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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as RAM Modules, Smart Memory, PCB Memory, PROM, Other Memory from manufacturers you trust. Parts including WWC1040-S086S0US, VRC7946-00NWWQUS, VERIFONE-SC5000, SY-62222-00-00, SPT1846-TKG804US and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

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Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
WWC1040-S086S0US ram modules wwc1040s086s0us spectrum 24 rs... Avl RFQ
VRC7946-00NWWQUS ram modules vrc794600nwwqus vrc7900 vehicl... Avl RFQ
VERIFONE-SC5000 smart memory verifonesc5000 prog smart card... Avl RFQ
SY-62222-00-00 pcb memory sy622220000 pcb radio frequenc... Avl RFQ
SPT1846-TKG804US ram modules spt1846tkg804us spt1846 8mb ra... Avl RFQ
SPT1833-ZRG80400 ram modules spt1833zrg80400 spt 1833 4mb r... Avl RFQ
SPT1800-TRG80411 ram modules spt1800trg80411 spt 1800 16mb ... Avl RFQ
SPT1733-ZRG80400 ram modules spt1733zrg80400 1d batch 4mb r... Avl RFQ
SPT1550-TRG80400 ram modules spt1550trg80400 spt1550; 8mb r... Avl RFQ
PPT8846-R3BZ10WW ram modules ppt8846r3bz10ww ppt 8846 64mb ... Avl RFQ
PPT8846-R3BZ00WWR ram modules ppt8846r3bz00wwr ppt 8846 64mb... Avl RFQ
PPT8846-R3BZ00WW ram modules ppt8846r3bz00ww ppt 8846 serie... Avl RFQ
PPT8800-R3BZ1000 ram modules ppt8800r3bz1000 15-key; color ... Avl RFQ
PPT2800-ZRIY0Y00 ram modules ppt2800zriy0y00 portable barco... Avl RFQ
PPT2800-TRWZ0Y00 ram modules ppt2800trwz0y00 ppt 2800 64mb ... Avl RFQ
PPT2700-ZRIW0E01 ram modules ppt2700zriw0e01 ppt2700 packet... Avl RFQ
PM-521 prom pm521 prom module for ll500 de... Avl RFQ
PM-125 prom pm125 prom module Avl RFQ
PDT8146-T5BA70WW ram modules pdt8146t5ba70ww 64mb ram 802.1... Avl RFQ
PDT8146-T5BA50WW ram modules pdt8146t5ba50ww 64mb ram 802.1... Avl RFQ
PDT8146-T4BA50WW ram modules pdt8146t4ba50ww 64mb ram 802.1... Avl RFQ
PDT8146 ram modules 1d scanner ; 11 mb radio; la-4... Avl RFQ
PDT8100-Z1A84000 ram modules pdt8100z1a84000 pdt8100; 32mb ... Avl RFQ
PDT8100-T5BA3000 ram modules pdt8100t5ba3000 64mb ram 37 ke... Avl RFQ
PDT8046-TS2800WW ram modules pdt8046ts2800ww 128mb ram 802.... Avl RFQ
PDT7540-R0X43CUS ram modules pdt7540r0x43cus portable data ... Avl RFQ
PDT6146-Z7864HWW ram modules pdt6146z7864hww pdt 6146 640kb... Avl RFQ
PDT6146-Z08640US ram modules pdt6146z08640us pdt-6146 spect... Avl RFQ
PDT6142-ZL863HUS ram modules pdt6142zl863hus pdt 6142 640kb... Avl RFQ
PDT611Q-ZI86Y001 other memory 32mb 60ns memory Avl RFQ
PDT6110-ZI86Y002 other memory 32mb 60ns memory Avl RFQ
PDT6110-ZI86Y001 other memory 32mb 60ns memory Avl RFQ
PDT6100-ZI86Y001 other memory 32mb 60ns memory Avl RFQ
PDT6100-Z08630US other memory 32mb 60ns memory Avl RFQ
PDT6100-DL863H00 ram modules pdt6100dl863h00 pdt 6100; 640k... Avl RFQ
PDT3540-S0S6A014 ram modules pdt3540s0s6a014 16lbl. 640 ram... Avl RFQ
PDT3140-D08641US other memory 32mb 60ns memory Avl RFQ
PC-201 prom pc201 prom cartridge ls 5000 w... Avl RFQ
P460-SR1212111 other memory NA Avl RFQ
P370-SR121122FBR other memory NA Avl RFQ
P370-SR12111FBR other memory NA Avl RFQ
P370-SR1211100US other memory NA Avl RFQ
MK2046-1210-WW ram modules mk20461210ww microkiosk wirele... Avl RFQ
MC9090-GJ0HBEGA2WR ram modules mc9090gj0hbega2wr gun stylelor... Avl RFQ
MC9090-GF0HBEGA2WW ram modules mc9090gf0hbega2ww gun stylestd... Avl RFQ
MC9060-SH0H9AEA4WW ram modules mc9060sh0h9aea4ww mc9000-s 128... Avl RFQ
MC9060-GJ0HBEEA4WW ram modules mc9060gj0hbeea4ww 64mb ram 802... Avl RFQ
MC9060-GF0JBEB00WW ram modules mc9060gf0jbeb00ww mc9000-g 64m... Avl RFQ
MC9060-GF0HBJB00WW ram modules mc9060gf0hbjb00ww mc9000-g 64m... Avl RFQ
MC9060-GF0HBEEA4WW ram modules mc9060gf0hbeea4ww wireless bar... Avl RFQ
MC7090-PU0DJRFA7WR ram modules mc7090pu0djrfa7wr 802.11 a/b/g... Avl RFQ
MC55A0-P90SWRQA9WR ram modules new mc55a0 wm6.5-inch lan 802.... Avl RFQ
LS3064MX-I212A other memory lc631b - memory Avl RFQ
LL500-I200-W/P prom ll500i200wp decoder; w/ pm-xxx... Avl RFQ
LA30215001C pcb memory la30215001c 2mbps wireless lan... Avl RFQ
LA3021-101-US pcb memory la3021101us lan pc card Avl RFQ
LA-4123-1000-US pci la41231000us symbol spectrum24... Avl RFQ
LA-4121-1120-US pcb memory la41211120us wireless networke... Avl RFQ
LA-4121-110T-WW pcmcia la4121110tww 802.11b wireless ... Avl RFQ
LA-4121-1100-US pcmcia la41211100us 802.11b t2 wirele... Avl RFQ
LA-4121-1020-US pcmcia la41211020us 802.11b wireless ... Avl RFQ
LA-4121-1000-1C pcmcia la412110001c acc; radio card p... Avl RFQ
LA-411T-1030-1C pcb memory la411t10301c radio card pc car... Avl RFQ
LA-4111-1000-US pcmcia la41111000us spectrum24 wirele... Avl RFQ
LA-4111-1000-1C pcb memory la411110001c spectrum24 high r... Avl RFQ
LA-302T-500-1C pcb memory la302t5001c wireless pc card Avl RFQ
LA-302C-100-1C pcmcia la302c1001c 2mbps spectrum 24 ... Avl RFQ
LA-3026-503-US pcb memory new la3026503us radio card pc ... Avl RFQ
LA-3021-500-US pcb memory new la3021500us pc card wlan a... Avl RFQ
LA-3021-103-FB pcmcia la3021103fb 2.4ghz wireless la... Avl RFQ
LA-3021-101-E1 pcb memory la3021101e1 2.4ghz wireless la... Avl RFQ
LA-3020-100-US pcmcia la3020100us lan spectrum 24 pc... Avl RFQ
LA-3020-100-E1 pcb memory la3020100e1 wireless lan pc ca... Avl RFQ
LA-24005AZ8USM pcmcia la24005az8usm spectrum-24; pcm... Avl RFQ
LA-2400-5KMART pcmcia la24005kmart spectrum-24; pcmc... Avl RFQ
LA-2400-5AZL-01 pcb memory la24005azl01 wireless lan pc c... Avl RFQ
LA-2400-58 pcb memory la240058 wireless lan pc card Avl RFQ
LA-2400-1L pcb memory la24001l wireless lan pc card ... Avl RFQ
LA-2400-1AZJ-01 pcb memory la24001azj01 wireless pc card Avl RFQ
LA-2400-18 pcb memory la240018 wireless lan pc card Avl RFQ
94-12818-08 pcb memory 941281808 pcb assembly cpu 640... Avl RFQ
50-04000-050 pcb memory new 5004000050 battery lithium... Avl RFQ
3850N3RS rom 3850h1395c cd-rw/dvd-rom drive Avl RFQ
243501001 pcmcia board conector pcmcia pdt6840 Avl RFQ
24-64339-04 pcb memory 246433904 1/ bag- pcb assembly Avl RFQ
24-59785-01 pcb memory new 245978501 pcb assembly for... Avl RFQ
24-56749-01 pcb memory new 245674901 pcb assembly pog... Avl RFQ
24-56363-01 pcb memory new 245636301 main pcb assembl... Avl RFQ
24-21086-01 pcb memory new 242108601 pcb dual port 90... Avl RFQ
24-04324-01 pcb memory new 240432401 pcb dual port 90... Avl RFQ
2330-F140 pcb memory 2330f140 pcb; 2.4ghz spectrum ... Avl RFQ
215823401 rom 215823b21 armada m700 r/w -4x ... Avl RFQ
215231901 rom 215224001 compaq 48x ide cd-ro... Avl RFQ
21-13539-01 pcb memory 211353901 pcb assembly Avl RFQ
1151384 pcba 11513101 pertec writing pcba Avl RFQ
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