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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as Memory Upgrades, PCI, Memory Adapters, Other Memory, RAM Modules from manufacturers you trust. Parts including DWS316024PCAP12LIC, DWL-G520, DWL-G510, DWL-520, DWA-556 and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

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Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
DWS316024PCAP12LIC memory upgrades new upgrade license for dws-31... Avl RFQ
DWL-G520 pci new dwlg520 d-link dwl-g520 wi... Avl RFQ
DWL-G510 pci new dwlg510 airplus xtremb dwl... Avl RFQ
DWL-520 pci dwl520 d-link air dwl 520+ net... Avl RFQ
DWA-556 pci dwa556 d-link xtreme n pcie pc... Avl RFQ
DWA-552-A1 pci new dwa552a1 d-link dwa-552 xt... Avl RFQ
DWA-552 pci new/nib d-link dwa-552 xtreme ... Avl RFQ
DWA-525-A1 pci new dwa525a1 d-link network ca... Avl RFQ
DWA-525 pci new dwa525 d-link network card... Avl RFQ
DWA-182 memory adapters new/nib wl ac1200 dual-band us... Avl RFQ
DUB-A2 pci duba2 2-port usb 2.0 pci adapt... Avl RFQ
DUB-1340/B other memory d-link dub-1340 Avl RFQ
DSS-16 other memory 16-prt 10/100 unmngd swtch Avl RFQ
DSN-661 ram modules d-link 4gb dram memory memory ... Avl RFQ
DSN-640 controllers new 2x10gbe iscsi single contr... Avl RFQ
DSM-380 other memory boxee box, hd media player, hd Avl RFQ
DPR-1061/B other memory d-link 3-port print server Avl RFQ
DPR-1040/B other memory d-link dpr-1040 Avl RFQ
DPR-1020/E other memory d-link dpr-1020 Avl RFQ
DPR-1020/B other memory d-link dpr-1020 Avl RFQ
DPR-1020 other memory d-link dpr-1020 print server Avl RFQ
DNS-325-2TB other memory d-link dns-325-2tb storage enc... Avl RFQ
DNS-325-1TB other memory d-link dns-325-1tb storage enc... Avl RFQ
DNS-325-110 other memory dns-325-110 1tb usb nas Avl RFQ
DNS-325 other memory d-link dns-325 storage enclosu... Avl RFQ
DNS-320L-2TB other memory d-link sharecenter, 2tb Avl RFQ
DNS-320L other memory d-link sharecenter Avl RFQ
DNS-315-2TB other memory d-link dns-315 2tb Avl RFQ
DNS-315-1TB other memory d-link dns-315 1tb Avl RFQ
DNS-315 other memory d-link dns-315 storage enclosu... Avl RFQ
DNS-1550-04 other memory share center pro 5500, s-serie... Avl RFQ
DNS-1250-06 other memory d-link sharecenter pro six bay Avl RFQ
DNS-1250-04 other memory d-link sharecenter pro four ba... Avl RFQ
DL10040 pci new ethernet 10mbps pci adapte... Avl RFQ
DIR-605 pcb memory new pcb weight 1.30 lbs. 90 da... Avl RFQ
DHP-348AV rom new dvd-rom drive sdr-081 weig... Avl RFQ
DHP-311AV cpu new 179617001 parts/pc/compaq/... Avl RFQ
DHP-310AV memory adapters new powerline av mini adapter ... Avl RFQ
DGS-6604-SK controllers new dgs-6604-sk 4slot chassis ... Avl RFQ
DGS-6600-CM cpu new cpu module for dgs-6600 48... Avl RFQ
DGS-3620-52T-SE-LIC memory upgrades new upgrade dgs-3620-52t ei/f ... Avl RFQ
DGS-3620-52P-SE-LIC memory upgrades new upgrade dgs-3620-52p ei/f ... Avl RFQ
DGS-3620-28TC-SE-LIC memory upgrades new upgrade dgs-3620-28tc ei/f... Avl RFQ
DGS-3620-28SC-SE-LIC memory upgrades new upgrade dgs-3620-28sc ei/f... Avl RFQ
DGS-3620-28PC-SE-LIC memory upgrades new upgrade dgs-3620-28pc ei/f... Avl RFQ
DGS-3324SRI other memory xstack mgd 24pt gigabit stk l3... Avl RFQ
DGS-3120-48TC/SI other memory xstack 48 port gb l2 switch Avl RFQ
DGS-3120-48PC-SE-LIC memory upgrades new upgrade dgs-3120-48pc ei l... Avl RFQ
DGS-3120-24TC/SI other memory xstack mngd 24-prt gig l2 swch Avl RFQ
DGS-3120-24PC-SE-LIC memory upgrades new upgrade dgs-3120-24pc ei l... Avl RFQ
DGS-3000-10TC other memory 10 port gigabit l2 mgd switch Avl RFQ
DGS-1500-20 other memory smartpro 16-port gigabit Avl RFQ
DGS-1210-28 other memory web smart 24-port gigbit switc... Avl RFQ
DGE-530T-A1 pci new dge530ta1 10/100/1000btx g... Avl RFQ
DGE-530T pci new/nib dge530t d-link dge-530... Avl RFQ
DGE-528R rom modules d-link dge-528r boot rom Avl RFQ
DGE-500SX pci dge500sx dlink dge-500sx pci f... Avl RFQ
DFL-260E-NB other memory netdefend utm firewall/vpn sec Avl RFQ
DFE-690TXD pcmcia new dfe690txd d-link notebook ... Avl RFQ
DFE-650-100MBPS pcb memory dfe650100mbps dfe-650 100mbps;... Avl RFQ
DFE-540TX pci new dfe540tx ethernet 10mbps p... Avl RFQ
DFE-538TX pci dfe538tx 10/100mbps pci fast e... Avl RFQ
DFE-530TX-D2 pcb memory dfe530txd2 d-link 10/100 base-... Avl RFQ
DFE-530TX other memory d-link nway 32 bit pci bus mas... Avl RFQ
DFE-500TX pci dfe500tx dlink dfe-500tx ether... Avl RFQ
DES-7200-512RAM memory modules d-link 512mb additional ram fo... Avl RFQ
DES-3810-28/SI other memory 24-port 10/100tx l3 managed Avl RFQ
DES-3052 other memory des-3052 managed 48-port 10/10... Avl RFQ
DES-3028 other memory d-link des-3028 managed l2 swi... Avl RFQ
DES-1210-28P other memory d-link des-1210-28p web smart ... Avl RFQ
DES-1210-28 other memory web smrt 24-prt 10/100 swt Avl RFQ
DES-102F memory modules d-link des-102f - 2-port 100ba... Avl RFQ
DES-1005D/E other memory d-link des-1005d Avl RFQ
DEM-311GT memory modules d-link 1000base gbic - 2 x 100... Avl RFQ
DEM-310GT memory modules d-link gigabit interface conve... Avl RFQ
DE660CT pcb memory new de660ct ethernet pc card 9... Avl RFQ
DE-528CT pci new de528ct ethernet 10mbps pc... Avl RFQ
DCSP-18 pcb memory new ada pcb weight 0.01 lbs. 9... Avl RFQ
DCS7010L other memory camera mini bullt outd sv Avl RFQ
DCS5222L other memory camera cloud 5000 ptz wh Avl RFQ
DCS-942L other memory enhanced wireless n day/night Avl RFQ
DCS-6818 other memory new/nib 175919b21 1gb memory d... Avl RFQ
DCS-6113 other memory 2mp full hd day & night dome n Avl RFQ
DCS-6112 other memory 2mp full hd dome network camer Avl RFQ
DCF-650BT compact flash dcf650bt the dcf-650bt bluetoo... Avl RFQ
DAP-1160/E other memory d-link dap-1160 wireless ieee ... Avl RFQ
BWLG520NA.B3 pci bwlg520nab3 airplus xtreme g d... Avl RFQ
BDES1105A.A1 memory adapters new bdes1105aa1 5-port 10/100b... Avl RFQ
AF0605-B memory adapters new af0605b ac adapter 5v 1.2a... Avl RFQ
AD-071AL memory adapters ad071al d-link/netgear ad-071a... Avl RFQ
7200-512RAM cpu new 512mb additional ram for d... Avl RFQ
600046 processors cx100 pl50 processor cd Avl RFQ
600043800 sound gateway ensoniq vivo 90 db sou... Avl RFQ
1806645 other memory 4 gb-- Avl RFQ
0080C8 memory adapters new d-link 10/100base-t pci et... Avl RFQ
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