Gigabyte Computer Memory Parts Catalog

Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as Video Memory, PCB Memory, PCI, Other Memory, SDRAM from manufacturers you trust. Parts including GVRX70128IU, GVR9600PROC3, GVR9200PR0, GV-R797D5-3GD-B, GV-R795WF3-3GD and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
GVRX70128IU video memory new geforce 8600gt 256mb pcie ... Avl RFQ
GVR9600PROC3 video memory geforce 8600gt 256mb pcie pci-... Avl RFQ
GVR9200PR0 video memory geforce 8600gt 256mb pcie pci-... Avl RFQ
GV-R797D5-3GD-B video memory new video card gv-r797d5-3gd-b... Avl RFQ
GV-R795WF3-3GD video memory new gvr795wf33gd gigabyte vide... Avl RFQ
GV-R785OC-2GD video memory new video card gv-r785oc-2gd h... Avl RFQ
GV-R777OC-1GD video memory new video card gv-r777oc-1gd h... Avl RFQ
GV-R775OC-1GI video memory new video card gv-r775oc-1gi h... Avl RFQ
GV-R7032T video memory gvr7032t gigabyte ati radeon 7... Avl RFQ
GV-R697D5-2GD-B video memory new gvr697d52gdb gigabyte vide... Avl RFQ
GV-R695OC-1GD pcb memory new display pcb weight 3.60 lb... Avl RFQ
GV-R695D5-2GD-B video memory new gvr695d52gdb gigabyte vide... Avl RFQ
GV-R687D5-1GD-B video memory new gvr687d51gdb gigabyte vide... Avl RFQ
GV-R685OC-1GD video memory new gvr685oc1gd gigabyte video... Avl RFQ
GV-R685D5-1GD video memory new gvr685d51gd gigabyte video... Avl RFQ
GV-R677D5-1GD video memory new video card gv-r677d5-1gd h... Avl RFQ
GV-R645SL-1GI video memory new video card gv-r645sl-1gi h... Avl RFQ
GV-R587UD-1GD pci new gvr587ud1gd graphics adapt... Avl RFQ
GV-R587OC-1GD pci new gvr587oc1gd graphics adapt... Avl RFQ
GV-R5876P-2GD-B pci new gvr5876p2gdb graphics adap... Avl RFQ
GV-R577UD-1GD video memory new gvr577ud1gd gigabyte video... Avl RFQ
GV-R575OC-1GI video memory new gvr575oc1gi gigabyte video... Avl RFQ
GV-R567OC-1GIREV2.0 video memory new gvr567oc1girev20 gigabyte ... Avl RFQ
GV-R545OC-512I video memory new gvr545oc512i gigabyte vide... Avl RFQ
GV-R545D2-512D video memory new gvr545d2512d gigabyte vide... Avl RFQ
GV-R455HM-512I video memory new gvr455hm512i gigabyte vide... Avl RFQ
GV-NX84S512H video memory new gvnx84s512h nvidia geforce... Avl RFQ
GV-NX68U256D video memory new gvnx68u256d us oem excess ... Avl RFQ
GV-N84STC-512I-REV2 video memory new gvn84stc512irev2 gigabyte ... Avl RFQ
GV-N84STC-512I video memory new gvn84stc512i gigabyte vide... Avl RFQ
GV-N680OC-2GD video memory new gvn680oc2gd gigabyte video... Avl RFQ
GV-N680D5-2GD-B video memory new gvn680d52gdb gigabyte vide... Avl RFQ
GV-N670WF2-2GD video memory new gvn670wf22gd gigabyte vide... Avl RFQ
GV-N66T128D video memory gvn66t128d gigabyte geforce 66... Avl RFQ
GV-N630-1GI video memory new gvn6301gi gigabyte video c... Avl RFQ
GV-N62256DP2-RH video memory new gvn62256dp2rh geforce 6200... Avl RFQ
GV-N610D3-1GI video memory new gvn610d31gi gigabyte video... Avl RFQ
GV-N580D5-15I-B video memory new gvn580d515ib gigabyte vide... Avl RFQ
GV-N570OC-13I pci new gvn570oc13i graphics adapt... Avl RFQ
GV-N570D5-13I-B pci new gvn570d513ib graphics adap... Avl RFQ
GV-N550D5-1GI video memory new gv-n550d5-1gi gtx550 ti 1g... Avl RFQ
GV-N520D3-1GI other memory new evga giga bytegb-n520d3-1g... Avl RFQ
GV-N480D5-15I-B video memory new gvn480d515ib gigabyte vide... Avl RFQ
GV-N460SO-1GI video memory new gvn460so1gi gigabyte video... Avl RFQ
GV-N460OC-768I video memory new gvn460oc768i gigabyte vide... Avl RFQ
GV-N460OC-1GI video memory new gvn460oc1gi gigabyte video... Avl RFQ
GV-N450OC-1GI video memory new gvn450oc1gi gigabyte video... Avl RFQ
GV-N450-1GI video memory new gvn4501gi gigabyte video c... Avl RFQ
GV-N440-2GI video memory new video card gv-n440-2gi gt4... Avl RFQ
GV-N440-1GI video memory new gvn4401gi gigabyte video c... Avl RFQ
GV-N430-2GI video memory new video card gv-n430-2gi gt4... Avl RFQ
GV-N250OC-1GI-REV-2 video memory new gvn250oc1girev2 video card... Avl RFQ
GV-N240D5-512I video memory new gvn240d5512i gigabyte vide... Avl RFQ
GV-N240D3-1GI video memory new gvn240d31gi gigabyte video... Avl RFQ
GV-N220OC-1GI sdram new gvn220oc1gi nvidia geforce... Avl RFQ
GV-AG32S video memory gvag32s agp video card 32mb Avl RFQ
GNWI01HT video memory new gnte9403fs pci vga video c... Avl RFQ
GN-WS50G-RH pci new wireless mini-pci adapter ... Avl RFQ
GN-WI06N-RH pci new gnwi06nrh n300 series mini... Avl RFQ
GA-Z77X-UD5H-WIFI ram modules new gaz77xud5hwifi atx - 1 x p... Avl RFQ
GA-Z77-HD4 other memory new ga-z77-hd4 z77 lga1155 i7 ... Avl RFQ
GA-GF1280 video memory gagf1280 video card ga-gf1280 ... Avl RFQ
GA-G1.SNIPER other memory atx, i7, , 24gb, 6xddr3 Avl RFQ
GA-G1.ASSASSIN-2 other memory gigabyte ultra durable 3 Avl RFQ
GA-F2A85XM-D3H other memory gigabyte ultra durable 4 class... Avl RFQ
GA-F2A85X-UP4 other memory gigabyte ultra durable 5 ga-f2... Avl RFQ
GA-F2A75M-D3H other memory gigabyte ultra durable 4 class... Avl RFQ
GA-F2A55M-HD2 other memory gigabyte ultra durable 4 class... Avl RFQ
GA-F2A55M-DS2 other memory gigabyte ultra durable 4 class... Avl RFQ
GA-E350N-USB3 other memory amd e-350 Avl RFQ
GA-C1007UN-D other memory intel dual celeron 1007u cpu Avl RFQ
GA-B75TN other memory ga-b75tn b75 dp lga1155 i7 Avl RFQ
GA-B75N other memory gigabyte ultra durable 4 class... Avl RFQ
GA-B75M-HD3 other memory intel 1155 socket, uatx Avl RFQ
GA-B75M-D3P other memory gigabyte ultra durable 4 class... Avl RFQ
GA-A75M-S2V other memory gigabyte super4 ga-a75m-s2v de... Avl RFQ
GA-A75M-D2H other memory gigabyte super4 ga-a75m-d2h de... Avl RFQ
GA-A75-UD4H other memory gigabyte super4 ga-a75-ud4h de... Avl RFQ
GA-A75-D3H other memory gigabyte super4 ga-a75-d3h des... Avl RFQ
GA-A55M-DS2 other memory new motherboard ga-a55m-ds2 am... Avl RFQ
GA-990FXA-UD7 other memory atx Avl RFQ
GA-990FXA-UD5 other memory atx Avl RFQ
GA-970A-UD3 other memory gigabyte ultra durable 3 class... Avl RFQ
GA-970A-D3 other memory gigabyte ultra durable 2 ga-97... Avl RFQ
GA-880GM-USB3 other memory gigabyte ultra durable 3 class... Avl RFQ
GA-880GM-D2H other memory gigabyte ga-880gm-d2h desktop ... Avl RFQ
GA-870A-USB3 other memory atx Avl RFQ
GA-78LMT-USB3 other memory gigabyte ultra durable 4 class... Avl RFQ
GA-78LMT-S2P other memory gigabyte ultra durable 2 ga-78... Avl RFQ
GA-78LMT-S2 other memory 760g chipset am3 socket uatx Avl RFQ
GA-6PXSV3 other memory gigabyte ga-6pxsv3 desktop mot... Avl RFQ
GA-612 video memory ga612 agp video card 2x 8mb m5... Avl RFQ
88P6084 video memory ati radeon 9600 128mb agp vide... Avl RFQ
5R8050C video memory nvidia geforce 6600 256mb pci-... Avl RFQ
1359231131 uncategorized 1359231131-gigabyte tech Avl RFQ
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