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NSN Parts List of Airbus Group

CAGE Code:

Part No RFQ
A0134-08E RFQ
ASNA0134-08E RFQ
ASNA0137-40E2 RFQ
ASNA0137-35E2 RFQ
ASNA0137-32E2 RFQ
ASNA0136-32E2 RFQ
ASNA0185-062A RFQ
ASNA0185-052A RFQ
NSA8147-08-08 RFQ
E0607-02 RFQ
ASN-E0607-02 RFQ
NSA935501P RFQ
E0080-02-18C RFQ
ASNE0080-01-08C RFQ
E0080-01-08C RFQ
55220H287-307 RFQ
ASNA0032H097 RFQ
55220H014-022 RFQ
55216H077-097 RFQ
ASNA0033-172 RFQ
55220H167-187 RFQ
A0033H307 RFQ
55220H025-045 RFQ
55216H182-202 RFQ
55220-122-142 RFQ
55216H107-127 RFQ
ASNA0032H127 RFQ
ASNA0033H187 RFQ
55220-152-172 RFQ
ASNA0033H307 RFQ
55216-032-052 RFQ
55216H047-067-000 RFQ
NSA934901-07 RFQ
A0021-25G21 RFQ
A0021-25G15 RFQ
A0021-31F19 RFQ
A0021-20G10 RFQ
A0021-25S22 RFQ
EN4114S06NH0 RFQ
A0021-21G12 RFQ
ASNA0021-11N06 RFQ
A0021-15N06 RFQ
ASNA0021-25P12 RFQ
A0021-31F18 RFQ
A0021-25S19 RFQ
A0022-75N32 RFQ
A0021-11N10 RFQ
A0021-25S17 RFQ
A0021-31506 RFQ
NSA935807-06 RFQ
ASNA0021-15N16 RFQ
ASNA0021-35G06 RFQ
A0021-35G27 RFQ
ASNA0021-25S05 RFQ
ASNA0021-25F6 RFQ
A0021-35P20 RFQ
25G24 RFQ
A0021-25G04 RFQ
ASNA0021-25G10 RFQ
A0022-81F35 RFQ
A0021-15N04 RFQ
A0021-25G06 RFQ
A0021-25S08 RFQ
A0021-25G16 RFQ
ASNA0021-25G16 RFQ
A0021-25P20 RFQ
ASNA0021-25P20 RFQ
A0021-25G14 RFQ
A0021-15N57 RFQ
ASNA0021-31G10 RFQ
ASNA0021-31G12 RFQ
A0021-25G64 RFQ
A0021-21G28 RFQ
A0021-25SE06 RFQ
ASNA0021-25P48 RFQ
A0021-11N24 RFQ
ASNA0021-11N24 RFQ
A0021-25F06 RFQ
ASNA0021-25G15 RFQ
A0021-25P18 RFQ
5518-26 RFQ
ASNA0021-25G14 RFQ
ASNA0021-20G10 RFQ
A0021-25P14 RFQ
A0021-11N06 RFQ
A0022-75N25 RFQ
EN4114S08NH0 RFQ
ASNA0021-25G22 RFQ
ASNA0021-25S06 RFQ
A0021-15N05 RFQ
A0022-85S21 RFQ
A0021-25SE27 RFQ
A0021-21P20 RFQ
A0021-21S21 RFQ
A0021-25S07 RFQ
A0021-25S24 RFQ
A0021-25S28 RFQ
ASNA0021-25G06 RFQ
A0021-31G12 RFQ
ASNA0021-11N10 RFQ
ASNA0021-21P20 RFQ
ASNA0021-25F06 RFQ
A0021-25G25 RFQ
ASNA0021-25G25 RFQ
A0021-25G40 RFQ
A0021-35G08 RFQ
A0021-21G10 RFQ
ASNA0021-21G12 RFQ
A0021-11N17 RFQ
A0021-31G10 RFQ
A0021-21G20 RFQ
A0021-25SE08 RFQ
ASNA0021-25G06 RFQ
A0021-25G10 RFQ
A0021-25S03 RFQ
A0021-25S06 RFQ
A0021-25G24 RFQ
A0021-25G32 RFQ
A0021-25P12 RFQ
A0021-35G06 RFQ
A0021-35G6 RFQ
A0021-25G07 RFQ
ASNA0021-25G07 RFQ
A0021-25505 RFQ
A0021-25S30 RFQ
A0021-11N25 RFQ
A0021-31G06 RFQ
ASNA0021-21G20 RFQ
ASNA0021-31S06 RFQ
A0021-25P48 RFQ
A0021-21S22 RFQ
A0021-25SE20 RFQ
A0021-15N20 RFQ
ASNA0021-15N20 RFQ
ASNA0021-25S08 RFQ
A0021-15N45 RFQ
A0021-15N25 RFQ
A0021-35P08 RFQ
A0021-15N32 RFQ
A0021-25G19 RFQ
A0021-25G22 RFQ
ASNA0021-25G12 RFQ
ASNA0021-25P18 RFQ
A0021-25S13 RFQ
A0021-15N10 RFQ
A0021-15N16 RFQ
55219-320B237DB RFQ
DHS731-313-02 RFQ
84420-08 RFQ
84420-04 RFQ
DHS795-550-01 RFQ
NSA938601FC01 RFQ
DHS795-308-01 RFQ
E0354-204 RFQ
NSA937916-20 RFQ
NSA937901M20-01 RFQ
NSA937901M2009 RFQ
84412-06 RFQ
E0809W21 RFQ
55185-0A RFQ
55182-500 RFQ
NSA931132 RFQ
84426-04 RFQ
DHS613-595-08 RFQ
84426-06 ZZ RFQ
84426-25 ZZ RFQ
84426-14 RFQ
84426-25 RFQ
85007-200-010S8 RFQ
85007-040-015 RFQ
85007-120A10S8 RFQ
85007-040-020 RFQ
85007-160-010 RFQ
85007-090A30 RFQ
85007-140-010 RFQ
85007-120-020 RFQ
85007-160-015 RFQ
85007-120-010 RFQ
85007-060-010 RFQ
E0606-01 RFQ
52509-080ADL RFQ
52502-200-075C RFQ
A0040F060-250C RFQ
A0040-200-075C RFQ
952509-060ADL RFQ
E0118X04-5 RFQ
84404-04 RFQ
84404-08 RFQ
NSA933201-83 RFQ
E0029-327 RFQ
E0606-01 ZZ RFQ
84408-08 RFQ
84408-04 RFQ
ASNA0221-0501 RFQ
52346-160BCL RFQ
84413-20 RFQ
84419-04 RFQ
84413-32 RFQ
NSA55169-001 RFQ
84419-08 RFQ
E22306-220BCL RFQ
E22306Q300BCUL RFQ
52411-060A RFQ
NSA5474-3K7 RFQ
NSA5474-4K7 RFQ
52349BF050N RFQ
22512-060 RFQ
22512-050 RFQ
52346-160BCL RFQ
A0044-070BCL RFQ
52346-070BCL RFQ
52346-120BCL RFQ
52346-140BCL RFQ
NSA5472-3K7 RFQ
ASN52320CM060E RFQ
ASN52320CM050E RFQ
ASN52320BH060N RFQ
52352CBD080N RFQ
52353CCM060E RFQ
52350CM030E RFQ
ASNA0271E100 RFQ
52354CBD060N RFQ
52353-CM060E RFQ
52348-50-1 RFQ
52354BD060N RFQ
5235OFB050N RFQ
C12348-50-1 RFQ
52354BD100N RFQ
52351FBD050N RFQ
52350CCM030E RFQ
ASN52348-50-1 RFQ
52354CBD100N RFQ
52348-50-2 RFQ
NSA52324-050L RFQ
52355FBD050N RFQ
52352BD030N RFQ
52348-60-1 RFQ
52351CBD0040N RFQ
8180-070-23B7 RFQ
81810-051-31B5 RFQ
81810-260-23B7 RFQ
81810-120-31B8 RFQ
81810-200-21B6 RFQ
1-78X17-17-50D6 RFQ
2X13-2-61D6 RFQ
81810-240-21B6 RFQ
81810-050-31B5 RFQ
81810-640-31B6 RFQ
81810-200-50D7 RFQ
81810-170-50D7 RFQ
2X25-23B7 RFQ
81810-061-31B5 RFQ
81810-100-21B6 RFQ
81810-100-50D7 RFQ
81810-290-21B6 RFQ
2X8-23B7 RFQ
NSA8207-4 RFQ
81811-140 RFQ
ASN-A2058-01 RFQ
A0023C06R40N-W RFQ
55701C06R20NW RFQ
55701C10R65N-W RFQ
55701C10R20N-W RFQ
A0023S06R35NW RFQ
55701C10R40N-W RFQ
55701C10R50N-W RFQ
55701C10R25NW RFQ
51452C10R25NW RFQ
A0023C10R25NW RFQ
55701C06R40NW RFQ
55701C06R50N-W RFQ
NSA5442-4-18 RFQ
A0023C08R60N-W RFQ
55701S06R35N-W RFQ
55701C10R60NW RFQ
A0023C06R20NW RFQ
55701C08R25NW RFQ
NSA5319-07-012 RFQ
5319-07-012 RFQ
5319M03-008 RFQ
5319-07-010 RFQ
NSA5319-01-012 RFQ
5319-05-015 RFQ
NSA5319-07-010 RFQ
5319-01-012 RFQ
5319M03-012 RFQ
5319-05-018 RFQ
53301-20-25BCL RFQ
ASNA229-118N RFQ
ASNA0229-0118N RFQ
ASN91106-10 RFQ
ASN91106-12 RFQ
91106-10 RFQ
84303-208DEB RFQ
84303-212DEB RFQ
84303-016DEB RFQ
84303-022DEB RFQ
55172-001 RFQ
NSA5551-01 RFQ
NSA55176-001 RFQ
52409-64C RFQ
NSA52409-65L RFQ
NSA52409-64L RFQ
52409-65C RFQ
52409-65L RFQ
NSA52409-65C RFQ
NSA52409-64C RFQ
52409-64L RFQ
52511-090ADL RFQ
52511-120ADL RFQ
55147-102 RFQ
ASN-A0078D503 RFQ
A0078D503 RFQ
54217-5-04 RFQ
54222-803-21 RFQ
A0078A604 RFQ
ASNA0077E504 RFQ
ASNA0061-30730 RFQ
ASNA0078E505 RFQ
ASNA0061-40630 RFQ
ASNA0078A407 RFQ
A0077C404 RFQ
ASNA0078E504 RFQ
A0078A504 RFQ
54217-5-02 RFQ
CR3213-4-8 RFQ
ASN-A0077A402 RFQ
ASN-A0078A403 RFQ
ASNA0078A504 RFQ
54223-403-12 RFQ
ASNA0078A405 RFQ
54216-4-02 RFQ
ASNA0063-402-12 RFQ
ASNA0061-50630 RFQ
ASNA0061-50330 RFQ
ASNA0063-403-12 RFQ
A0077A404 RFQ
ASNA0077A404 RFQ
ASNA0078A505 RFQ
ASNA0077A505 RFQ
54224-403-12 RFQ
ASNA0078E408 RFQ
54215-06-05S RFQ
ASN-A0078E407 RFQ
A0078A505 RFQ
54217-4-02 RFQ
54217-4-05 RFQ
ASNA0061-30630 RFQ
54217-6-04 RFQ
A0081-308 RFQ
A0079-407A RFQ
54204-190-08-1L RFQ
A0078E407 RFQ
54207-164-02-1L RFQ
ASNA0061-40430 RFQ
ASNA0079-407A RFQ
ASNA0061-40530 RFQ
ASNA0061-50530 RFQ
54217-4-01 RFQ
ASNA0077E502 RFQ
ASNA0077A4-07X RFQ
A0077D404 RFQ
ASNA0081-308 RFQ
A0164BC050010LT RFQ
A0164TK050S014X RFQ
ASN-A0164TK050S014X RFQ
A0164BC050014LT RFQ
51403-06-095 RFQ
NSA8054-64-08 RFQ
NSA8054-64-09 RFQ
51212-30-6BCL RFQ
NSA855012VN12 RFQ
ASNE0688-02 RFQ
ASNE0541-11 RFQ
E0541-11 RFQ
E0517-01 RFQ
ASNE0517-01 RFQ
NSA935402-51 RFQ
E0043-5A9 RFQ
E0043-1C0 RFQ
E0043-3C0 RFQ
ASNE0043-1C0 RFQ
NSA55151-004 RFQ
NSA55132-008 RFQ
55193-109 RFQ
55132-106 RFQ
NSA55170-006 RFQ
55137-117 RFQ
55133-004 RFQ
55157-006 RFQ
NSA55131-103 RFQ
55131-103 RFQ
NSA55131-104 RFQ
NSA55140-003 RFQ
NSA55133-004 RFQ
55131-108 RFQ
55133-7SW RFQ
NSA55140-3 RFQ
55132-008 RFQ
ASNA0019-0952M RFQ
A0019-0952M RFQ
A0019-0965M RFQ
A0019-0965MV RFQ
52507-060-015BCL RFQ
52507-080-020BCL RFQ
52507-08020BCL RFQ
952507-060-018BCL RFQ
52507-060-16BCL RFQ
52507-08018BCL RFQ
ASNA0066A05014 RFQ
52507-060-016BCL RFQ
952507-080-042BCL RFQ
ASNA0066A06018 RFQ
ASNA0066A08020 RFQ
52507-060-15BCL RFQ
ASNA0066A06015 RFQ
952507-060-023BCL RFQ
A0066A08018 RFQ
952507-080-034BCL RFQ
ASNA0066A08026 RFQ
55160-002 RFQ
DHS731-416-02 RFQ
50D7-D38X42 RFQ
53103-40DGJ RFQ
53103-50DGJ RFQ
NSA530105-50AEL RFQ
NSA53105-50CA RFQ
53105-60AEL RFQ
53105-40CA RFQ
53105-50AEL RFQ
53105-50CA RFQ
ASNA2397-10 RFQ
53110-080 RFQ
53114-32CA RFQ
NSA53114-24ADL RFQ
ASNA2397-6 RFQ
53511-220ACL RFQ
53511-200ACL RFQ
NSA53511-240ACL RFQ
53507-080ACL RFQ
53511-300CA RFQ
53511-240ACL RFQ
NSA55144-002 RFQ
55144-002 RFQ
5310-99-623-1587 RFQ
NSA55184-1 RFQ
55184-1 RFQ
55144-001 RFQ
57110-020-2 RFQ
ASNA0024-020-2 RFQ
57110-010-2 RFQ
A3103-1825 RFQ
ASNA3103-1825 RFQ
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