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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as Video Memory, SDRAM, Sound, RAM Modules, ROM from manufacturers you trust. Parts including VIDEO-97PRO, VGA-6326-8, UTD76A, TWN7607, TD9680P and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
VIDEO-97PRO video memory video97pro trident micro 4mb a... Avl RFQ
VGA-6326-8 sdram vga63268 8mb agp sdram memory ... Avl RFQ
UTD76A sound sound card union Avl RFQ
TWN7607 video memory pci vga tgui9680 trident video... Avl RFQ
TD9680P video memory video card pci trident Avl RFQ
TB400-3356-01 sound tb400335601 pcba sound card tu... Avl RFQ
SOUNDPLUS-ES688 sound soundpluses688 isa sound card ... Avl RFQ
SC1938 sound pci sound card Avl RFQ
PD4016C-2 ram modules pd4016c2 2k ram ic - 4016c-2 ... Avl RFQ
MS-8808 video memory ms8808 nvidia 32mb video card ... Avl RFQ
MPB-000078 sound mpb000078 isa sound card Avl RFQ
MPB-000074 sound mpb000074 isa sound card Avl RFQ
MF-009 sound mf009 16 bit sound card isa Avl RFQ
CDROMG rom mobile cd-rom w/ a/c adapter ... Avl RFQ
CD321D rom 32x cd-rom Avl RFQ
CD160D rom 16x cd-rom Avl RFQ
CD-836 rom cd836 36x cd-rom Avl RFQ
CA20160-B30X rom ca20160b30x main board w/ rom ... Avl RFQ
CA02929-D211 rom new ca02929d211 main board w/ ... Avl RFQ
CA02744-J301 rom ca02744j301 main board pcba w/... Avl RFQ
CA02312-J301 rom ca02312j301 main board w/ rom ... Avl RFQ
A151-A00 sound a151a00 16-bit sound card isa ... Avl RFQ
6A1346P02 sdram sdram memory - 64mb Avl RFQ
64X64PC400-SODIMM sodimm 64x64pc400sodimm generic 512mb... Avl RFQ
64003280-4004 ram modules 640032804004 expansion memory ... Avl RFQ
55080801 rom sdctctl / power supply board w... Avl RFQ
55080701 pwb memory sddv pwb 320t 321t driver w/o ... Avl RFQ
4C0059G02 pwb memory new genicon 4840 ttlb/2 pwb mo... Avl RFQ
44C502598-G05 pwb memory 44c502598g05 lg31 smmc/7 pwb p... Avl RFQ
44C502596-G03S pwb memory 44c502596g03s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44C502596-G01 pwb memory 44c502596g01 4410 r/b pwb spsa... Avl RFQ
44C502596--G02 pwb memory 44c502596g02 spsa/2 pwb standa... Avl RFQ
44C502595-G05 pwb memory 44c502595g05 lg31 spsm/6 pwb p... Avl RFQ
44C502595-G04S pwb memory 44c502595g04s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44C502595-G03S pwb memory 44c502595g03s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44C502595-G03 pwb memory 44c502595g03 lg31 spsm/6 pwb p... Avl RFQ
44C502595-G02 pwb memory 44c502595g02 4410 pwb spsm boa... Avl RFQ
44C502594-G04S pwb memory 44c502594g04s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44C502593-G05S pwb memory 44c502593g05s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44C502593-G04DEC pwb memory 44c502593g04dec pwb printed wi... Avl RFQ
44C502593-G04 pwb memory 44c502593g04 lg31 spsr/5 pwb p... Avl RFQ
44C502593-G03 pwb memory 44c502593g03 lg31 spsr/5 pwb p... Avl RFQ
44C502592-G04S pwb memory 44c502592g04s 4400 smmb / 4 pw... Avl RFQ
44C502592 pwb memory pwb-smmb 44/45/44xt Avl RFQ
44C502591G06 pwb memory new pwb printed wiring board/s... Avl RFQ
44C502591-G04S pwb memory 44c502591g04s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44C502591-G02S pwb memory 44c502591g02s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44C502591-G02 pwb memory 44c502591g02 smpi/2 pwb includ... Avl RFQ
44C502577-G06S pwb memory 44c502577g06s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44C502577-G05DEC pwb memory 44c502577g05dec pwb printed wi... Avl RFQ
44C502577-G05 pwb memory 44c502577g05 lg31 smih/6 pwb p... Avl RFQ
44C502569-G02S pwb memory 44c502569g02s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44C502569-G01 pwb memory 44c502569g01 4470 pwb-ssbo/1 b... Avl RFQ
44C502568-G02S pwb memory 44c502568g02s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44C502567-G02S pwb memory 44c502567g02s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44C502566-G04S pwb memory 44c502566g04s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44C502564-G03S pwb memory new 44c502564g03s pwb printed ... Avl RFQ
44C502563-G05S pwb memory 44c502563g05s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44C502562-G07S pwb memory new 44c502562g07s pwb printed ... Avl RFQ
44C502562-G04 pwb memory 44c502562g04 4470 pwb smpe/4 b... Avl RFQ
44C502547-G04S pwb memory 44c502547g04s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44C502547-G04 pwb memory 44c502547g04 4410 pwb- smim/4 ... Avl RFQ
44C502547-G02 pwb memory 44c502547g02 smim/2 pwb includ... Avl RFQ
44C502538-G04S pwb memory 44c502538g04s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44B502478-G01S pwb memory 44b502478g01s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44B502468-G02S pwb memory 44b502468g02s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44B502464-G01S pwb memory 44b502464g01s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44B502448-G01S pwb memory 44b502448g01s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44B502441-G01S pwb memory 44b502441g01s spsx 1 pwb print... Avl RFQ
44B502440-G01 pwb memory 44b502440g01 lg31 scpi/1 pwb p... Avl RFQ
44B502439-G06S pwb memory 44b502439g06s pwb printed wiri... Avl RFQ
44B502428-G08 pwb memory 44b502428g08 pwb printed wirin... Avl RFQ
44B420129-G05 pwb memory 44b420129g05 pwb printed wirin... Avl RFQ
44A515166-002 pwb memory new 44a515166002 pwb printed w... Avl RFQ
44A511781-001 pwb memory 44a511781001 standoff - pwb pr... Avl RFQ
44A501795-001 ram modules new 44a501795001 8k ram ic - 6... Avl RFQ
44A501593-001 ram modules 44a501593001 2k ram ic - 4016c... Avl RFQ
44685820 pwb memory exit roller control panel pwb ... Avl RFQ
4408431950 pwb memory interface controller pwb print... Avl RFQ
4408-435030 pwb memory 4408435030 interface controlle... Avl RFQ
3D0819G05S pwb memory new top enclosure w/ o pwb pri... Avl RFQ
3D0652G05S pwb memory pwb bp assembly phpe / 4 print... Avl RFQ
3D0651G07S pwb memory new bp / pwb printed wiring bo... Avl RFQ
3D0651G06S pwb memory pwb printed wiring board bp as... Avl RFQ
3C1520G02S pwb memory new pwb printed wiring board p... Avl RFQ
3C0513G05 pwb memory pwb printed wiring board phcp ... Avl RFQ
3B0412G05S pwb memory 3870 phom/5 pwb printed wiring... Avl RFQ
3B0412G02 pwb memory pwb printed wiring board phom ... Avl RFQ
3B0306G06 pwb memory phpm pwb only sold in assembly... Avl RFQ
2MX32ED060 ram modules ram Avl RFQ
2557799 pwb memory 8920 pcba driver pwb 2557799 f... Avl RFQ
160K36067 pwb memory ml 401 finisher pwb printed wi... Avl RFQ
160K35141 pwb memory ln32 noise filter pwb printed ... Avl RFQ
0993-6203-05 pwb memory 0993620305 ln20 pwb-hv-high vo... Avl RFQ
0993-6201-01 pwb memory 0993620101 ln20 pwb-pu Avl RFQ
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