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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as Controllers, Other Memory from manufacturers you trust. Parts including PH5000D, PH4.600, PH4.500, PH3000D, PH2500M and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
PH5000D controllers new boss phantom 5000-watts cl... Avl RFQ
PH4.600 controllers new boss phantom 2400-watts 4-... Avl RFQ
PH4.500 controllers new boss phantom 2000-watts 4-... Avl RFQ
PH3000D controllers new boss phantom 3000-watts cl... Avl RFQ
PH2500M controllers new boss phantom 2500-watts mo... Avl RFQ
PH2.800 controllers new boss phantom 1600-watts 2 ... Avl RFQ
PH2.1500 controllers new boss phantom 3000-watts 2 ... Avl RFQ
PH2.1000 controllers new boss phantom 2000-watts 2 ... Avl RFQ
MR637U other memory mp3 compatible cd am/fm receiv... Avl RFQ
MR1630UA other memory boss mr1630ua marine cd receiv... Avl RFQ
MR1580DI other memory boss mr1580di car receiver whi... Avl RFQ
MR1525UI other memory boss mr1525ui car receiver mar... Avl RFQ
MR1520UA other memory in-dash marine mp3 compatible ... Avl RFQ
MR1470UW other memory boss mr1470uw car receiver mar... Avl RFQ
MR1440U other memory marine 240-watt am/fm/cd recei... Avl RFQ
MR1420W other memory boss mr1420w car receiver mari... Avl RFQ
MR1350UAB other memory single din mechless am/fm rece... Avl RFQ
MR1315BUA other memory boss audio mr1315bua marine mp... Avl RFQ
MR1308UAB other memory boss audio mr1308uab single-di... Avl RFQ
MR1306UA other memory boss audio mr1306ua single-din... Avl RFQ
MR1305WUA other memory boss mr1305wua car receiver wh... Avl RFQ
MCK1308WB.6 other memory boss audio mck1308wb.6 single-... Avl RFQ
MCK1306W.6 other memory boss audio mck1306w.6 single-d... Avl RFQ
MC500 other memory boss mc500 motorcycle speaker ... Avl RFQ
HIR9BGTA other memory boss hir9bgta 9 headrest monit... Avl RFQ
HIR8BGTA other memory boss hir8bgta headrest univers... Avl RFQ
HIR7BGTA other memory boss hir7bgta car headrest sin... Avl RFQ
BV9BA other memory boss bv9ba black 9 dvd car ove... Avl RFQ
BV9986BI other memory boss bv9986bi car stereo 7in i... Avl RFQ
BV9968BI other memory boss bv9968bi black car stereo... Avl RFQ
BV9967BI other memory boss bv9967bi blk car stereo 7... Avl RFQ
BV9965I other memory boss bv9965i blk car stereo 7 ... Avl RFQ
BV9964B other memory 7 single-din touchscreen tft m... Avl RFQ
BV9963I other memory boss bv9963i blk car stereo 7 ... Avl RFQ
BV9962 other memory 7 single-din touch screen tft ... Avl RFQ
BV9570BI other memory 6.95 true double-din fit, moto... Avl RFQ
BV9569BI other memory boss bv9569bi blk car stereo d... Avl RFQ
BV9567BI other memory boss bv9567bi car receiver bla... Avl RFQ
BV9564BI other memory boss bv9564bi blk car stereo d... Avl RFQ
BV9561B other memory boss bv9561b blk car stereo do... Avl RFQ
BV9560B other memory boss bv9560b car receiver 7inc... Avl RFQ
BV9558 other memory boss bv9558 black car stereo d... Avl RFQ
BV9557 other memory boss bv9557 blk car stereo dou... Avl RFQ
BV9380NV other memory bluetooth enabled double din i... Avl RFQ
BV9370NV other memory boss bv9370nv black car stereo... Avl RFQ
BV9364BI other memory 6.2 touchscreen double-din dvd... Avl RFQ
BV9356I other memory 6.2 double din touchscreen tft... Avl RFQ
BV9348B other memory 6.2 mechless double din touchs... Avl RFQ
BV9158B other memory 4 1/2 double din touchscreen t... Avl RFQ
BV90BA other memory boss audio bv90ba 9 flip-down ... Avl RFQ
BV8967B other memory boss bv8967b car stereo 7 touc... Avl RFQ
BV8963 other memory boss bv8963 car stereo 7 touch... Avl RFQ
BV7948B other memory boss bv7948b car stereo 3.6 sc... Avl RFQ
BV7942 other memory boss bv7942 car stereo 3.6 scr... Avl RFQ
BV7336 other memory in-dash dvd/mp3/cd am/fm recei... Avl RFQ
BV7335B other memory boss bv7335b car indash receiv... Avl RFQ
BV7334 other memory boss bv7334 car stereo 3.2 scr... Avl RFQ
BV7330 other memory boss bv7330 car stereo 3.2in s... Avl RFQ
BV7320 other memory boss bv7320 3.2 single-din in-... Avl RFQ
BV7280 other memory boss bv7280 car indash receive... Avl RFQ
BV6824B other memory in-dash mechless double-din mp... Avl RFQ
BV6820 other memory boss audio bv6820 double-din i... Avl RFQ
BV6652 other memory boss audio bv6652 single-din i... Avl RFQ
BV2750UA other memory boss bv2750ua car audio dvd pl... Avl RFQ
BV2550UA other memory boss audio bv2550ua in-dash cd... Avl RFQ
BV11.2MC other memory boss bv11.2mc flip-down monito... Avl RFQ
BV10.1MC other memory 10.1 widescreen flip down moni... Avl RFQ
870DBI other memory boss 870dbi car stereo double ... Avl RFQ
812UAB other memory boss audio 812uab double-din i... Avl RFQ
810DBI other memory boss 810dbi car stereo single ... Avl RFQ
802UA other memory double din mechless am/fm rece... Avl RFQ
775DI other memory boss 775di car stereo receiver... Avl RFQ
758DBI other memory boss audio 758dbi solid state ... Avl RFQ
754DI other memory boss audio 754di solid state m... Avl RFQ
752UAB other memory boss audio 752uab single-din i... Avl RFQ
738UA other memory boss 738ua cd receiver mp3 com... Avl RFQ
650UA other memory boss 650ua blk car stereo sing... Avl RFQ
647CK other memory boss 647ck black car stereo an... Avl RFQ
635UAB other memory mp3-compatible 200-watt digita... Avl RFQ
625UAB other memory boss audio 625uab single-din i... Avl RFQ
622UA other memory mp3-compatible 200-watt digita... Avl RFQ
620UA other memory boss 620ua cd receiver mp3 com... Avl RFQ
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