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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as PWB Memory, RAM Modules, SDRAM, PROM, Uncategorized from manufacturers you trust. Parts including TSJB0005105, THM362500AS-80, SDRAM-64-P66, PM-148, PM-140 and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
TSJB0005105 pwb memory panel pwb printed wiring board... Avl RFQ
THM362500AS-80 ram modules thm362500as80 ram pulled from ... Avl RFQ
SDRAM-64-P66 sdram sdram64p66 memory; sdram 64mb ... Avl RFQ
PM-148 prom pm148 prom module Avl RFQ
PM-140 prom pm140 prom module Avl RFQ
PM-109 prom pm109 prom module Avl RFQ
PM-106 prom pm106 prom module Avl RFQ
PM-103 prom pm103 prom module Avl RFQ
PM-101 prom pm101 prom module software akd... Avl RFQ
PM-100 prom pm100 prom module Avl RFQ
PM-045 prom pm045 prom module Avl RFQ
M3878T3354C73CDS uncategorized m3878t3354c73cds-ncr Avl RFQ
KMM5362000B2-7 ram modules kmm5362000b27 ram pulled from ... Avl RFQ
HES09-050160-1 rom hes090501601 ac adapter; 5volt... Avl RFQ
BACKPACK-CBL rom backpackcbl cable; for backpac... Avl RFQ
AT89C52-24JC prom at89c5224jc ic;prom 40-pin plc... Avl RFQ
A756-8105 rom a7568105 printer;rec/matrix sl... Avl RFQ
9980869643 pwb memory 56xx main pwb printed wiring b... Avl RFQ
90018307 prom prom - bios helga - 5631 Avl RFQ
8772274898 uncategorized 8772274898-ncr Avl RFQ
8770270834 uncategorized 8770270834-ncr Avl RFQ
8770239367 uncategorized 8770239367-ncr Avl RFQ
8770192012 uncategorized 8770192012-ncr Avl RFQ
7458K920 uncategorized 7458k920-ncr Avl RFQ
7455-F151 sdram 7455f151 memory; sdram 32mb pc... Avl RFQ
7454-F025 sdram 7454f025 128mb sdram memory Avl RFQ
7453F804 uncategorized 7453f804-ncr Avl RFQ
7453F802N uncategorized 7453f802n-ncr Avl RFQ
7453F134N uncategorized 7453f134n-ncr Avl RFQ
7452-F171 rom 7452f171 ethernet boot rom amd Avl RFQ
7452-F170 rom 7452f170 boot rom; ethernet sl... Avl RFQ
7452-F169-SCSI rom 7452f169scsi cd-rom compact di... Avl RFQ
7452-F169-DVD rom 7452f169dvd dvd-rom dvd drive Avl RFQ
7452-F169-B rom 7452f169b cd-rom compact disc ... Avl RFQ
7452-F169 rom 7452f169 cd-rom compact disc i... Avl RFQ
7452-CDROM-BRKT rom 7452cdrombrkt bracket for cd-r... Avl RFQ
7452-8080 ram modules 74528080 terminal;pentium 100m... Avl RFQ
7445F132N uncategorized 7445f132n-ncr Avl RFQ
7404F254V001 uncategorized 7404f254v001-ncr Avl RFQ
7402F232 uncategorized 7402f232-ncr Avl RFQ
7401-F059 rom 7401f059 cd-rom integrated ide... Avl RFQ
7401-2112N-MSR sdram 74012112nmsr terminal pentium ... Avl RFQ
7052F211 uncategorized 7052f211-ncr Avl RFQ
689189303 uncategorized 689189303-ncr Avl RFQ
68604319 ram modules memory-64mb ram 100mhz 7401 / Avl RFQ
68603637 ram modules memory-64mb ram 100mhz 7401 / Avl RFQ
68601891 sdram 0068601891 memory-sdram 32mb l... Avl RFQ
68601150 uncategorized 0068601150-ncr Avl RFQ
55005984 rom dvd/cd-rom drive 48x/16x ide a... Avl RFQ
5310000020 rom cable-cd rom audio ide Avl RFQ
5300042380 uncategorized 5300042380-ncr Avl RFQ
5300040432 uncategorized 5300040432-ncr Avl RFQ
5300035939C uncategorized 5300035939c-ncr Avl RFQ
5300035842 uncategorized 5300035842-ncr Avl RFQ
5300035759 uncategorized 5300035759-ncr Avl RFQ
5150009932 rom scsi cd-rom 3349 Avl RFQ
4970469649 uncategorized 4970469649-ncr Avl RFQ
4970469648 uncategorized 4970469648-ncr Avl RFQ
4970436097 rom cd-rom communication cable ide... Avl RFQ
4970435734 rom kit tilt mount cd-rom 7402 Avl RFQ
4970434464 uncategorized 4970434464-ncr Avl RFQ
4970428299 rom cable-hdd cd-rom data 7402 Avl RFQ
4970428240 rom cable-hdd cd-rom data 7402 Avl RFQ
4970428215 rom cover e-box cd-rom Avl RFQ
4970420643 rom 7401 cable-e-box cd-rom folded Avl RFQ
4970405208K video memory video card for 7875 Avl RFQ
497-0449353-W/O rom 4970449353wo bezel;assembly fr... Avl RFQ
497-0433828 rom 4970433828 cable;hard drive/cd... Avl RFQ
497-0424101 rom 4970424101 cable ide cd-rom to... Avl RFQ
497-0422568 rom 4970422568 bracket;cd-rom for ... Avl RFQ
497-0420631 rom 4970420631 cover-pivot assembl... Avl RFQ
497-0420629 rom 4970420629 7401 cd-rom carriag... Avl RFQ
497-0414892-WO ram modules 4970414892wo processor;386 w/o... Avl RFQ
497-0414892 ram modules 4970414892 processor;386 w/4mb... Avl RFQ
497-0413011 rom 4970413011 cable-cd rom 2336-f... Avl RFQ
45L0255 uncategorized 45l0255-ncr Avl RFQ
3426-F116 sdram new 3426f116 128mb module sdra... Avl RFQ
3422-F135 ram modules 3422f135 mach 64 gt with 2mb r... Avl RFQ
3271-2200 rom 32712200 terminal pentium ii 2... Avl RFQ
30L6289 uncategorized 30l6289-ncr Avl RFQ
2500043763 uncategorized 2500043763-ncr Avl RFQ
2330-F381 rom 2330f381 slp boot rom kit for ... Avl RFQ
2300101270 uncategorized 2300101270-ncr Avl RFQ
2127-F375 rom 2127f375 rom; 3.0 migration Avl RFQ
1891067213 rom firmware ic-rom Avl RFQ
02L1742 uncategorized 02l1742-ncr Avl RFQ
014-2000014 rom 0142000014 cable cd-rom ide ri... Avl RFQ
014-1000025 sdram dimm-64mb synchronous pc100 sd... Avl RFQ
007-9964144 rom 0079964144 dvd-rom ide slim te... Avl RFQ
0062001856N uncategorized 0062001856n-ncr Avl RFQ
006-8605159 ram modules new 0068605159 original 006-86... Avl RFQ
006-8602193 sodimm 0068602193 745464mb sodimm Avl RFQ
006-3503567 rom 0063503567 cd-rom drive 40x sc... Avl RFQ
006-3301762 rom 0063301762 cd-rom drive Avl RFQ
006-3301344 rom 0063301344 cd-rom drive 4x scs... Avl RFQ
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