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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as Video Memory, Other Memory, PCI, SDRAM, RAM Modules from manufacturers you trust. Parts including USB32HDE, USB32HDDVII, USB32DVIPRO, USB32DPPRO, USB2VGAPRO and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
USB32HDE video memory new usb 3.0 to hdmi / dvi exte... Avl RFQ
USB32HDDVII video memory new usb 3.0 to hdmi and dvi du... Avl RFQ
USB32DVIPRO video memory new usb32dvipro usb 3.0 to dvi... Avl RFQ
USB32DPPRO video memory new usb 3.0 to displayport ext... Avl RFQ
USB2VGAPRO other memory connect a vga display for a hi... Avl RFQ
USB2VGAE3 other memory usb to vga display adapter Avl RFQ
USB2VGAE2 other memory usb vga adapter Avl RFQ
USB2DVIPRO other memory connect a dvi display for a hi... Avl RFQ
USB2DVIE3 other memory usb dvi ext multi monitor adap Avl RFQ
USB2DVI other memory startech usb2dvi usb 2.0 to dv... Avl RFQ
ST2000PEXPSE pci new 2-port pci-express gigabit... Avl RFQ
ST122HDMILE sdram new 06p4053pe 256mb 1 x 256mb ... Avl RFQ
st100s pci pci fast ethernet adapter card... Avl RFQ
ST1000SPEX42 pci new st1000spex42 gbe pcie pci-... Avl RFQ
ST1000SPEX2 pci new/nib 1-port pcie pci-expres... Avl RFQ
ST1000SPEX pci pci express gigabit ethernet -... Avl RFQ
ST1000SMPEX pci new mini pcie pci-express giga... Avl RFQ
ST-ICUSB232PRO other memory startech icusb232pro 1ft usb t... Avl RFQ
ST-FCREADHCU3 other memory startech fcreadhcu3 usb 3.0 mu... Avl RFQ
ST-ECREAD other memory startech ecread expresscard 12... Avl RFQ
ST-CB2EC other memory startech cb2ec expresscard to ... Avl RFQ
SATPCIEXADAP pci new/nib 6in sata power to 6 pi... Avl RFQ
SATPCIEX8ADP pci new/nib 6in sata power to 8 pi... Avl RFQ
SATDOCKCRH other memory esata usb to sata... Avl RFQ
RAMCOOLERBL_BIN1 other memory 512mb 800mhz ecc unbuffered 18... Avl RFQ
RAMCOOLERBL-A1 other memory 512mb 800mhz ecc unbuffered 18... Avl RFQ
RAMCOOLERBL ram modules desktop ddr/sdram aluminum mem... Avl RFQ
PEXUSB7LP pci new pexusb7lp 7-port pcie pci-... Avl RFQ
PEXUSB4DP-A1 pci new pexusb4dpa1 usb adapter - ... Avl RFQ
PEXUSB400-A1 pci new pexusb400a1 adapter card -... Avl RFQ
PEXUSB3S22 pci new/nib usb 3.0 pci express - ... Avl RFQ
PEXHDCAP video memory new pexhdcap video capture car... Avl RFQ
PEX8TO16R pci new pcie pci-express riser car... Avl RFQ
PEX8RISERF-A1 pci new pex8riserfa1 coming soon p... Avl RFQ
PEX8RISERF pci new/nib coming soon pcie pci-e... Avl RFQ
PEX4S952 pci new 4-port pcie pci-express rs... Avl RFQ
PEX4RISERF-A1 pci new pex4riserfa1 pcie pci-expr... Avl RFQ
PEX4RISERF pci new/nib pcie pci-express x4 le... Avl RFQ
PEX2S553-B2 pci new pex2s553b2 io pex2s553 2 p... Avl RFQ
PEX2S553-A1 pci new pex2s553a1 2 port native p... Avl RFQ
PEX2S553 pci new/nib 2 port native pcie pci... Avl RFQ
PEX2PCIE4L pci new pci-express to 2pci 2pcie ... Avl RFQ
PEX2MPEX pci new/nib pcie pci-express to mi... Avl RFQ
PEX1S553LP-A1 pci new pex1s553lpa1 1pt lp pcie p... Avl RFQ
PEX1S553 pci new/nib io pex1s553 1-port nat... Avl RFQ
PEX1S1PMINI-A1 pci new pex1s1pminia1 mini pcie pc... Avl RFQ
PEX1RISERF-A1 pci new pex1riserfa1 pcie pci-expr... Avl RFQ
PEX1RISERF pci new/nib pcie pci-express riser... Avl RFQ
PEX1PLP other memory 1-port parallel adapter card Avl RFQ
PEX1PCI1 pcb memory new/nib pcie pci-express to pc... Avl RFQ
PEX1P pci new 1-port db25 par pcie pci-e... Avl RFQ
PEX1394B3LP-A1 pci new pex1394b3lpa1 3 port 2b 1a... Avl RFQ
PEX1394A2DV video memory new/nib 2-port fw 400 card pci... Avl RFQ
PCIX1PEX4 pci new pci-x to x4 pci express ad... Avl RFQ
PCIVGAV7 pci new 16mb pci vga video adapter... Avl RFQ
PCIUSB7-A1 pci new pciusb7a1 7 port pci usb c... Avl RFQ
PCIUSB3S2 pci startech 2 port usb 3.0 pci ca... Avl RFQ
PCISOUND7 pci new/nib 7.1 pci surround sound... Avl RFQ
PCISOUND5LP pci new/nib 5 channel lp pci sound... Avl RFQ
PCIEX68ADAP pci pci express 6 pin to 8 pin pow... Avl RFQ
PCI625USB2I pci 6 port pci usb 2.... Avl RFQ
PCI4S954PW pci new 4port db9 ser pci rs232 ct... Avl RFQ
PCI4S550-A1 pci new pci4s550a1 pci4s550 4 port... Avl RFQ
PCI2S550 pci new 2-port 16550 pci serial ad... Avl RFQ
PCI2S232485I pci new io card pci2s232485i 2-por... Avl RFQ
PCI2PECP other memory 2 port pci parall... Avl RFQ
PCI2PCMCIA1 pcmcia new pcmcia to pci adapter card... Avl RFQ
PCI2MPCIB pci new/nib pci to minipci adapter... Avl RFQ
PCI1PM pci new 1 port pci parallel adapte... Avl RFQ
PCI1PEX1 pci new/nib pci1pex1 pci to pcie p... Avl RFQ
PCI1P other memory value 1 port pci ... Avl RFQ
MPEXUSB3S2 pci new 2 port mini pci express su... Avl RFQ
MPEX1394B3 pci new 3 port 2b 1a 1394 mini pci... Avl RFQ
MP9835L pci new startech 16c550 2 port ser... Avl RFQ
LP4PCIEXADAP pci new/nib lp4 to 6-pin pcie pci-... Avl RFQ
ICUSBAUDIOB sound new/nib usb audio sound adapte... Avl RFQ
ICUSBAUDIO7D sound new/nib 7.1 usb audio adapter ... Avl RFQ
ICUSB232PRO other memory usb to rs-232 adapter with com Avl RFQ
HMPEXADP pci new/nib half size to full size... Avl RFQ
FCREADMICRO-B2 other memory com memory processor card Avl RFQ
FCREADHCU3_BIN2 other memory com memory processor card Avl RFQ
FCREADHCU3_BIN1 other memory com memory processor card Avl RFQ
FCREADHCU3-A1 other memory com memory processor card Avl RFQ
FCREADHC other memory multi card reader high capacit... Avl RFQ
FANCASE video memory new/nib pci or isa slot exhaus... Avl RFQ
ECHDCAP video memory new hdmi expresscard hd video ... Avl RFQ
ECESATA254 pci new/nib 2-port expresscard54 p... Avl RFQ
EC2CBU pcmcia new/nib pcmcia to expresscard ... Avl RFQ
DVIVGAMF video memory connect your dvi-i display to ... Avl RFQ
DVIVGAFMBK video memory use your dvi-i display with a ... Avl RFQ
DVIVGAFM video memory connect your dvi-i display to ... Avl RFQ
CBUSB22 pcb memory new/nib 2-port cardbus usb 2.0... Avl RFQ
CB1394 video memory new/nib 3-port firewire cardbu... Avl RFQ
35FCREADBK2_BIN1 other memory hp 512mb pc2700 333mhz ddr reg... Avl RFQ
35BAYCF2SAT other memory flash crd to sata adap w/ 3.5 ... Avl RFQ
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