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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as Video Memory, PCI, Sound, PCB Memory, Other Memory from manufacturers you trust. Parts including VV-VNE112-G, VV-VNE112, VV-PXG412, VV-CV0012-S1, SIIGSWT1000 and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

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Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
VV-VNE112-G video memory new vvvne112g isa video card n... Avl RFQ
VV-VNE112 video memory vvvne112 siig mvga-avga3 isa v... Avl RFQ
VV-PXG412 video memory vvpxg412 aurora pci video card Avl RFQ
VV-CV0012-S1 pci new vvcv0012s1 dp add2 pcie pc... Avl RFQ
SIIGSWT1000 sound isa sound card with ide contro... Avl RFQ
SCSI360P pci siig v2.0 sc-ps0m32 pci scsi h... Avl RFQ
SC4000 sound siig sc4000 16-bit pci audio s... Avl RFQ
SC-PE4A12 pci scpe4a12 siig dual channel ult... Avl RFQ
P040-Y3 pci p040y3 compaq/cyber siig paral... Avl RFQ
P004-64 pci p00464 siig cyberserial dual p... Avl RFQ
P004-63 pci p00463 siig dual 16550 fast se... Avl RFQ
NN2611 pcb memory 1394 firewire cardbus pro pc c... Avl RFQ
NN-8US212-S2 pci new firewire adapter - plug-in... Avl RFQ
NN-440012 pci nn440012 firewire 3-port pci a... Avl RFQ
NN-400P33 pci nn400p33 siig 3-port 1394 fire... Avl RFQ
NN-400012 pci new nn400012 siig 3 port pci f... Avl RFQ
NN-300043 pci nn300043 siig dell 3-port m217... Avl RFQ
NN-300012 pci new nn300012 siig 1394 3-port ... Avl RFQ
MVGA-AVGA3 video memory new mvgaavga3 isa video card n... Avl RFQ
MPB-000138 sound mpb000138 pci sound card Avl RFQ
LP-P2P021-S6 pci new serial adapter - plug-in c... Avl RFQ
LP-P02D11-S6 pci new serial adapter - plug-in c... Avl RFQ
LP-N21011 pci lpn21011 siig firewire adapter... Avl RFQ
LP-20083 pci lp20083 low profile pci parall... Avl RFQ
LP-000022-S2 sound new lp000022s2 siig sound card... Avl RFQ
LP-000022-S1 sound new lp000022s1 siig lp-000022-... Avl RFQ
LN20 sound isa sound card with ide contro... Avl RFQ
JU-P50212 pci jup50212 pci usb 2.0 4-port ad... Avl RFQ
JU-P40212-S1 pci new/nib siig accessory ju-p402... Avl RFQ
JU-P20253 pci new jup20253 siig 2-port usb n... Avl RFQ
JU-P20212-S2 pci new 2port usb 2.0 adapter pci ... Avl RFQ
JU-P20212 pci jup20212 siig 2-port usb v1.0 ... Avl RFQ
JU-P20011 pci jup20011 siig usb 2-port pci a... Avl RFQ
JU-H60012-S1 other memory usb 3.0 & 2.0 hub card reader Avl RFQ
JU-H40812-S1 other memory usb 3.0 4 port hub Avl RFQ
JU-H20211-S1 other memory usb3.0 to hdmi dual hd display Avl RFQ
JU-EC0212-S1 pci new expresscard/34 adapter - p... Avl RFQ
JU-EC0032-S1 other memory card adapter cardbus Avl RFQ
JU-DV0311-S1 other memory usb 3.0 to dvi vga pro Avl RFQ
JU-DV0012-S2 sdram new judv0012s2 mct trigger1 pl... Avl RFQ
JU-DP0011-S1 other memory usb 3.0 to displayport adapter Avl RFQ
JU-CR0012-S1 smart memory new jucr0012s1 usb 2.0 smart c... Avl RFQ
JU-000071-S1 other memory siig usb 2.0 to vga adapter Avl RFQ
JU-000022-S1 other memory card reader Avl RFQ
JJ902012 pci cyber serial dual 16550port pc... Avl RFQ
JJ-PCM012-S3 pcmcia new jjpcm012s3 1-port rs-232 p... Avl RFQ
JJ-PC1012-S2 pci new jjpc1012s2 pci to pccard a... Avl RFQ
JJ-PC1012 pcb memory jjpc1012 siig jj-pc1012 pci to... Avl RFQ
JJ-PC0112-S1 other memory pc card cf r/w Avl RFQ
JJ-PC0011 pci jjpc0011 siigl dell pci to pcc... Avl RFQ
JJ-P20283 pci jjp20283 siig cyberserial dual... Avl RFQ
JJ-P20212 pci new jjp20212 siig cyberserial ... Avl RFQ
JJ-P10263-G6 pci jjp10263g6 siig dual profile p... Avl RFQ
JJ-P04193-S6 pci jjp04193s6 siig cyberpro v6.0 ... Avl RFQ
JJ-P020J3 pci jjp020j3 siig cyberserial dual... Avl RFQ
JJ-P02063 pci jjp02063 serial dual port pci ... Avl RFQ
JJ-P02012 pci jjp02012 dual serial pci adapt... Avl RFQ
JJ-P01411-S1 pci new/nib 1-port db25 par pci ec... Avl RFQ
JJ-P01211 pci new jjp01211 siig dual profile... Avl RFQ
JJ-P01012 pci jjp01012 siig jj-p01012 fast s... Avl RFQ
JJ-P00183 pci new jjp00183 compaq/cyber siig... Avl RFQ
JJ-E01211-S1 pcb memory new/nib switching amp pcb weig... Avl RFQ
IO1839 pci pci high speed parallel port a... Avl RFQ
ID-P40311-S1 pci new idp40311s1 4port pci rs422... Avl RFQ
ID-P20111-S1 pci new idp20111s1 2port pci rs422... Avl RFQ
ID-E80011-S1 pci new 8-port db9 ser pcie pci-ex... Avl RFQ
ID-E20211-S1 pci new/nib 2-port db9 ser pcie pc... Avl RFQ
ID-E20111-S1 pci new 2-port db9 ser pcie pci-ex... Avl RFQ
ID-E20011-S1 pci new/nib 2-port db9 ser pcie pc... Avl RFQ
ID-DS0011-S1 other memory access & monitor up to 4 usb d... Avl RFQ
IC-718112 sound ic718112 isa sound card Avl RFQ
IC-718012 sound ic718012 isa sound card with i... Avl RFQ
IC-510111-S2 other memory siig dp soundwave 5.1 pcie Avl RFQ
IC-400012-S1 sound new/nib ic400012s1 soundwave p... Avl RFQ
IC-400011-A1 sound new ic400011a1 siig sound card... Avl RFQ
FI3-MCGP video memory fi3mcgp 8-bit isa mono mga mgp... Avl RFQ
E189350 pci new compaq/cyber siig 16550 pc... Avl RFQ
CN-WR0811-S1 pci new/nib dual profile wl-n pcie... Avl RFQ
CN-WR0711-S1 pci new/nib dual profile wl-n pci ... Avl RFQ
CE-H21112-S1 other memory synccharging hub glxy tab Avl RFQ
CE-H20L11-S1 pcb memory new dual drive pcb weight 1.80... Avl RFQ
CE-H20C11-S1 other memory 1x8 hdmi 1.3 distribution ampl... Avl RFQ
CE-H20B11-S1 other memory 1x4 hdmi 1.3 distri. amplifier Avl RFQ
CE-H20A11-S1 other memory 1x2 hdmi 1.3 distri. amplifier Avl RFQ
CE-E01012-S1 other memory siig expresscard 11-in-1 card ... Avl RFQ
CE-DS0111-S1 other memory hd digital signage player Avl RFQ
CE-DP0022-S1 other memory siig digital photo keychain Avl RFQ
CE-AD0012-S1 other memory adapter for galaxy tablets Avl RFQ
CB-PW0311-S1 video memory new cbpw0311s1 lp4 to pcie pci... Avl RFQ
CB-AU1712-S1 sdram new 256mb 1 x 256mb - 333mhz d... Avl RFQ
CB-0000C1-S1 other memory premium quality hi-speed usb t... Avl RFQ
CB-0000B1-S1 other memory premium quality hi-speed usb t... Avl RFQ
A151-910 sound a151910 isa sound card with id... Avl RFQ
5103537532 video memory video card Avl RFQ
22P6354 pci siig pci cyberpro option bto i... Avl RFQ
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