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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as PCI, Other Memory, Memory Adapters, Memory Modules from manufacturers you trust. Parts including AT2701FTXST, AT2400T, AT-X900-24XT-P-60, AT-X900-24XT-00, AT-X900-24XS-P-60 and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

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Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
AT2701FTXST pci new allied telesyn at2700fx ne... Avl RFQ
AT2400T pci new 32-bit ethernet pci networ... Avl RFQ
AT-X900-24XT-P-60 other memory 24port gigcopper expl3+per-flo... Avl RFQ
AT-X900-24XT-00 other memory allied telesis at x900-24xt Avl RFQ
AT-X900-24XS-P-60 other memory 24port gig sfp exp l3+ per-flo... Avl RFQ
AT-X900-24XS-00 other memory allied telesis at x900-24xs Avl RFQ
AT-X610-48TS/X-60 other memory 48port ge l3sw 4xpower cord lf Avl RFQ
AT-X600-48TS/XP-60 other memory 48port gigabit advanged l3 sw Avl RFQ
AT-X600-48TS-60 other memory allied telesis at x600-48ts Avl RFQ
AT-X600-24TS-POE-60 other memory 24port poe gig advanced l3 sw Avl RFQ
AT-X600-24TS-60 other memory allied telesis at x600-24ts Avl RFQ
AT-X600-24TS other memory 24port gigabit adv layer3 sw Avl RFQ
AT-VNC10S-901 memory adapters new/nib atvnc10s901 2x10g sfp+... Avl RFQ
AT-SPTX memory modules allied telesis at-sptx sfp mod... Avl RFQ
AT-SPSX memory modules allied telesis at-spsx sfp mod... Avl RFQ
AT-SPLX10 memory modules allied telesis at-splx10 sfp m... Avl RFQ
AT-SPFX/40 memory modules allied telesis at-spfx/40 sfp ... Avl RFQ
AT-SPFX/2-00 memory modules allied telesis at-spfx/2 sfp m... Avl RFQ
AT-SPEX memory modules allied telesis at-spex 1000bas... Avl RFQ
AT-SBX908-00 other memory 8slot adv l3+ mod ipv4/ipv6 sw Avl RFQ
AT-RP24I-10 other memory intelligent layer Avl RFQ
AT-MCF2012LC memory modules allied telesis at-mcf2012lc ch... Avl RFQ
AT-MCF2000S memory modules allied telesis at-mcf2000s sla... Avl RFQ
AT-IFS802SP/POE(W)-80 other memory 8-port 10/100t industrial mana... Avl RFQ
AT-IFS802SP-80 other memory 8-port 10/100t industrial mana... Avl RFQ
AT-GS950/8POE-50 other memory 8port managed 10/100/1000t Avl RFQ
AT-GS950/48PS-10 other memory allied telesis at gs950/48ps Avl RFQ
AT-GS950/16PS-10 other memory allied telesis at gs950/16ps Avl RFQ
AT-GS950/10PS-10 other memory allied telesis at gs950/10ps Avl RFQ
AT-G8SX-01 memory modules allied telesis at-g8 1000base-... Avl RFQ
AT-G8LX10 memory modules allied telesis at-g8 gbic - 1 ... Avl RFQ
AT-FS750/48-MCDP2-10 other memory 48pt websmart swch 2sfp+ 2tri-... Avl RFQ
AT-FS750/48-MCDP1-10 other memory 48pt websmart swch 2sfp+ 2tri-... Avl RFQ
AT-FS709FC-10 other memory allied telesis at-fs709fc ethe... Avl RFQ
AT-FS705LE-10 other memory switch Avl RFQ
AT-AR750S-10 other memory at-ar750s 2-wan 10/100bt 5-lan Avl RFQ
AT-AR450S-10 other memory secureethernetrouter, 1x10/100... Avl RFQ
AT-AR441S-10 other memory secureadslrouter(annexb), 5x10... Avl RFQ
AT-AR415S-10 other memory allied telesis at ar415s secur... Avl RFQ
AT-AR256E-10 other memory annexaadsl2/2+routerwith4x10/1... Avl RFQ
AT-AR236E-10 other memory adsl2/2+bridge/routerwith1ethe... Avl RFQ
AT-A46 memory modules allied telesis 10/100/1000base... Avl RFQ
AT-A45/SC-SM15 memory modules allied telesis at-a45/sc-sm15 ... Avl RFQ
AT-9924SP-V2-60 other memory l3 sw w/24sfp slots unpopulate... Avl RFQ
AT-9424TS/XP-10 other memory allied telesis at 9424ts/xp Avl RFQ
AT-9424TS-10 other memory switch Avl RFQ
AT-9424T/SP-10 other memory layer2+switchwith24-10/100/100... Avl RFQ
AT-9000/28SP-10 other memory switch Avl RFQ
AT-9000/28-10 other memory switch Avl RFQ
AT-8648T/2SP-10 other memory 48port 10/100btx l3 switch Avl RFQ
AT-8624T/2M-10 other memory ge 24port l3 switch plus 2 Avl RFQ
AT-8624POE-V2-10 other memory layer 3 switch with 24-10/100t... Avl RFQ
AT-8624POE-10-V2 other memory layer3 sw w/ 24-10/100tx ports Avl RFQ
AT-8550SP-10 other memory l2+switchwith48-10/100txportsp... Avl RFQ
AT-8516F/SC-10 other memory switch Avl RFQ
AT-8100S/24F-LC-10 other memory allied telesis at 8100s/24f-lc Avl RFQ
AT-8100S/24F-BIDI-10 other memory 24 port 100fx(lc) 15km bidi, s... Avl RFQ
AT-8100S/16F8-SC other memory allied telesis at 8100s/16f8-s... Avl RFQ
AT-8100S/16F8-LC-10 other memory 16x100fx lc port w/ 8x10/100tx Avl RFQ
AT-8100S/16F8-LC other memory allied telesis at 8100s/16f8-l... Avl RFQ
AT-8100L/8POE-E-10 other memory allied telesis at 8100l/8poe-e Avl RFQ
AT-8000S/48POE-50 other memory 48-port managed poe stackable ... Avl RFQ
AT-8000S/48POE-10 other memory switch Avl RFQ
AT-8000S/48-10 other memory switch Avl RFQ
AT-8000S/24POE-10 other memory switch Avl RFQ
AT-8000S/24-10 other memory switch Avl RFQ
AT-8000S/16-10 other memory 16-portmanagedfastethernetswit... Avl RFQ
AT-8000/8POE-10 other memory 8port 10/100tx poe managed swi... Avl RFQ
AT-2973SX/LC-901 memory adapters new/nib at2973sxlc901 2port fe... Avl RFQ
AT-2931SX/LC-901 pci new at2931sxlc901 network adap... Avl RFQ
AT-2930SX pci new at2930sx allied at-2930sx ... Avl RFQ
AT-2916SX/SC-901 pci new at2916sxsc901 network adap... Avl RFQ
AT-2911SX/LC-901 memory adapters new fed comp 32-inch 64kbps bi... Avl RFQ
AT-2814FX/SC-901 memory adapters new at2814fxsc901 network adap... Avl RFQ
AT-2746FX/ST/ST-001- memory adapters new/nib at2746fxstst001 acpi c... Avl RFQ
AT-2716POE/FXSC-901 memory adapters new/nib at2716poefxsc901 netwo... Avl RFQ
AT-2716FX/TP/SC-901 memory adapters new/nib 100fx/sc fbr + 10/100/... Avl RFQ
AT-2712FX/SC-901 pci new at2712fxsc901 100mbps pcie... Avl RFQ
AT-2711FX/SC-901 pci at2711fxsc901 nic ( network in... Avl RFQ
AT-2701FX/ST-901 pci new/nib at2701fxst901 network ... Avl RFQ
AT-2701FX/SC-901 memory adapters new/nib at2701fxsc901 at 2701f... Avl RFQ
AT-2701FX/MT-901 memory adapters new at2701fxmt901 at 2701fx/mt... Avl RFQ
AT-2701FTXA/ST-901 memory adapters new at2701ftxast901 32bit 100m... Avl RFQ
AT-2701FTX/ST-901 memory adapters new/nib 32 bit 100mbps dual fi... Avl RFQ
AT-2701FTX pci new at2701ftx allied telesyn c... Avl RFQ
AT-2700FX-MT-001 pci at2700fxmt001 allied telesyn 1... Avl RFQ
AT-2700FX-L-ST memory adapters at2700fxlst allied telesyn 100... Avl RFQ
AT-2700FTX-SC-16 pci at2700ftxsc16 allied telesyn 1... Avl RFQ
AT-2700FTX-SC pci at2700ftxsc allied telesyn 10/... Avl RFQ
AT-2700FTX-MT memory adapters at2700ftxmt allied telesyn 845... Avl RFQ
AT-2500TX pci at2500tx 10/100base-t pci fast... Avl RFQ
AT-2451FTX-ST-001 pci new at2451ftxst001 allied tele... Avl RFQ
AT-2450FT-ST pci at2450ftst allied telesysn pci... Avl RFQ
AT-2450FT pci at2450ft pci 10mb/sec pci 10mb... Avl RFQ
84502924-00 pci 8450292400 pci 10mb/sec pci 10... Avl RFQ
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