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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as Video Memory, Other Memory, PCI, ROM, SDRAM from manufacturers you trust. Parts including VR5570-MD1G, VN220GT-MD1G, VN210-MD512, Ti4800se-vtd8x, TI4200-VTP and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
VR5570-MD1G video memory new vr5570md1g msi video card ... Avl RFQ
VN220GT-MD1G video memory new vn220gtmd1g msi video card... Avl RFQ
VN210-MD512 video memory new vn210md512 msi video card ... Avl RFQ
Ti4800se-vtd8x video memory ti4800sevtd8x msi video card a... Avl RFQ
TI4200-VTP video memory ti4200vtp 128mb agp video card... Avl RFQ
RX9250-T128 video memory rx9250t128 msi agp video card ... Avl RFQ
R7950-TWIN-FROZR-3GD video memory new r7950twinfrozr3gd msi vide... Avl RFQ
R7870-TWIN-FROZR-2GD video memory new r7870twinfrozr2gd msi vide... Avl RFQ
R7850-TWIN-FROZR-2GD video memory new r7850twinfrozr2gd msi vide... Avl RFQ
R7750-PMD2GD3 other memory new/nib msi video card r7750-p... Avl RFQ
R6970-2PM2D2GD5 pci new r69702pm2d2gd5 graphics ad... Avl RFQ
R6950-2PM2D2GD5 pci new r69502pm2d2gd5 graphics ad... Avl RFQ
R6850-PM2D1GD5/OC video memory new r6850pm2d1gd5oc msi video ... Avl RFQ
R5670CYCLONE1G video memory new r5670cyclone1g msi video c... Avl RFQ
R5670-PMD1G video memory new r5670pmd1g msi video card ... Avl RFQ
R5450-MD512H video memory new r5450md512h msi video card... Avl RFQ
R5450-MD1GD3H/LP video memory new r5450md1gd3hlp msi video c... Avl RFQ
R4870-MD1G video memory new r4870md1g msi ati radeon h... Avl RFQ
R4670-MD512 video memory new r4670md512 msi video r4670... Avl RFQ
R4650-D1G video memory new r4650d1g msi ati radeon hd... Avl RFQ
R4550-MD1GH video memory r4550md1gh 1gb pcie video card... Avl RFQ
P8152-010 rom p8152010 cd-rom drive 52x max ... Avl RFQ
NX6200LE-TD128EH video memory new nx6200letd128eh msi geforc... Avl RFQ
NX6200AX-TD256 video memory new nx6200axtd256 msi geforce ... Avl RFQ
NX6200AX-TD128 video memory nx6200axtd128 msi nx6200ax-td1... Avl RFQ
N9600GT512MOC video memory new n9600gt2d512ocv2 msi nvidi... Avl RFQ
N9500GT-512-D3 sdram new n9500gt512d3 graphics card... Avl RFQ
N8400GS-TD256H pci new n8400gstd256h geforce 8400... Avl RFQ
N8400GS-TD256 pci new n8400gstd256 geforce 8400g... Avl RFQ
N8400GS-MD1GD3H/LP-B video memory new n8400gsmd1gd3hlpb msi vide... Avl RFQ
N680GTX-TWINFROZR-4G video memory new n680gtxtwinfrozr4g msi vid... Avl RFQ
N680GTX-PM2D-2GD5 video memory new n680gtxpm2d2gd5 msi video ... Avl RFQ
N660TI-PE-2GD5 video memory new n660tipe2gd5 msi video car... Avl RFQ
N660-TF-2GD5/OC video memory new n660tf2gd5oc msi video car... Avl RFQ
N660-2GD5/OC other memory memory processor 6u x 160mm eu... Avl RFQ
N650-1GD5/OC video memory new n6501gd5oc msi video card ... Avl RFQ
N640GT-MD2GD3/OC video memory new/nib msi video card n640gt-... Avl RFQ
N570GTX-M2D12D5/OC video memory new n570gtxm2d12d5oc msi video... Avl RFQ
N550GTX-TI-M2D1GD5/O video memory new n550gtxtim2d1gd5o msi vide... Avl RFQ
N550GTX-TI-CYCLONE-O video memory new n550gtxticycloneo msi vide... Avl RFQ
N470GTX-M2D12-B video memory new n470gtxm2d12b msi video ca... Avl RFQ
N460GTXCYCLONE768D5 video memory new n460gtxcyclone768d5 msi vi... Avl RFQ
N460GTX-HAWK-TALON-A video memory new n460gtxhawktalona msi vide... Avl RFQ
N450GTS-M2D1GD5 video memory new n450gtsm2d1gd5 msi video c... Avl RFQ
N440GT-MD1GD3/LP-A1 video memory new n440gtmd1gd3lpa1 msi video... Avl RFQ
N250GTS-TWINFROZR video memory new n250gtstwinfrozr msi video... Avl RFQ
N210-MD512H video memory new n210md512h msi video card ... Avl RFQ
N210-D512D2 video memory new n210d512d2 msi video card ... Avl RFQ
MS8839 video memory 32mb gforce agp video card Avl RFQ
MS8818 video memory 32mb gforce agp video card Avl RFQ
MS-9513 video memory ms9513 mini pci video card ati... Avl RFQ
MS-8900-010 video memory ms8900010 msi video card agp 8... Avl RFQ
MS-8870-040 video memory ms8870040 msi video card agp 8... Avl RFQ
MS-8837 video memory ms8837 64mb agp video card wit... Avl RFQ
MS-8830 video memory ms8830 agp video card nvidia 1... Avl RFQ
MS-8807 video memory ms8807 micro-star vanta tnt2 a... Avl RFQ
MS-8152 rom ms8152 cd/internal cd-rom driv... Avl RFQ
MS-4420 video memory ms4420 agp video card Avl RFQ
M8820 sdram new video cardgeforce2pro 32mb... Avl RFQ
ICUVGA-GW821 video memory icuvgagw821 agp video card Avl RFQ
ICUVGA-GW809D video memory icuvgagw809d agp video card wi... Avl RFQ
HETIS-H61-ULTRA ram modules new hetish61ultra 8 gb maximum... Avl RFQ
GX60-1AC-021US ram modules new/nib gx601ac021us gx60 1ac-... Avl RFQ
GT700ND-202US ram modules new gt700nd202us gt70 - intel ... Avl RFQ
GT70-2OC-059US other memory 17.3"" laptop Avl RFQ
GT70-0NC-008US ram modules new gt700nc008us gt70 - intel ... Avl RFQ
GT60-0NG-294US ram modules new/nib gt60 workstation - int... Avl RFQ
GEFORCE2PROM8820 sdram new motherboardgeforce2pro 32m... Avl RFQ
GE700ND-033US ram modules new ge700nd033us ge70 - intel ... Avl RFQ
GE60-2OE-003US other memory 15.6"" laptop Avl RFQ
G4Ti4200-TD video memory g4ti4200td msi video card agp ... Avl RFQ
G4Ti4200 video memory 128mb agp video card with dual... Avl RFQ
FX5200-TD128LF video memory fx5200td128lf 128mb agp video ... Avl RFQ
FM2-A85XMA-E35 other memory new msi mb fm2-a85xma-e35 amd ... Avl RFQ
FM2-A75MA-E35 ram modules new fm2a75mae35 micro atx - 1 ... Avl RFQ
E2P-681J213-Y31 other memory memory, nl9127rd12042-d21jib 1... Avl RFQ
E2P-681J212-P89 other memory memory, nl9127rd12042-d21jib 1... Avl RFQ
DA-MSI10 video memory damsi10 128mb agp video card w... Avl RFQ
BS-6131BX ram modules bs6131bx 500mhz computer 256 r... Avl RFQ
B75MA-P33 other memory new msi mb b75ma-p33 core i7 b... Avl RFQ
9821-01A video memory 982101a agp video card Avl RFQ
9812OPTION video memory agp video card Avl RFQ
9809-11Q video memory 980911q agp video card with tv... Avl RFQ
9809-11A video memory 980911a agp video card with tv... Avl RFQ
937-176262-072 other memory new msi notebook 937-176262-07... Avl RFQ
937-175523-015 other memory new msi notebook 937-175523-01... Avl RFQ
937-175523-013 other memory new msi notebook 937-175523-01... Avl RFQ
8998 video memory 128mb agp video card with vga ... Avl RFQ
8936-640 video memory 8936640 msi mx4000-t64 64mb nv... Avl RFQ
8886 video memory 128mb agp video card with dual... Avl RFQ
8839110 video memory gf2mx400 adr 64mb 4x/2xagp vid... Avl RFQ
8808-320 video memory 8808320 agp video card vanta/t... Avl RFQ
760GM-P34-FX ram modules new 760gmp34fx micro atx - 1 x... Avl RFQ
760GM-P23-FX ram modules new 760gmp23fx micro atx - 1 x... Avl RFQ
560GTX-TI-TWINFROZRI video memory new 560gtxtitwinfrozri msi vid... Avl RFQ
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