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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as RAM Modules, ROM, PWB Memory, PROM, SDRAM from manufacturers you trust. Parts including 6F821839-001, 6F818593-001, 6F801592-001, 6F703531-070, 6F55061311 and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
6F821839-001 ram modules 6f821839001 non-volatile ram i... Avl RFQ
6F818593-001 ram modules new 6f818593001 optional 2k ra... Avl RFQ
6F801592-001 ram modules new 6f801592001 ic ram 256x1 7... Avl RFQ
6F703531-070 rom 6f703531070 feeder board w/rom... Avl RFQ
6F55061311 rom skrf pcba w/o rom Avl RFQ
6F55038852 rom skrb 1 w/o rom pcba Avl RFQ
6F44C510304-G01 pwb memory 6f44c510304g01 power supply pw... Avl RFQ
6F44B502454-G03 pwb memory new 6f44b502454g03 spsd 3 pwb ... Avl RFQ
6F44B502441-G01 pwb memory 6f44b502441g01 spsx 1 pwb prin... Avl RFQ
6F44A511781-001 pwb memory 6f44a511781001 standoff - pwb ... Avl RFQ
6F44A501795-001 ram modules new 6f44a501795001 8k ram ic -... Avl RFQ
6F44A501593-001 ram modules 6f44a501593001 2k ram ic - 401... Avl RFQ
6F4408-431940 pwb memory 6f4408431940 interface control... Avl RFQ
6F3B0412G04 pwb memory pwb printed wiring board - pho... Avl RFQ
6F3B0412G02 pwb memory pwb - phom/2- opt mod board Avl RFQ
6F396016 rom new i/c rom pcba 90 day warran... Avl RFQ
6F388228 rom new dvd-rom drive m/n drn-8080... Avl RFQ
6F333265-003 rom 6f333265003 summit sp2 code ro... Avl RFQ
6F331895-077 rom 6f331895077 otc rom cca - cont... Avl RFQ
6F331895-021 rom 6f331895021 otp rom cca - r70 Avl RFQ
6F331895-020 rom 6f331895020 otp rom cca - r68 Avl RFQ
6F331895-010 rom 6f331895010 otp rom cca Avl RFQ
6F31110803 rom new mask rom i/c 90 day warran... Avl RFQ
6F297898-001 ram modules new 6f297898001 memory expansi... Avl RFQ
6F297896-001 rom new 6f297896001 font rom kit 9... Avl RFQ
6F296282-001 pwb memory 6f296282001 icu pwb printed wi... Avl RFQ
6F296110-001 rom 6f296110001 code rom cca Avl RFQ
6F289355-001 pwb memory 6f289355001 icu pwb printed wi... Avl RFQ
6F288656-037 rom new 6f288656037 ocr-a rom high... Avl RFQ
6F263081-001 pwb memory 6f263081001 timing status pwb ... Avl RFQ
6F257290-001 prom new 6f257290001 centronics int... Avl RFQ
6F2567617-0012 prom 6f25676170012 logic prom u68 -... Avl RFQ
6F2567616-0012 prom 6f25676160012 logic prom u58 -... Avl RFQ
6F25616 pwb memory new 6f25600078000 icu pwb prin... Avl RFQ
6F2560007-8000 pwb memory 6f25600078000 icu pwb printed ... Avl RFQ
6F2557798-8001 pwb memory 6f25577988001 ti driver pwb pr... Avl RFQ
6F253572-002 prom new 6f253572002 prom kit 90 da... Avl RFQ
6F253572-001 prom new 6f253572001 prom kit 90 da... Avl RFQ
6F250776-079 prom new 6f250776079 128 character ... Avl RFQ
6F250774-071 prom new 6f250774071 96 character b... Avl RFQ
6F250773-069 prom new 6f250773069 64 character b... Avl RFQ
6F250761-093 prom new 6f250761093 band image pro... Avl RFQ
6F250715-064 prom new 6f250715064 band image pro... Avl RFQ
6F250703-068 prom new 6f250703068 band image pro... Avl RFQ
6F250702-999 prom new 6f250702999 processor prom... Avl RFQ
6F250700-028 prom new 6f250700028 band image pro... Avl RFQ
6F250682-037 prom new 6f250682037 band image pro... Avl RFQ
6F250671-999 prom new 6f250671999 centronics pro... Avl RFQ
6F250653-999 prom new 6f250653999 centronics pro... Avl RFQ
6F250600-037 prom new 6f250600037 band image pro... Avl RFQ
6F250599-037 prom new 6f250599037 band image pro... Avl RFQ
6F250597-999 prom new 6f250597999 centronics pro... Avl RFQ
6F250562-029 prom new 6f250562029 band image pro... Avl RFQ
6F250539-019 prom new 6f250539019 band image pro... Avl RFQ
6F250530-022 prom new 6f250530022 band image pro... Avl RFQ
6F250529-022 prom new 6f250529022 band image pro... Avl RFQ
6F249874-041 prom new 6f249874041 serial interfa... Avl RFQ
6F249320-001 prom new 6f249320001 flss ( form le... Avl RFQ
6F204535-901 sdram new 6f204535901 ppc sdram memo... Avl RFQ
6F202502-001 ram modules 6f202502001 2mb ram simm modul... Avl RFQ
6F153202-001 prom new 6f153202001 pfc ( power fa... Avl RFQ
6F153173-001 prom new 6f153173001 rtp prom j8 - ... Avl RFQ
6F148777-001 prom 6f148777001 igp ( integrated g... Avl RFQ
6F148611-002 prom new 6f148611002 v1.11e igp ( i... Avl RFQ
6F148610-002 prom new 6f148610002 dcu v1.05h pro... Avl RFQ
6F148580-002 prom new 6f148580002 igp ( integrat... Avl RFQ
6F141685-001 prom 6f141685001 igp ( integrated g... Avl RFQ
6F140K4462K2 pwb memory new cru sensor pwb printed wir... Avl RFQ
6F135435-901 prom new 6f135435901 j prom kit 90 ... Avl RFQ
6F134494-901 prom new 6f134494901 program prom k... Avl RFQ
6F134171-001 prom 6f134171001 dcu program prom k... Avl RFQ
6F134148-902 prom 6f134148902 igp ( integrated g... Avl RFQ
6F132257-001 prom 6f132257001 igp ( integrated g... Avl RFQ
6F117211-001 prom new 6f117211001 igp ( integrat... Avl RFQ
6F109557-901 prom 6f109557901 prom kit Avl RFQ
6F108434-002 prom 6f108434002 logic b9 cca w/pro... Avl RFQ
6F108434-001 prom 6f108434001 logic b9 cca w/pro... Avl RFQ
6F108433-002 prom 6f108433002 logic a6 cca w/pro... Avl RFQ
6F108433-001 prom 6f108433001 logic a6 cca w/pro... Avl RFQ
6F107106-001 prom new 6f107106001 character prom... Avl RFQ
6F105783-001 prom new 6f105783001 dot column con... Avl RFQ
6F105782-001 prom new 6f105782001 character cont... Avl RFQ
6F104539-937 prom new 6f104539937 prom kit p300 ... Avl RFQ
6F104539-936 prom new 6f104539936 prom kit - a l... Avl RFQ
6F104539-918 prom 6f104539918 p600 prom kit a5 a... Avl RFQ
6F104255 prom 6f104248001 prom - a logic Avl RFQ
6F104248-001 prom new 6f104248001 prom - a logic... Avl RFQ
6F104247-001 prom new 6f104247001 prom - a logic... Avl RFQ
6F104246-001 prom new 6f104246001 prom - a logic... Avl RFQ
6F103068 ram modules 6f1030663 main controller w/ra... Avl RFQ
6F103066.3 ram modules 6f1030663 main controller w/ra... Avl RFQ
6F083369 ram modules t9021 laser printer 21-ppm 16m... Avl RFQ
6F060902 rom new ops manual w/ cd-rom 90 da... Avl RFQ
6F0256660280 prom prom - character set # 13 Avl RFQ
6F0256660278 prom new prom - character set #9 90... Avl RFQ
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