Commercial aircraft cable assemblies

A standard cable assembly refers to any amount of wires or cables that is sheathed by a much more intensive exterior product. In general, cable assemblies are built from heavy-duty materials, including but not limited to shrink-wrapped thermoplastic, thermoplastic rubber, or vinyl. These types of assemblies serve a similar function to wire harnesses which are sometimes referred to as cable synonymously, including keeping wires and cables organized, but are designed for entirely different environments.

Cable assemblies are designed for specific environmental factors, including the size of the area where it’s being used and the types of environmental factors it’s likely to encounter. For this reason, cable assemblies can come in many different shapes and sizes, and are built to shield the interior wires and cables from heat, friction, moisture, abrasion, compression, and other hazards.

Now onto specifics with aircraft cable assemblies: cable assemblies that are utilized in aircrafts sometimes have as much as thousands of wires inside of them, with hundreds of connectors. There are many different types of aircraft cable assemblies, and sometimes even a single wire can weigh hundreds due to the thousands of connectors and wires. In fact, a single cable assembly may weigh more than thirty kilograms. Cable assemblies occupy a very crucial role in planes as they can be inputted as a single unit, instead of being installed thousands of wires, one wire a time. Both commercial aircraft cable assemblies and defense aircraft cable assemblies are tested and authorised by various authorities. The various authorities are given the roles and qualities of handling and maintaining commercial and defense aircraft programs.Thus, with cable assemblies, the space used is lesser, organized, and neat. Also, the installation is easier and quicker, making the repairing, maintenance, and replacements easier and quicker too.

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