L1672P18-06 sdram l1672p1806 legend - memory - 1... Avl RFQ
F2M9510021 pcmcia 33.6k xjack cabled pcmcia mode... Avl RFQ
ETHERLINK-III pcmcia etherlinkiii etherlink iii 16-... Avl RFQ
CC2560 pcmcia new pcmcia 90 day warranty Avl RFQ
CC1560-NC pcmcia cc1560nc 56k pcmcia modem w/no... Avl RFQ
ASSY-8772-01 video memory assembly 877201 video card pci... Avl RFQ
AC828 pcmcia cable modem pcmcia Avl RFQ
974302-1 pcmcia 9743021 dongle 10/100base-t et... Avl RFQ
70408000 pcmcia 10/100base-t pcmcia dongle Avl RFQ
70405000 pcmcia 10base-t pcmcia dongle Avl RFQ
7000258501 pwb memory pwb printed wiring board Avl RFQ
6900246900 uncategorized 6900246900-3com Avl RFQ
6900141700 pwb memory pwb printed wiring board Avl RFQ
6900079005 pwb memory pwb printed wiring board Avl RFQ
6900079003 pwb memory pwb printed wiring board Avl RFQ
69-002464-00 ram modules 6900246400 tc edgeserver pro 2... Avl RFQ
69-001895-00 ram modules 6900189500 128mb ecc ram dimm Avl RFQ
66298600932 rom new officeconnect cd-rom serve... Avl RFQ
50-22498-01 pci 502249801 net/ fddi/pci adapte... Avl RFQ
3CXM756 pcmcia 56k pcmcia global gsm cellular... Avl RFQ
3CXFE575CTAP pcmcia new pcmcia 90 day warranty Avl RFQ
3CXFE574BT pcmcia 10/100base-t lan pcmcia card x... Avl RFQ
3CXEM556C pcmcia 56k+lan xjack pcmcica xjack pc... Avl RFQ
3CXEM556 pcmcia 3com mhz 10mbps lan+56k xjack ... Avl RFQ
3CXE589ET pcmcia 10mbps lan pcmcia card Avl RFQ
3CRDW696 pci 11mbps wireless lan 802.11b pc... Avl RFQ
3CO-07-0337-002 pcmcia 3co070337002 dongle 10/100base... Avl RFQ
3CCM756 pcmcia 56k cellular modem pc card pcm... Avl RFQ
3CCM656 pcmcia new pcmcia 90 day warranty Avl RFQ
3CCM156B pcmcia 56k v.90 x2 global pc pcmcia 3... Avl RFQ
3CCFE575CT-NC pcmcia 3ccfe575ctnc 10/100base-t pcmc... Avl RFQ
3CCFE575CT pcmcia new 10/100base-t 32-bit pcmcia... Avl RFQ
3CCFE575BT-NC pcmcia 3ccfe575btnc 10/100base-t pcmc... Avl RFQ
3CCFE575BT-D pcmcia 3ccfe575btd dell fast ethernet... Avl RFQ
3CCEM556B pcmcia new pcmcia 90 day warranty Avl RFQ
3CCE589ET pcmcia ethernet lan pcmcia card weigh... Avl RFQ
3C996-SX pci 3c996sx / broadcom gigabit 100... Avl RFQ
3C985B-SX pci new 1000base-sx pci fiber serv... Avl RFQ
3C985-SX pci 3c985sx pci gigabit etherlink ... Avl RFQ
3C975 pci atmlink pci 155mb atm fiber mm... Avl RFQ
3C92370 pcmcia lanplex/cb 2500 pcmcia flash m... Avl RFQ
3c905cx-tx-nm pci new 3c905cxtxnm network 10/100... Avl RFQ
3C905C-TXM pci new 3c905ctxm fast etherlink 1... Avl RFQ
3C905B-TXPXE pci 3c905btxpxe 10/100base-tx fast... Avl RFQ
3C905B-TXM pci new 3c905btxm fast etherlink x... Avl RFQ
3C905-TX-W pci 3c905txw 3c905-tx-w fast ether... Avl RFQ
3C900B-FL pci 3c900bfl 10base-fl ethernet ad... Avl RFQ
3C900B pci net/pc/ etherlink xl pci combo... Avl RFQ
3C8S443 sdram new sdram memory 64mb dimm mod... Avl RFQ
3C796 pci net/ fddi/pci adapter Avl RFQ
3C689 pcmcia pcmcia tokenlink 3 16/4 withou... Avl RFQ
3C6086 pcmcia nbii 20mb pcmcia card for dpe Avl RFQ
3C5X9 rom tri-rom w/bootware Avl RFQ
3C589B-TP pcmcia etherlink iii ethernet pcmcia Avl RFQ
3C589B-NODONGLE pcmcia 3c589bnodongle etherlink iii p... Avl RFQ
3C589 pcmcia etherlink iii pcmcia Avl RFQ
3C574-TX pcmcia 3c574tx 3c574-tx pcmcia adapte... Avl RFQ
3C562D-MODEM-CABLE pcmcia 3c562dmodemcable pcmcia lan+33... Avl RFQ
3C562D-COMBO pcmcia 3c562dcombo pcmcia 10base-t et... Avl RFQ
3C562C/3C563C pcmcia 3c562c3c563c 33.6k pcmcia comb... Avl RFQ
3C503-NW prom new 3c503nw boot prom software... Avl RFQ
3C3SH573BT pcmcia officeconnect 10/100base-t lan... Avl RFQ
3C3FEM556C pcmcia 10/100base-t lan + 56k modem p... Avl RFQ
3C3FE575CT pcmcia 10/100base-t lan cardbus pcmci... Avl RFQ
3C3FE574BT pcmcia new pcmcia 10/100base-t lan ad... Avl RFQ
3C13726 smart memory new 2 x fxs - smart interface ... Avl RFQ
3C13720A smart memory new 1-port t1 ft1 router sic (... Avl RFQ
3C13718 smart memory 3c13718 router 2-port isdn bri... Avl RFQ
3C13716 smart memory 3c13716 router 2-port isdn bri... Avl RFQ
3C13712 smart memory new 1-port 10/100 sic ( smart ... Avl RFQ
3C10233 ram modules new 3com 256 mb memory module ... Avl RFQ
3C-PC-TX-CBL pcmcia new 3cpctxcbl 10/100base-t pcm... Avl RFQ
3C-PC-TP-CBL pcmcia 3cpctpcbl pcmcia cable 10/100b... Avl RFQ
34L0409 pci 10/100base-t pci fast etherlin... Avl RFQ
30L7480 pci 10/100base-t pci fast etherlin... Avl RFQ
30573COMUSRCC pcmcia new pcmcia 90 day warranty Avl RFQ
3014A pcmcia new pcmcia 90 day warranty Avl RFQ
3013-3COM pcmcia 3013 56k x2 technology pcmcia ... Avl RFQ
160488 pcmcia 3ccfe575ctd pcmcia 10/100 base... Avl RFQ
160108001 pcmcia etherlink iii lan pcmcia cr: Avl RFQ
160009000 pcmcia 10base-t pcmcia ethernet adapt... Avl RFQ
16-0488-000 pcmcia 160488000 10/100 base-tx fast ... Avl RFQ
16-0439-000 pcmcia 160439000 10/100base-t lan car... Avl RFQ
16-0057-000 pcmcia 160057000 pcmcia 10base-t ethe... Avl RFQ
10120506E rom cd rom-nexgen 3 48x Avl RFQ
1.009.91501 pwb memory 100991501 pwb printed wiring b... Avl RFQ
07-0408-000 pcmcia 070408000 pcmcia cable 10/100b... Avl RFQ
07-0337-002 pcmcia 070337002 pcmcia cable 10/100b... Avl RFQ
07-0276-000 pcmcia 070276000 pcmcia 10base modem ... Avl RFQ
0231A61N smart memory new 4 x 10/100base-tx - smart ... Avl RFQ
0231A52S smart memory new 1 x t1 - smart interface c... Avl RFQ
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