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NSN Parts List of Lcr Electronics Inc

CAGE Code:

Part No RFQ
19-90070-029 RFQ
19-90054-029 RFQ
C10-286A RFQ
C10-288A RFQ
424-0117-028 RFQ
12A021-16 RFQ
110-0071-019 RFQ
222-0022-101 RFQ
12A021-2 RFQ
125-0021-000 RFQ
2611225-14 RFQ
008-0371-000 RFQ
008-0085-002 RFQ
008-0241-003 RFQ
1061 RFQ
008-0060-000 RFQ
008-0111-003 RFQ
008-0131-000 RFQ
008-0341-000 RFQ
008-0521-007 RFQ
008-0161-000 RFQ
008-0091-000 RFQ
008-0291-003 RFQ
21-32501-105 AND22-1 RFQ
21-35007-105 AND 22- RFQ
21-35009-105AND22-10 RFQ
21-32510-22-10000 RFQ
21-30205-183 RFQ
21-20507-105 RFQ
21-30111-105 AND22-1 RFQ
11-35001-100 RFQ
10-654 RFQ
F-15016 RFQ
7SM-0372-000 RFQ
5D0139-1 RFQ
C10-290B RFQ
7SA 000 0158 4 RFQ
75A-000-0158-4 RFQ
F65004 RFQ
F65001 RFQ
7PS-500-0043 RFQ
27-90005-000 RFQ
161-0072-020 RFQ
424-0837-105 RFQ
7MH 000 1248 RFQ
FM53928 050 1 RFQ
70MXE-1608 RFQ
70MXE-1608 1.000-08U RFQ
70MXE-616 0.375-16UN RFQ
70MXE 1210 0 750 10U RFQ
F10933-5 RFQ
F17318 RFQ
F17317 RFQ
22-2000-501 RFQ
7SA-000-0074 RFQ
MCDM1-31S4C7-26.0 RFQ
09-20001-321-S RFQ
22-20000-501 RFQ
3610010-YELLOW RFQ
22-20000 WHITE RFQ
12-20000-512 RFQ
3610010 RFQ
12-200XX-512 RFQ
22-20000-000 RFQ
12-20000-510 RFQ
222D196 And 4 And 09 RFQ
2321-10024-01 RFQ
453-8031-000 RFQ
F7262 RFQ
28-20003-309 RFQ
28-10003-309 RFQ
7SA-000-0076 RFQ
7SA-000-0075 RFQ
27-90006-000 RFQ
B10-421 RFQ
F17390 RFQ
HE2-15120 RFQ
F13525 RFQ
E 11900 RFQ
49000347 RFQ
4.900.1636 RFQ
713717-1 RFQ
F5535 RFQ
F5795 RFQ
F11540 RFQ
F-55103 RFQ
F85081 RFQ
FC-1086 RFQ
258-B89-A RFQ
F158A15 RFQ
F10260 RFQ
F5547 RFQ
F14311 RFQ
H53174-4WS2 RFQ
4-900-0148 RFQ
F4386 RFQ
F 5571 RFQ
F2256 RFQ
F-2254 RFQ
F3341 RFQ
F4511 RFQ
F-13437 RFQ
F-2257 RFQ
F2966 RFQ
F13860 RFQ
4.900.1030 RFQ
F-11900 RFQ
F-13890 RFQ
F14333 RFQ
F15654 RFQ
GF1963-3W RFQ
1297 RFQ
1963-3W RFQ
F18850-1 RFQ
F-1776-D30-S2 RFQ
F-1976-I RFQ
F-10084 RFQ
F-13879 RFQ
1966-1-1153-1 RFQ
F18573 RFQ
F-15005 RFQ
F-2601 RFQ
F12034-6 RFQ
F-15910 RFQ
F4528 RFQ
F12665 RFQ
F55002 RFQ
F12804 RFQ
4-900-1830 RFQ
F-15962 RFQ
F17647 RFQ
F-85106 RFQ
F17154 RFQ
258BS2 RFQ
4.900.0477 RFQ
F-1776-D50-S2 RFQ
F158 RFQ
F2871 RFQ
F-11321 RFQ
F17766 RFQ
F13919 RFQ
F4510 RFQ
F17624 RFQ
1962-3W RFQ
F17846 RFQ
F-85042 RFQ
1960-2W RFQ
29218-1 RFQ
F17385 RFQ
F10789 RFQ
F3568 RFQ
SC-D-690678 RFQ
F15337-I RFQ
F2204 RFQ
F1179 RFQ
F4077 RFQ
F18001 RFQ
C8643-1 RFQ
F1234 RFQ
F17835 RFQ
F532 RFQ
F-11024 RFQ
5516903 RFQ
532A RFQ
F1891 RFQ
F-13932 RFQ
F17064 RFQ
4-900-1830 REV A RFQ
F85376 RFQ
F15195 RFQ
F85016 RFQ
F2255 RFQ
F-3562 RFQ
F18208 RFQ
F18342 RFQ
F14484-2 RFQ
4900-0100 RFQ
F17845A RFQ
HE1-3115 RFQ
F18341 RFQ
F3563 RFQ
F11309 RFQ
F2231 RFQ
F-13859 RFQ
4.900.1128 RFQ
F15609A RFQ
4-900-0216 RFQ
3221295-1 RFQ
F18688 RFQ
F-17169 RFQ
F-17875 RFQ
105-000A RFQ
F-10961 RFQ
F18850-2 RFQ
1006 RFQ
F18963 RFQ
F-591-B RFQ
F-15713 RFQ
F13894 RFQ
F15975 RFQ
4-900-0639 RFQ
F-13049 RFQ
F-1962-3WS RFQ
F15466A RFQ
F17996 RFQ
F12120 RFQ
F18948A RFQ
F19126 RFQ
F10884 RFQ
F17597 RFQ
11 1201 RFQ
4.900.0273 RFQ
F-13851 RFQ
F12388 RFQ
F17813 RFQ
1967 RFQ
F11935-3 RFQ
F17590 RFQ
F-2253 RFQ
F19242 RFQ
F-55115 RFQ
F18948 RFQ
F11397 RFQ
F-17109 RFQ
F18075 RFQ
F-17135 RFQ
F12803 RFQ
F18229 RFQ
F-13142 RFQ
F15337-1 RFQ
F85089 RFQ
F2307 RFQ
12-000 RFQ
F12052 RFQ
F-35615 RFQ
F-12664 RFQ
RFI-10115 RFQ
F-17070 RFQ
F17365 RFQ
F5523 RFQ
F4620 RFQ
F15466B RFQ
F17861 RFQ
F-1620-100-S2 RFQ
103425 RFQ
F12389 RFQ
1965 RFQ
11 1440 RFQ
F-13994 RFQ
5-004 RFQ
4.900.1385 RFQ
F-3561 RFQ
F-12667 RFQ
F17876 RFQ
F-3560S RFQ
F-15299 RFQ
F18850 RFQ
049-000123 RFQ
F2499 RFQ
F12571 RFQ
F85312 RFQ
F4312 RFQ
F4057 RFQ
F 1966 RFQ
101119-001 RFQ
F10059 RFQ
H53174-2WS2 RFQ
F19243 RFQ
F65003 RFQ
F-15792 RFQ
F17579 RFQ
F3138 RFQ
F55112 RFQ
F-1964-2WS RFQ
591B RFQ
F2961 RFQ
F17329 RFQ
F-1961-3WS RFQ
F2730 RFQ
F17315-4 RFQ
F-15794 RFQ
F-1966-R RFQ
F3564 RFQ
F-11935-6 RFQ
F55102 RFQ
F-11932 RFQ
8557985-1 RFQ
143092-01 RFQ
F17453 RFQ
F5795 RFQ
F15539 RFQ
F17275 RFQ
F10928 RFQ
F10788 RFQ
HE10492 RFQ
F12390 RFQ
902370-1 RFQ
F-1976-I RFQ
4.900.0430 RFQ
4.900.1377 RFQ
F19128 RFQ
F-85108 RFQ
F14563-2 RFQ
80047 RFQ
F17766-1 RFQ
11 1635 RFQ
F 15401 S RFQ
F85077 RFQ
F-10087 RFQ
F-12515 RFQ
F18329 RFQ
F18326 RFQ
F17845 RFQ
F19246 RFQ
F9200.01011.00 RFQ
F2037 RFQ
F12530 RFQ
F15358 RFQ
150-120 RFQ
F18002 RFQ
1960-2WN RFQ
F17663 RFQ
F85105 RFQ
4-900-0092 RFQ
F4375 RFQ
F13505 RFQ
F-1960-2WS RFQ
F17998 RFQ
9604-000-9000 RFQ
11-1439 RFQ
1960-2W-S RFQ
F-15670 RFQ
694804-1 RFQ
F-10324 RFQ
5-004TYPE146 RFQ
F-1961-2W RFQ
F85069 RFQ
F12662 RFQ
F18328 RFQ
F10717 RFQ
F19247 RFQ
M1456 RFQ
F-12228 RFQ
4.900.1502 RFQ
F17151-1 RFQ
F18088 RFQ
F-12115 RFQ
F-11761 RFQ
F9100.02011.00 RFQ
F1006 RFQ
F2977 RFQ
F17662 RFQ
F17669 RFQ
F18474 RFQ
F18375 RFQ
4.900.1557 RFQ
F-10683A RFQ
F12801 RFQ
713802-9 RFQ
F18686 RFQ
F699 RFQ
4.900.0776 RFQ
F5140A RFQ
F-17151 RFQ
F-17172 RFQ
4.900.2166 RFQ
F18726 RFQ
F1237 RFQ
F2989 RFQ
8B218 RFQ
F-17129 RFQ
F17790 RFQ
F-14433 RFQ
F-3569 RFQ
F18551-2 RFQ
F-85308 RFQ
258B52G RFQ
4.900.0339 RFQ
F85088 RFQ
F17342 RFQ
F-12329 RFQ
F17579A RFQ
F-1964-3WS RFQ
F-1964-4WS RFQ
F-15662 RFQ
F-13849 RFQ
3568 RFQ
F-17108 RFQ
3564 RFQ
F4654 RFQ
F-12659 RFQ
1960-1WN RFQ
F15466 RFQ
F-15770 RFQ
F17048 RFQ
F17868 RFQ
F15536 RFQ
F7020-1 RFQ
060-M-0011-00 RFQ
49002342 RFQ
F-1960-3WS RFQ
F85417 RFQ
F-4527 RFQ
F17414 RFQ
2611193 1 RFQ
F-1962-3W RFQ
F1326 RFQ
F12922 RFQ
F-15005-4W RFQ
F-15669 RFQ
F12825 RFQ
FC-1082 RFQ
F-10073 RFQ
F13123 RFQ
F17529A RFQ
F1074 RFQ
53174-2W-S2 RFQ
F-1962-3WN RFQ
F17153 RFQ
1960-2WR RFQ
F1962 RFQ
HE1-3115A RFQ
F-15060 RFQ
F-17012 RFQ
4.900.0867 DETAIL 1 RFQ
F-3562S RFQ
117431 RFQ
F18108 RFQ
F13575 RFQ
F18615 RFQ
F18395 RFQ
F1820 RFQ
F1267 RFQ
F18265 RFQ
P9200.00511.00 RFQ
F9200.02011.00 RFQ
7644911-1 RFQ
110899-1 RFQ
F17120 RFQ
F10406 RFQ
F19038A RFQ
4.900.0176 RFQ
F18815-1 RFQ
F18633 RFQ
F10933-2 RFQ
FC-15502 RFQ
F9100.00511.00 RFQ
4.900.3470 REV C RFQ
4-900-0428 RFQ
F19057 RFQ
1964-4W RFQ
F18614 RFQ
F18881 RFQ
F18169 RFQ
F18293 RFQ
F18799 RFQ
F-1961-3W RFQ
13888 RFQ
F10933-3 RFQ
F18236 RFQ
F18784 RFQ
F-15726 RFQ
F17747 RFQ
7T1-V64-3001 RFQ
7T2-V64-3001 RFQ
217-120 RFQ
378-1209-001 RFQ
21-21101-134AND28-20 RFQ
21-21001-134-22-2000 RFQ
034-0064-105AND12-90 RFQ
SM-A-742210-6 RFQ
034-0064-114 RFQ
72-512328-3 RFQ
51-70105-105 RFQ
21-212001-100 RFQ
11-20007-114 RFQ
21-65333-105 RFQ
124-0031-019 RFQ
21-21003-134AND22-20 RFQ
SM-A-790731-2 RFQ
21-40003-105 RFQ
11-20404-105AND12-20 RFQ
18-20002-301 RFQ
11-20005-105 RFQ
12-20000-000 RFQ
035-0001-158 RFQ
11-20005-114 RFQ
1655551-1 RFQ
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