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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as Other Memory, Flash Memory, PCMCIA from manufacturers you trust. Parts including SD-X45-2GB-E=-GT, MEM3800-128U256CF, MEM3800-128CF=-GT, MEM3800-128CF, MEM3745-64CF=-GT and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

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Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
SD-X45-2GB-E=-GT other memory scrap memory/gold rec. / lb. Avl RFQ
MEM3800-128U256CF flash memory new mem3800128u256cf 512mb fla... Avl RFQ
MEM3800-128CF=-GT flash memory new mem3800128cfgt 128mb flash... Avl RFQ
MEM3800-128CF flash memory new mem3800128cf 128mb flash c... Avl RFQ
MEM3745-64CF=-GT flash memory new mem374564cfgt 64mb flash c... Avl RFQ
MEM3745-64CF flash memory new mem374564cf 64mb flash car... Avl RFQ
MEM3745-32U64CF-GT flash memory new mem374532u64cfgt 64mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM3745-32U64CF flash memory new mem374532u64cf 64mb flash ... Avl RFQ
MEM3745-32U128CF-GT flash memory new mem374532u128cfgt 128mb fl... Avl RFQ
MEM3745-32U128CF flash memory new mem374532u128cf 128mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM3745-128CF=-GT flash memory new mem3745128cfgt 128mb flash... Avl RFQ
MEM3745-128CF flash memory new mem3745128cf 128mb flash c... Avl RFQ
MEM3725-64CF=-GT flash memory new mem372564cfgt 64mb flash c... Avl RFQ
MEM3725-64CF flash memory new mem372564cf 64mb flash car... Avl RFQ
MEM3725-32U128CF-GT flash memory new mem372532u128cfgt 128mb fl... Avl RFQ
MEM3725-32U128CF flash memory new mem372532u128cf 128mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM3725-128CF=-GT flash memory new mem3725128cfgt 128mb flash... Avl RFQ
MEM3725-128CF flash memory new mem3725128cf 128mb flash c... Avl RFQ
MEM2800-64U256CF-GT flash memory new mem280064u256cfgt 256mb fl... Avl RFQ
MEM2800-64U256CF flash memory new mem280064u256cf 256mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM2800-64U128CF-GT flash memory new mem280064u128cfgt 128mb fl... Avl RFQ
MEM2800-64U128CF flash memory new mem280064u128cf 128mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM2800-256CF=-GT flash memory new mem2800256cfgt 256mb flash... Avl RFQ
MEM2800-256CF flash memory new mem2800256cf 256mb flash c... Avl RFQ
MEM2800-128U256CF-GT flash memory new mem2800128u256cfgt 256mb f... Avl RFQ
MEM2800-128U256CF flash memory new mem2800128u256cf 256mb fla... Avl RFQ
MEM2800-128CF=-GT flash memory new mem2800128cfgt 128mb flash... Avl RFQ
MEM2800-128CF flash memory new mem2800128cf 128mb flash c... Avl RFQ
MEM2691-64CF=-GT flash memory new mem269164cfgt 64mb flash c... Avl RFQ
MEM2691-64CF-EXT=-GT flash memory new mem269164cfextgt 64mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM2691-64CF-EXT flash memory new mem269164cfext 64mb flash ... Avl RFQ
MEM2691-64CF flash memory new mem269164cf 64mb flash car... Avl RFQ
MEM2691-32U64CF-GT flash memory new mem269132u64cfgt 64mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM2691-32U64CF flash memory new mem269132u64cf 64mb flash ... Avl RFQ
MEM2691-32U128CF-GT flash memory new mem269132u128cfgt 128mb fl... Avl RFQ
MEM2691-32U128CF flash memory new mem269132u128cf 128mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM2691-32CF-EXT=-GT flash memory new mem269132cfextgt 32mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM2691-128CF=-GT flash memory new mem2691128cfgt 128mb flash... Avl RFQ
MEM2691-128CF-EXT=-G flash memory new mem2691128cfextg 128mb fla... Avl RFQ
MEM2691-128CF-EXT flash memory new mem2691128cfext 128mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM2691-128CF flash memory new mem2691128cf 128mb flash c... Avl RFQ
MEM1800-64U128CF-GT flash memory new mem180064u128cfgt 128mb fl... Avl RFQ
MEM1800-64U128CF flash memory new mem180064u128cf 128mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM1800-64CF=-GT flash memory new mem180064cfgt 64mb flash c... Avl RFQ
MEM1800-64CF flash memory new mem180064cf 64mb flash car... Avl RFQ
MEM1800-32U64CF-GT flash memory new mem180032u64cfgt 64mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM1800-32U64CF flash memory new mem180032u64cf 64mb flash ... Avl RFQ
MEM1800-32U128CF-GT flash memory new mem180032u128cfgt 128mb fl... Avl RFQ
MEM1800-32U128CF flash memory new mem180032u128cf 128mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM1800-128CF=-GT flash memory new mem1800128cfgt 128mb flash... Avl RFQ
MEM1800-128CF flash memory new mem1800128cf 128mb flash c... Avl RFQ
MEM-XCEF720-256M other memory 2mb sram cache parcel memory f... Avl RFQ
MEM-WAVE-UPG=-GT other memory 2mb sram cache parcel memory f... Avl RFQ
MEM-WAVE-UPG other memory 2mb sram cache parcel memory f... Avl RFQ
MEM-NPE-G2-FLD256=-G flash memory new memnpeg2fld256g 256mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM-NPE-G2-FLD256 flash memory new memnpeg2fld256 256mb flash... Avl RFQ
MEM-NPE-G1-FLD64=-GT flash memory new memnpeg1fld64gt 64mb flash... Avl RFQ
MEM-NPE-G1-FLD256=-G flash memory new memnpeg1fld256g 256mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM-NPE-G1-FLD256 flash memory new memnpeg1fld256 256mb flash... Avl RFQ
MEM-NPE-G1-FLD128=-G flash memory new memnpeg1fld128g 128mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM-NPE-G1-FLD128 flash memory new memnpeg1fld128 128mb flash... Avl RFQ
MEM-I/O-FLD64M=-GT flash memory new memiofld64mgt 64mb flash d... Avl RFQ
MEM-I/O-FLD128M=-GT flash memory new memiofld128mgt 128mb flash... Avl RFQ
MEM-CF-512MB=-GT flash memory new memcf512mbgt 512mb compact... Avl RFQ
MEM-CF-512MB flash memory new memcf512mb 512mb compact f... Avl RFQ
MEM-CF-4GB flash memory new memcf4gb 4gb compact flash... Avl RFQ
MEM-CF-2GB flash memory new memcf2gb 2gb compact flash... Avl RFQ
MEM-CF-256U512MB-GT flash memory new memcf256u512mbgt 512mb com... Avl RFQ
MEM-CF-256U512MB flash memory new memcf256u512mb 512mb compa... Avl RFQ
MEM-CF-256U4GB flash memory new memcf256u4gb 4gb compact f... Avl RFQ
MEM-CF-256U2GB flash memory new memcf256u2gb 2gb compact f... Avl RFQ
MEM-CF-256U1GB flash memory new memcf256u1gb 1gb compact f... Avl RFQ
MEM-CF-256MB=-GT flash memory new memcf256mbgt 256mb compact... Avl RFQ
MEM-CF-256MB flash memory new memcf256mb 256mb compact f... Avl RFQ
MEM-CF-1GB flash memory new memcf1gb 1gb compact flash... Avl RFQ
MEM-C6K-CPTFL64M=-GT flash memory new memc6kcptfl64mgt 64mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM-C6K-CPTFL64M flash memory new memc6kcptfl64m 64mb flash ... Avl RFQ
MEM-C6K-CPTFL512M=-G flash memory new memc6kcptfl512mg 512mb fla... Avl RFQ
MEM-C6K-CPTFL512M flash memory new memc6kcptfl512m 512mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM-C6K-CPTFL256M=-G flash memory new memc6kcptfl256mg 256mb fla... Avl RFQ
MEM-C6K-CPTFL256M flash memory new memc6kcptfl256m 256mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM-C6K-CPTFL1GB=-GT flash memory new memc6kcptfl1gbgt 1gb flash... Avl RFQ
MEM-C6K-CPTFL1GB flash memory new memc6kcptfl1gb 1gb flash c... Avl RFQ
MEM-C6K-CPTFL128M=-G flash memory new memc6kcptfl128mg 128mb fla... Avl RFQ
MEM-3725-32U64CF-GT flash memory new mem372532u64cfgt 64mb flas... Avl RFQ
MEM-3725-32U64CF flash memory new mem372532u64cf 64mb flash ... Avl RFQ
DS1411022-E6 flash memory new ds1411022e6 256mb flash ca... Avl RFQ
DS1411022 flash memory new 256mb flash card nortel pa... Avl RFQ
DS1411021 flash memory new 64mb flash card nortel pas... Avl RFQ
DM0011116 flash memory new 64mb flash card nortel con... Avl RFQ
CF-ADAP-256-S pcmcia new cfadap256s 256mb pcmcia fl... Avl RFQ
ASA5500-CF-512MB=-GT flash memory new asa5500cf512mbgt 512mb fla... Avl RFQ
ASA5500-CF-512MB flash memory new asa5500cf512mb 512mb flash... Avl RFQ
ASA5500-CF-256MB=-GT flash memory new asa5500cf256mbgt 256mb fla... Avl RFQ
ASA5500-CF-256MB flash memory new asa5500cf256mb 256mb flash... Avl RFQ
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