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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as Memory Modules, DIMM, DDR, Compact Flash from manufacturers you trust. Parts including SPEEDPREMIUMKIT256MB, SINGLESPEEDPREMIUM512MB, M2GAI08A-MK, M2G9J16A-TT, M2G9I08A-TT and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
SPEEDPREMIUMKIT256MB memory modules ddr 256mb/pc333-2700 cas2.5 me... Avl RFQ
SINGLESPEEDPREMIUM512MB memory modules 128mb memory module for compaq... Avl RFQ
M2GAI08A-MK dimm new m2gai08amk 256mb 184-pin m... Avl RFQ
M2G9J16A-TT memory modules 1gb ddr2 sdram memory module /... Avl RFQ
M2G9I08A-TT ddr new m2g9i08att 256mb 184-pin m... Avl RFQ
M2G5I08A-TT ddr new m2g5i08att 256mb 184-pin m... Avl RFQ
FCF2GBUIM-300X compact flash new fcf2gbuim300x 2gb compactf... Avl RFQ
DDR2-667-512MB memory modules ddr2-ram dimm 512mb 667mhz cl5... Avl RFQ
DDR2-667-256MB memory modules superdome icap 2gb memory rta ... Avl RFQ
DDR2-667-1GB-ECC memory modules memory module 512mb sdram so-d... Avl RFQ
DDR2-667-1GB memory modules 1gb high density 1.2in. ddr266... Avl RFQ
DDR2-533-512MB memory modules 64 mb memory expansion / 64 mb... Avl RFQ
DDR2-533-256MB memory modules 1gb memory module ecc / 1gb me... Avl RFQ
DDR2-533-1GB memory modules 1 gb ( 2 x 512 mb ), dimm 168-... Avl RFQ
DC-512-800-TWI-240-U-16-F-5.0 memory modules 2x1gb pc2-8000 titanium alpha ... Avl RFQ
DC-512-800-TWI-240-U-08-F-5.0 memory modules memory ddr2 2048mb pc667 / mem... Avl RFQ
DC-512-667-TWI-240-U-16-F-5.0 memory modules 1gb, ddr2 ram, sodimm, for tos... Avl RFQ
DC-512-667-TWI-240-U-08-F-5.0 memory modules aed760ud00-500 ddr 1gb - unbuf... Avl RFQ
DC-512-667-TWI-240-U memory modules 4 gb advanced ecc pc2-3200 ddr... Avl RFQ
DC-512-533-TWI-240-U-16-F-4.0 memory modules ddr2 pc2-6400 gold gx xtc dual... Avl RFQ
DC-512-533-TWI-240-U-08-F-4.0 memory modules ddram2 512mb pc533 cl4 / ddram... Avl RFQ
DC-512-400-TWI-184-U-16-F-3.0 memory modules 1 gb, dimm 240-pin, ddr ii, 66... Avl RFQ
DC-512-400-TWI-184-U-16-F-2.5 memory modules 533mhz, pc2-4200 unbuffered x6... Avl RFQ
DC-512-400-TWI-184-U-08-F-2.5 memory modules 128 mb ecc dimm pc2100 hp / 12... Avl RFQ
DC-512-400-PSC-KIT memory modules 8mb memory sdram / 8mb memory ... Avl RFQ
DC-256-400-TWI-184-U-08-F-2.5 memory modules 512mb ddr2 memory module / 512... Avl RFQ
DC-256-400-PSC-KIT memory modules 4 gb ( 4 x 1 gb ), dimm 200-pi... Avl RFQ
DC-001-800-TWI-240-U-16-H-5.0 memory modules memory 1gb ddr2-667 / memory 1... Avl RFQ
DC-001-667-TWI-240-U-16-H-5.0 memory modules 1 gb ddr2 pc2-6400 gold gx xtc... Avl RFQ
DC-001-667-TWI-240-U memory modules 512mb sdram memory module / 51... Avl RFQ
DC-001-533-TWI-240-U-16-H-4.0 memory modules rx1600 512mb 2x256mb dimms sdr... Avl RFQ
DC-001-400-TWI-184-U-08-F-2.5 memory modules 1024mb pc2-4200 / ddr2-533 240... Avl RFQ
8DE23KK5-5YTP memory modules 256 mb, dimm 168-pin, ecc / 25... Avl RFQ
8D23MK-TT memory modules 2gb ddr2 2x1gb 667mhz / 2gb dd... Avl RFQ
8D23KN-TT memory modules 512mb, 100mhz, pc100, ecc, sdr... Avl RFQ
8D23KK-TT memory modules 1gb ddr2 2 x 512mb 667mhz ecc ... Avl RFQ
8D23JN-TT memory modules 16gb ddr2 sdram ecc / 16gb ddr... Avl RFQ
8D23JK-TT memory modules 2gb 2x1gb ddr2 667mhz ecc / 2g... Avl RFQ
614135 memory modules 512 mb memory expansion / 512 ... Avl RFQ
512-800-TWI-240-U-16-F-5.0 memory modules ddr pqi turbo 1gb 500 2k cl2.5... Avl RFQ
512-667-TWI-240-U-16-F-5.0 memory modules 2 gb (1x) pc2-3200 ecc reg / 2... Avl RFQ
512-667-TWI-240-U-08-F-5.0 memory modules 2048mb for cq alphaserver / 20... Avl RFQ
512-667-TWI-240-U memory modules el ddr2 pc2-6400 / 800mhz / go... Avl RFQ
512-667-TWI-200-U-08-H-5.0 memory modules dual board mirror memory / dua... Avl RFQ
512-667-MTE-240-U-08-F-5.0 memory modules 1gb twinx matched memory pairs... Avl RFQ
512-533-TWI-240-U-16-F-4.0 memory modules compaq equivalent 1gb dimm sdr... Avl RFQ
512-533-TWI-240-U-08-F-4.0 memory modules 256mb, ddr, memory module for ... Avl RFQ
512-533-TWI-200-U-08-H-5.0 memory modules 3 gb(2x512 + 2x1) ddr2-400ecc ... Avl RFQ
512-533-TWI-200-U-08-H-4.0 memory modules 512 mb pc5300 ddr2 / hp 512 mb... Avl RFQ
512-533-MTE-240-U-16-F-4.0 memory modules 1gb 677mhz pc5300 ddr2 / 1gb 6... Avl RFQ
512-400-TWI-184-U-16-F-3.0 memory modules ddr2 512mb memory module / ddr... Avl RFQ
512-400-TWI-184-U-16-F-2.5 memory modules ddr pqi turbo 512mb 400 cl2.0 ... Avl RFQ
512-400-TWI-184-U-08-H-3.0 memory modules memory upgrade ddr2 667 unbuf.... Avl RFQ
512-400-TWI-184-U-08-F-3.0 memory modules dc ddr 2x512mb 400mhz / dc ddr... Avl RFQ
512-333-TWI-200-U-08-H-2.5 memory modules 4gb ddr2-400 / 4gb ddr2-400 Avl RFQ
512-1066-TWI-240-U-8-H-5.0 memory modules dc ddr2 2x512mb 800mhz / dc dd... Avl RFQ
256-533-TWI-240-U-04-G-4.0 memory modules ddr2 pqi turbo 1gb 533 cl3.0 /... Avl RFQ
256-400-TWI-184-U-08-F-2.5 memory modules superdome icod 2gb memory rtu ... Avl RFQ
0010001-400-TWI-184-U-16-G-3.0 memory modules 1 gb ( 2 x 512 mb ) ddr2 / 1 g... Avl RFQ
001-800-TWI-240-U-16-H-5.0 memory modules ddr2 pqi turbo 2gb 667 2k cl4.... Avl RFQ
001-667-TWI-240-U-16-H-5.0 memory modules ddr pc-3200 value series dual ... Avl RFQ
001-667-TWI-240-U-08-H-5.0 memory modules memory ddr2 2048mb pc533 / mem... Avl RFQ
001-667-TWI-240-U memory modules 128mb sdram memory module / 12... Avl RFQ
001-667-TWI-200-U-16-H-5.0 memory modules ddr2 512mb, 667 mhz / ddr2 512... Avl RFQ
001-667-TWI-200-U memory modules 16gb ddr2 sdram ecc / 16gb ddr... Avl RFQ
001-533-TWI-240-U-16-F-4.0 memory modules 1 gb, so dimm 200-pin, ddr ii,... Avl RFQ
001-533-TWI-200-U-16-H-5.0 memory modules 512mb ddr2-533 / 512mb ddr2-53... Avl RFQ
001-533-TWI-200-U-16-H-4.0 memory modules 512 mb (1x512) ddr2-553 ecc ra... Avl RFQ
001-533-TWI-200-U-08-H-4.0 memory modules ddr2 pc2-6400 / 800mhz / ati 1... Avl RFQ
001-400-TWI-184-U-16-G-3.0 memory modules 512mb, 667mhz, ddr2, ecc, cl5,... Avl RFQ
001-400-TWI-184-U-16-F-2.5 memory modules 256mb, for adaptec durastor 62... Avl RFQ
001-333-TWI-200-U-16-H-2.5 memory modules ddr2 1gb / ddr2 1gb Avl RFQ
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