Elpida Computer Memory Parts Catalog

Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as VRAM, Uncategorized from manufacturers you trust. Parts including UPD482445LGW-A80, UPD482445LGW-A70, UPD482445LGW-80, UPD482445LGW-70, UPD482445LGW-60 and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
UPD482445LGW-A80 vram ic 256k x 16 video dram, 80 ns... Avl RFQ
UPD482445LGW-A70 vram ic 256k x 16 video dram, 70 ns... Avl RFQ
UPD482445LGW-80 vram ic 256k x 16 video dram, 80 ns... Avl RFQ
UPD482445LGW-70 vram ic 256k x 16 video dram, 70 ns... Avl RFQ
UPD482445LGW-60 vram ic 256k x 16 video dram, 60 ns... Avl RFQ
UPD482445GW-80 vram ic 256k x 16 video dram, 80 ns... Avl RFQ
UPD482445GW-70 vram ic 256k x 16 video dram, 70 ns... Avl RFQ
UPD482445G5-70-7JG vram ic 256k x 16 video dram, 70 ns... Avl RFQ
UPD482445G5-60-7JG vram ic 256k x 16 video dram, 60 ns... Avl RFQ
UPD482444GW-80 vram ic 256k x 16 video dram, 80 ns... Avl RFQ
HM538254BTT-7 vram ic 256k x 8 video dram, 70 ns,... Avl RFQ
HM538254BTT-10 vram ic 256k x 8 video dram, 100 ns... Avl RFQ
HM538253BTT-8 vram ic 256k x 8 video dram, 80 ns,... Avl RFQ
HM538253BJ-10 vram ic 256k x 8 video dram, 100 ns... Avl RFQ
HM538123BJ-8 vram ic 128k x 8 video dram, 80 ns,... Avl RFQ
HM538123BJ-7 vram ic 128k x 8 video dram, 70 ns,... Avl RFQ
HM538123BJ-6 vram ic 128k x 8 video dram, 60 ns,... Avl RFQ
HM538123BJ-10 vram ic 128k x 8 video dram, 100 ns... Avl RFQ
EBE10RD4AEFA4AE uncategorized ebe10rd4aefa4ae-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBE10RD4ABFA5CE uncategorized ebe10rd4abfa5ce-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBE10RD4ABFA4AE uncategorized ebe10rd4abfa4ae-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD52EC8AAFA7B uncategorized ebd52ec8aafa7b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD52EC8AAFA6B uncategorized ebd52ec8aafa6b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD51RC4AKFA7B uncategorized ebd51rc4akfa7b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD51RC4AAFA7B uncategorized ebd51rc4aafa7b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD26UC6AMSA6B uncategorized ebd26uc6amsa6b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD26UC6AKSA7B uncategorized ebd26uc6aksa7b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD26UC6AKSA7A uncategorized ebd26uc6aksa7a-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD26UC6AKSA6B uncategorized ebd26uc6aksa6b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD26UC6AASA7B uncategorized ebd26uc6aasa7b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD26UC6AASA6B uncategorized ebd26uc6aasa6b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD25UC8AMFA6B uncategorized ebd25uc8amfa6b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD25UC8AMFA5B uncategorized ebd25uc8amfa5b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD25UC8AKFA6B uncategorized ebd25uc8akfa6b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD25UC8AKFA5B uncategorized ebd25uc8akfa5b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD25UC8AJFA7A uncategorized ebd25uc8ajfa7a-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD25UC8AJFA6B uncategorized ebd25uc8ajfa6b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD25UC8AAFA7B uncategorized ebd25uc8aafa7b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD25UC8AAFA6B uncategorized ebd25uc8aafa6b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD25EC8AKFA5B uncategorized ebd25ec8akfa5b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD25EC8AAFA7B uncategorized ebd25ec8aafa7b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD21RD4ADNA7B uncategorized ebd21rd4adna7b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD21RD4ADNA6B uncategorized ebd21rd4adna6b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD21RD4ABNA7B uncategorized ebd21rd4abna7b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD21RD4ABNA6B uncategorized ebd21rd4abna6b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD11UD8ADFB6B uncategorized ebd11ud8adfb6b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD11UD8ADDA7B uncategorized ebd11ud8adda7b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD11UD8ADDA6BE uncategorized ebd11ud8adda6be-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD11UD8ADDA6B uncategorized ebd11ud8adda6b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD11UD8ABFB7B uncategorized ebd11ud8abfb7b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD11UD8ABFB7A uncategorized ebd11ud8abfb7a-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD11UD8ABDA7B uncategorized ebd11ud8abda7b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD11UD8ABDA6B uncategorized ebd11ud8abda6b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD11RD8ABFA7A uncategorized ebd11rd8abfa7a-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD11RD8ABFA6B uncategorized ebd11rd8abfa6b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD11ED8ADFB6B uncategorized ebd11ed8adfb6b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
EBD11ED8ABFB6B uncategorized ebd11ed8abfb6b-elpida memory Avl RFQ
A4501464ELPIDA uncategorized a4501464elpida-elpida memory Avl RFQ
A4501463ELPIDA uncategorized a4501463elpida-elpida memory Avl RFQ
A2338117ELPIDA uncategorized a2338117elpida-elpida memory Avl RFQ
A2257247ELPIDA uncategorized a2257247elpida-elpida memory Avl RFQ
A2257246ELPIDA uncategorized a2257246elpida-elpida memory Avl RFQ
A2257245ELPIDA uncategorized a2257245elpida-elpida memory Avl RFQ
A2257217ELPIDA uncategorized a2257217elpida-elpida memory Avl RFQ
A2257216ELPIDA uncategorized a2257216elpida-elpida memory Avl RFQ
A1787400ELPIDA uncategorized a1787400elpida-elpida memory Avl RFQ
7891G66420 uncategorized 7891g66420-elpida memory Avl RFQ
7891066420 uncategorized 7891066420-elpida memory Avl RFQ
69000209J00CSC uncategorized 69000209j00csc-elpida memory Avl RFQ
60901620000 uncategorized 60901620000-elpida memory Avl RFQ
5225165BTT75 uncategorized 5225165btt75-elpida memory Avl RFQ
505606001 uncategorized 505606001-elpida memory Avl RFQ
43X5285 uncategorized 43x5285-elpida memory Avl RFQ
416474001ELPIDA uncategorized 416474001elpida-elpida memory Avl RFQ
416474001 uncategorized 416474001-elpida memory Avl RFQ
416473001 uncategorized 416473001-elpida memory Avl RFQ
416470001 uncategorized 416470001-elpida memory Avl RFQ
413387001 uncategorized 413387001-elpida memory Avl RFQ
40Y8404 uncategorized 40y8404-elpida memory Avl RFQ
39M5784 uncategorized 39m5784-elpida memory Avl RFQ
39M5781 uncategorized 39m5781-elpida memory Avl RFQ
398709071ELPIDA uncategorized 398709071elpida-elpida memory Avl RFQ
398709071 uncategorized 398709071-elpida memory Avl RFQ
398708061 uncategorized 398708061-elpida memory Avl RFQ
398705051 uncategorized 398705051-elpida memory Avl RFQ
397409B21 uncategorized 397409b21-elpida memory Avl RFQ
38L5901 uncategorized 38l5901-elpida memory Avl RFQ
378021001 uncategorized 378021001-elpida memory Avl RFQ
375004B21 uncategorized 375004b21-elpida memory Avl RFQ
345114851 uncategorized 345114851-elpida memory Avl RFQ
345114051 uncategorized 345114051-elpida memory Avl RFQ
3118972ELPIDA uncategorized 3118972elpida-elpida memory Avl RFQ
10700001 uncategorized 10700001-elpida memory Avl RFQ
0625AXF0736 uncategorized 0625axf0736-elpida memory Avl RFQ
04G001618652 uncategorized 04g001618652-elpida memory Avl RFQ
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