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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as PCI from manufacturers you trust. Parts including PT1110413-03, PT1110213, OCE11102-IX, OCE11102-FM, OCE10102-NM and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
PT1110413-03 pci pt111041303 pt1110413-03 rev f... Avl RFQ
PT1110213 pci emulex pt1110213 duo 2 port pc... Avl RFQ
OCE11102-IX pci new/nib oneconnect oce11102-ix... Avl RFQ
OCE11102-FM pci new oneconnect oce11102-fm net... Avl RFQ
OCE10102-NM pci new/nib oce10102nm network ada... Avl RFQ
LPE1250-F8 pci new lpe1250f8 1 x lc - pcie pc... Avl RFQ
LPE12004-M8 pci new lpe12004m8 lightpulse lpe1... Avl RFQ
LPE111H pci new lpe111e lightpulse 4gb fib... Avl RFQ
LPE111-E pci new lpe111e emc smb hba ( host... Avl RFQ
LPE11002-M4 pci new lpe11002m4 4gb/s fibre cha... Avl RFQ
LPE11002-E pci new lpe11002e lightpulse lpe11... Avl RFQ
LPE11000M pci new lpe11000 pcie pci-express ... Avl RFQ
LP9802-E pci lp9802e lp9802 - network adapt... Avl RFQ
LP9002L-E pci lp9002le 2gb single channel pc... Avl RFQ
LP9002DCF pci new 2 x lc - pci - 1.06-gbps 2... Avl RFQ
LP850F1 pci lp850f1 64-bit 33mhz pci hba (... Avl RFQ
LP850-D1 pci new lp850d1 1gb/33mhz pci hba ... Avl RFQ
LP8000DC-F1 pci lp8000dcf1 1gb dual fibre chan... Avl RFQ
LP8000-F1 pci new lp8000f1 1gbs pci fibre ch... Avl RFQ
LP8000-D1 pci new lp8000d1 1gbs pci fibre ch... Avl RFQ
LP7000E pci lp7000et1 1gbs pci fibre chann... Avl RFQ
LP21000-M pci new lp21000m 1 x lc - pci-x 1.... Avl RFQ
LP1150-F4 pci new lp1150f4 4gb/s fibre chann... Avl RFQ
LP11000-E pci new lp11000e 1 channel 4gb lc ... Avl RFQ
LP1050F pci new hp 2gb fibre channel pcie ... Avl RFQ
LP1050E pci new lp1050e lp1050-e - network... Avl RFQ
LP1050-F2 pci new lp1050f2 64-bit 133mhz pci... Avl RFQ
LP10000DCM2 pci lp10000dcm2 133mhz pci-x 2gb f... Avl RFQ
LP10000DC-E pci new lp10000dce 2 channel 2gb l... Avl RFQ
LP10000DC pci new lightpulse lp10000dc dual ... Avl RFQ
LP10000-E pci lp10000e lp10000-e - network a... Avl RFQ
LP-9802 pci lp9802 64 /133mhz pci-x 2 giga... Avl RFQ
L2B1721 pci emulx pci/pci-x fibre channel ... Avl RFQ
L2A1159 pci fiber optics adapter/ pci/ e42... Avl RFQ
FTRJ-8519-1-2.5 pci ftrj8519125 2g/bit pci fibre c... Avl RFQ
FL021040323B pci new fl021040325 1 channel 2gb ... Avl RFQ
FL021040323A pci new fl021040325 1 channel 2gb ... Avl RFQ
FC1020055-05B pci fc102005505b 3po 2gb pci xfc h... Avl RFQ
FC1020055-01A pci fc102005501a dual channel 2gbs... Avl RFQ
FC102004202 pci fc102004210a ibm 2gb pci-x fc5... Avl RFQ
FC102004201G pci fc102004210a ibm 2gb pci-x fc5... Avl RFQ
FC102004201E pci new fc102004210a ibm 2gb pci-x... Avl RFQ
FC102004201 pci fc102004210a ibm 2gb pci-x fc5... Avl RFQ
FC1020042-10A pci fc102004210a ibm 2gb pci-x fc5... Avl RFQ
FC1020042 pci new the fc1020042-01 pci-x hos... Avl RFQ
FC1020034-10D pci fc102003410d 2gb fch 64 bit pc... Avl RFQ
FC1020034-10C pci fc102003410c 2gb/s fc-64-bit p... Avl RFQ
FC1020034-02E pci new fc102003402e the lightpuls... Avl RFQ
FC1020034-01G pci fc102003401g 2gb fibre pci ada... Avl RFQ
FC1020034-01F pci fc102003401f 2gb pci fibre cha... Avl RFQ
FC1020033-01B pci fc102003301b 2gb fibre channel... Avl RFQ
FC1020033-01A pci fc102003301a 2gb fibre channel... Avl RFQ
FC1020026-01 pci fc102002601 1gb dual fibre cha... Avl RFQ
FC1020019-04 pci new fc102001904 1gb/33mhz pci ... Avl RFQ
FC1020017 pci pci-fc 1gb hba ( host bus adap... Avl RFQ
FC102001602C pci fc102001606 fibre channel pci ... Avl RFQ
FC1020013-02A pci fc102001302a 32-bit pci fibre ... Avl RFQ
FC1020013-01 pci fc102001301 lp7000 pci fibre c... Avl RFQ
FC1020012-09B pci new fc102001209b fibre channel... Avl RFQ
FC1020012-04A pci fc102001204a pci fibre host ad... Avl RFQ
FC1020012-04 pci fc102001204 pci host bus adapt... Avl RFQ
FC1020012-02F pci new fc102001202f 32-bit fc pci... Avl RFQ
FC1020012-02E pci new fc102001202e the fc1020012... Avl RFQ
FC1020012-02 pci fc102001202 lp700 host bus ada... Avl RFQ
FC1020011-03C pci fc102001103c lp6000 fc hba ( h... Avl RFQ
FC1020011-02A pci fc102001102a lp6000 fc hba ( h... Avl RFQ
FC1020011-01A pci fc102001101a lp6000 fibre chan... Avl RFQ
FC1020011 pci pci to fibre channel host bus ... Avl RFQ
FC1020004-11A pci fc102000411a pci to fibre hba ... Avl RFQ
FC1020003-07 pci fc102000307 lp6000 pci fibre c... Avl RFQ
FC1020003-02PRO pci fc102000302pro lp6000 fc pci h... Avl RFQ
FC1020003 pci pci to fibre channel host bus ... Avl RFQ
FC1010772-00 pci new fc101077200 2gb/sec fibre ... Avl RFQ
FC1010491-02 pci fc101049102 2gb pci-x fibre ch... Avl RFQ
FC1010491-01 pci fc101049101 2gb pci-x 133 fibr... Avl RFQ
FC1010491 pci fc101049101 2gb pci-x 133 fibr... Avl RFQ
FC1010474-01 pci fc101047401 2gb dual fibre cha... Avl RFQ
FC1010472-01D pci fc101047201d 2gb pci-x fibre c... Avl RFQ
FC1010472 pci lp9002l 64 bit pci 2gb fibre c... Avl RFQ
FC1010466-01 pci fc101046601 2gb fibre channel ... Avl RFQ
FC1010441-02 pci fc101044102 pci fibre channel ... Avl RFQ
FC1010437-04 pci new fc101043704 1gb/33mhz pci ... Avl RFQ
FC1010428-02-C pci fc101042802c fibre channel pci... Avl RFQ
FC1010428-02 pci fc101042802 fibre channel pci ... Avl RFQ
FC1010428-01-D pci fc101042801d pci fibre host ad... Avl RFQ
FC1010428-01 pci fc101042801 pci host bus adapt... Avl RFQ
DS-KGPSA-CY pci new dskgpsacy the ds-kgpsa-cy ... Avl RFQ
DS-KGPSA-CX pci dskgpsacx 64-bit 33mhz 1gb pci... Avl RFQ
7W801 pci 2gb pci-x lp9802e fibre adapte... Avl RFQ
1M844 pci dell lp8000 emc gbic hba ( hos... Avl RFQ
176804-002 pci 176804002 64 bit pci to fibre ... Avl RFQ
176479-B21 pci 176479b21 64-bit 33mhz 1gb pci... Avl RFQ
1.18032E+11 pci new 11803199102 card ibm 00p44... Avl RFQ
09P4038 pci 32-bit 1gb pci fibre channel a... Avl RFQ
00P2995 pci ibm 00p2995 2gb fibre channel ... Avl RFQ
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