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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as ROM, PCBA, PCI, PCB Memory, Uncategorized from manufacturers you trust. Parts including CD-482E, CD-402E, B26345001, A68479, 78401031001 and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
CD-482E rom cd482e 48x off white ide cd-ro... Avl RFQ
CD-402E rom cd402e 40x ide cd-rom-beige- Avl RFQ
B26345001 pcba b26345001 pcba coax attahment Avl RFQ
A68479 pci a684767101 1000base-sx pci ada... Avl RFQ
78401031001 pcba 78401031001 rs232 i/o pcba ass... Avl RFQ
78400499002 pcb memory 78400499002 isi / honwl logic ... Avl RFQ
78146212004 pcb memory 78146212004 424-1e/1224 pcb in... Avl RFQ
78146212003 pcb memory 78146212004 424-1e/1224 pcb in... Avl RFQ
78144314001 pcb memory 78144314001 1224 back pcb Avl RFQ
70014501 pcb memory pcb Avl RFQ
70000526 pci si/xio pci host card external ... Avl RFQ
611490-076123 pcba 611490076123 pcba, main logic ... Avl RFQ
50042191 uncategorized 50042191-memorex/telex Avl RFQ
41035129 pcba 41035138 coax controller pcba Avl RFQ
26749-004 pcb memory 26749004 147x/148x logic pcb r... Avl RFQ
26749-003 pcb memory 26749003 147x/148x logic pcb r... Avl RFQ
25917-034 pcba 25917034 psc 7100e coax pcba Avl RFQ
221264-001 pcb memory 221264001 adapter pcb operator... Avl RFQ
221263-001 pcb memory 221263001 floppy drive control... Avl RFQ
220668-203 pcb memory 220668203 logic pcb assembly Avl RFQ
220425-001 pcb memory 220425001 power/video pcb asse... Avl RFQ
220265-906 pcb memory 220265906 1174-65s hsc pcb ass... Avl RFQ
213674-213 pcb memory 213674213 card pcb assembly 13... Avl RFQ
213674-212 pcb memory 213674212 card pcb assembly 13... Avl RFQ
213670-203 pcb memory 213670203 printer controller p... Avl RFQ
213670-201 pcb memory 213670201 printer controller p... Avl RFQ
213666-002 pcb memory 213666002 power peripheral pcb Avl RFQ
213437-900 pcb memory 213437900 1174 mcda-ii pcb Avl RFQ
213435-900 pcb memory 213435900 1174 scc-ii pcb Avl RFQ
213001-001 pcb memory 213001001 6573 ssi interface p... Avl RFQ
212937-900 pcb memory 212937900 1174 twa pcb Avl RFQ
212936-900 pcb memory 212936900 1174 mcc-ii pcb Avl RFQ
212929-902 pcb memory 212929902 asmelecrxv pcb 1m w/... Avl RFQ
212929-900 pcb memory 212929900 1174 rxu pcb Avl RFQ
212928-900 pcb memory 212928900 1174 rxt pcb Avl RFQ
212927-900 pcb memory 212927900 1174 mcda pcb Avl RFQ
212551-203 pcb memory 212551203 1482 logic pcb Avl RFQ
212529-200 pcb memory 212529200 card pcb ascii inter... Avl RFQ
212523-200 pcb memory 212523200 1477 logic pcb Avl RFQ
212523-003 pcb memory 212523003 1477 main logic boar... Avl RFQ
212522-003 pcb memory 212522003 logic pcb Avl RFQ
212517-916 pcb memory 212517916 1174 trc pcb Avl RFQ
212492-001 planar memory 212492001 1783/1883 planar boa... Avl RFQ
212248-016 pcb memory 212248016 1174-90r token ring ... Avl RFQ
212239-014 pcb memory 212239014 1174-90r memory pcb Avl RFQ
212239-012 ram modules 212239012 1174-90r ram board g... Avl RFQ
212239-011 ram modules 212239011 1174-90r ram board g... Avl RFQ
212239-004 ram modules 212239004 1174-90r ram board g... Avl RFQ
212239-002 ram modules 212239002 1174-90r ram board g... Avl RFQ
212239-001 ram modules 212239001 1174-90r ram board g... Avl RFQ
212234-001 pcb memory 212234001 1174-90r fdd floppy ... Avl RFQ
212233-200 pcb memory 212233200 asmelecmother pcb w/... Avl RFQ
212004-206 pcb memory 212004206 6573 logic pcb Avl RFQ
211919-902 pcb memory 211919902 1174 sha pcb Avl RFQ
211913-900 pcb memory 211913900 assembly elecchc pcb... Avl RFQ
211912-900 pcb memory 211912900 assembly elecchp pcb... Avl RFQ
211911-900 pcb memory 211911900 1174 ada pcb Avl RFQ
211910-900 pcb memory 211910900 1174 aic pcb Avl RFQ
211909-902 ram modules 211909902 1174-10/15x ram Avl RFQ
211907-902 pcb memory 211907902 asmeleccda ii pcb w/... Avl RFQ
211907-900 pcb memory 211907900 asmeleccda i pcb w/c... Avl RFQ
211903-902 pcb memory 211903902 card pcb asm-sc/gpp Avl RFQ
210569-001 pcb memory 210569001 asmelec60r sha pcb Avl RFQ
210567-904 pcb memory 210567904 1174-60r toker ring ... Avl RFQ
210562-001 pcb memory 210562001 power/video pcb asse... Avl RFQ
210559-004 pcb memory 210559004 1174-60r memory pcb Avl RFQ
210559-001 ram modules 210559001 1174-60r ram board Avl RFQ
210088-001 pcb memory 210088001 pcb Avl RFQ
207570-001 pcb memory 207570001 4070 pcb Avl RFQ
207542-002 pcb memory 207542002 4070 pcb Avl RFQ
207541-001 pcb memory 207541001 4070 pcb Avl RFQ
207519-001 pcb memory 207519001 4070 pcb Avl RFQ
207512-006 pcb memory 207512006 4070 pcb Avl RFQ
206939-001 ram modules 206939001 1174-65x ram pcb Avl RFQ
206623-900 pcb memory 206623900 twa pcb assembly Avl RFQ
206614-001 pcb memory 206614001 hpp pcb Avl RFQ
206605-900 pcb memory 206605900 scc pcb assembly Avl RFQ
206600-001 planar memory 206600001 1174-20/25x planar b... Avl RFQ
206404-200 pcb memory 206404200 logic pcb Avl RFQ
206275-202 pcb memory 206275202 1472-dsv logic pcb Avl RFQ
205832-001 pcb memory 205832001 1191 logic pcb Avl RFQ
205685-001 pcb memory 205685001 387 power driver pcb Avl RFQ
205289-001 pcb memory 205289001 ascii interface pcb Avl RFQ
204966-001 processors 204966001 extended exec proces... Avl RFQ
204965-002 pcb memory 204965002 coax controller pcb Avl RFQ
204135-001 pcb memory 204135001 278 video pcb Avl RFQ
203957-001 ram modules 203957001 274-c2 ram board Avl RFQ
203951-001 processors 203951001 274 communications p... Avl RFQ
203031-003 pcb memory 203031003 operator panel pcb Avl RFQ
203030001 pcb memory 203030001 287 coax pcb Avl RFQ
20250-004 pcb memory 20250004 video pcb Avl RFQ
20077001 pcb memory keyboard interface pcb Avl RFQ
20076-002 pcb memory 20076002 1187/1387 operator pa... Avl RFQ
16X64PC133-144 sodimm 16x64pc133144 generic 128mb pc... Avl RFQ
1187 pcb memory 205427-001 power driver pcb Avl RFQ
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