Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are an essential part of almost all electrical, electronic, and electromechanical devices and gadgets. They are typically made of various materials such as high performance FR4, plastic, fiberglass, copper, etc., depending on what your application requires. In some cases, certain applications have specific end-goals in mind, which means the printed circuit boards are designed using specialized electrical, thermal, or mechanical materials.

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Within the realm of computing, microprocessors are an integral technology that has constantly pushed the limits of computer hardware and capability throughout their history. At their most basic, microprocessors are integrated circuits that encompass the central processing unit (CPU) and work to translate inputted binary data into outputted data. The amount of microprocessor assembly parts, such as transistors have gradually increased, allowing technological advancement from 4-bit to 64-bit technology over their history, greatly increasing the complex processes that the microprocessor can handle. Microprocessors can also serve a variety of applications, ranging from controlling elevators to operating complex computer systems.

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“It’s all part of the genie gig—phenomenal cosmic power... itty bitty living space.” In terms of this itty-bitty electrical component, the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin had it right. Capacitors provide a large amount of power in a compact vessel and are used in a wide range of electronics. They are a passive electrical mechanism charged by a current, with the ability to store energy within an electric field. This capability can be utilized to power a camera flash, remote signal, or even switch AC current to DC smoothly.

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