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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as Sound, PCB Memory, Processors, Smart Memory, Other Memory from manufacturers you trust. Parts including ADWAVE-32, 9376910, 9376908, 9376902, 54CDP and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
ADWAVE-32 sound adwave32 advanced telewave q32... Avl RFQ
9376910 pcb memory 8 bit d-a converter pcb Avl RFQ
9376908 pcb memory active filter pcb Avl RFQ
9376902 pcb memory elg board pcb Avl RFQ
54CDP processors dual pentium processor motherb... Avl RFQ
52001621D smart memory 52001621d smart 16e shelf cont... Avl RFQ
5200024-1L smart memory 52000241l smart 16 shelf contr... Avl RFQ
4703863G1-VZ other memory netvanta 3200 w/3g nim, vzn Avl RFQ
47006332G1 other memory netvanta 6330-8fxs-1 nim2 slot... Avl RFQ
4242924L3 other memory total access 924e w/ vpn card Avl RFQ
4242924L2 other memory total access 924e 16fxs + 8 fx... Avl RFQ
4242924L1 other memory total access 924e 24fxs dsx-1 ... Avl RFQ
4242916L1 other memory adtran total access 916e quad ... Avl RFQ
4242908L3 other memory ta 908e w/vpn card, 2ndgen Avl RFQ
4242908L1SBC other memory ta 908e w/ sbc feature pack ta... Avl RFQ
4242908L1 other memory adtran total access 908e Avl RFQ
4212924L2 other memory adtran total access 924, 16 fx... Avl RFQ
4212924L1 other memory total access 924 t1 network in... Avl RFQ
4212916L1 other memory adtran total access 916 multis... Avl RFQ
4212912L1 other memory adtran total access 912 multis... Avl RFQ
4212908L4 other memory adtran total access 908, adsl2... Avl RFQ
4212908L1 other memory total access 908 Avl RFQ
4212904L4 other memory total access 904, adsl2+ Avl RFQ
4212904L1 other memory adtran total access 904 multis... Avl RFQ
4202023L1 smart memory new [a422859] smart 16 shelf a... Avl RFQ
4200995L1 other memory netvanta 5305 dc chassis Avl RFQ
4200992L1 other memory netvanta 5305 w/t3 wide module Avl RFQ
4200990L2 other memory adtran netvanta 5305 chassis w... Avl RFQ
4200990L1 other memory modular access router w/ 6 wid... Avl RFQ
4200990G2-240 other memory nv 5305 efp, 240v ac Avl RFQ
4200990G1-240 other memory nv 5305, 240v ac Avl RFQ
4200984L1 other memory adtran Avl RFQ
4200917L1 other memory netvanta 5305 bundle for subst... Avl RFQ
4200883L1 other memory netvanta 3305 w/t1/ft1 + dsx-1... Avl RFQ
4200882L1 other memory adtran 3305 access router w/ t... Avl RFQ
4200873L1 other memory netvanta 3205 w/ t1/ft1 + dsx-... Avl RFQ
4200872L1 other memory netvanta 3205 w/ t1/ft1 nim ac... Avl RFQ
4200871L1 other memory router Avl RFQ
4200870G2 other memory adtran netvanta 3205 3rd gen, ... Avl RFQ
4200865L1 other memory adtran netvanta3200 Avl RFQ
4200863L1 other memory netvanta 3200 w/ t1/ft1 + dsx-... Avl RFQ
4200862L1 other memory adtran netvanta3200 Avl RFQ
4200861L1 other memory netvanta 3200 w/ 56k/64k nim a... Avl RFQ
4200860G2 other memory adtran netvanta 3200 3rd gen, ... Avl RFQ
4200821G11-120 other memory adtran netvanta 3448 poe multi... Avl RFQ
4200510L2 other memory netvanta 1224r w/ enhanced fea... Avl RFQ
4200510L1 other memory adtran netvanta 1224r Avl RFQ
4200162-L2 smart memory 4200162l2 smart 16e controller... Avl RFQ
4.20E+08 other memory netvanta 1224str dc w/ enhance... Avl RFQ
4.20E+07 other memory netvanta 4305 with octal t1 wi... Avl RFQ
20-54C0-512DE processors 2054c0512de dual pentium proce... Avl RFQ
1951910G1 memory upgrades new upgrade wired sup user lic... Avl RFQ
1950250G1250 memory upgrades new upgrade netvanta 2000 250u... Avl RFQ
1950250G125 memory upgrades new upgrade netvanta 2000 25u ... Avl RFQ
1950250G11000 memory upgrades new upgrade netvanta 2000 1000... Avl RFQ
1950250G1100 memory upgrades new upgrade netvanta 2000 100u... Avl RFQ
1950238G1HA memory upgrades new upgrade netvanta 2800 ha s... Avl RFQ
1950237G1HA memory upgrades new upgrade netvanta 2700 high... Avl RFQ
1700850G1 other memory netvanta uc 420 platform Avl RFQ
1700610L2 other memory access router for adsl/ adsl2/... Avl RFQ
1700600L2 other memory nv 3120 w/enhanced feature pac... Avl RFQ
1700515G2-120 other memory netvanta 1335 multiservice acc... Avl RFQ
1700470F1 memory upgrades new/nib rewards incident manag... Avl RFQ
1700238G1-HA other memory netvanta 2830 ha unit Avl RFQ
1700238G1 other memory netvanta 2830 Avl RFQ
1700237G1-HA other memory unified threat management appl... Avl RFQ
1700237G1 other memory netvanta 2730 Avl RFQ
1700236G12 other memory netvanta 2630w Avl RFQ
1700236G1 other memory netvanta 2630 Avl RFQ
1700100G1 other memory adtran netvanta 6310 pri Avl RFQ
1212078L1 pcb memory new pcb assembly 19 ds3 multim... Avl RFQ
1203980G1 other memory 3205 21/-48vdc frame relay and... Avl RFQ
1203870G1 other memory adtran netvanta 3205, 3rd gen Avl RFQ
1203860G1 other memory netvanta 3200 modular access s... Avl RFQ
1202880L1 other memory netvanta 3305 modular access d... Avl RFQ
1202820G1 other memory adtran netvanta 3430 chassis Avl RFQ
1202163L2 smart memory smart 16 e 2nd generation dual... Avl RFQ
1200950L1 other memory modular access router w/ 2 nim... Avl RFQ
1200950G1 other memory netvanta 4305 dc chassis Avl RFQ
1200830F1 other memory 512mb ddr2 nv memory Avl RFQ
12008150 ram modules adtran 1gb ddr sdram memory mo... Avl RFQ
12008140 memory upgrades ram adtran - memory - 512 mb - for... Avl RFQ
12008130 ram modules adtran 256mb ddr sdram memory ... Avl RFQ
1200695L1 other memory netvanta t1 pri vim for netvan... Avl RFQ
1200185L3 memory modules adtran atlas 800 series t1/pri... Avl RFQ
1200023-ac smart memory 1200023ac smart shelf 16 w fro... Avl RFQ
1180408L1 memory modules adtran total access 1500 quad ... Avl RFQ
1180407L1 memory modules adtran total access 1500 quad ... Avl RFQ
1180402L1 memory modules adtran total access e&m/to exp... Avl RFQ
1180009L1 memory modules adtran 2-port line interface u... Avl RFQ
1101101N12 pci new 110110012 specialix 110110... Avl RFQ
1100ALR10001SMB memory upgrades new remote upgrade of vsmb to ... Avl RFQ
1.95E+08 memory upgrades new nv3400 enhanced feature pa... Avl RFQ
1.70E+07 other memory ethernet;fast ethernet;gigabit... Avl RFQ
1.20E+07 ram modules adtran 512mb ddr sdram memory ... Avl RFQ
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