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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as Sound, ROM, SDRAM, Other Memory from manufacturers you trust. Parts including S727-SB, MTCR-4848TE, MH16S72AMD-10, KU-03294V-ON, G24-010-210-AGGE and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
S727-SB sound s727sb mitsumi creative dcs pc... Avl RFQ
MTCR-4848TE rom mtcr4848te 16x/8x/40x cd-rom d... Avl RFQ
MH16S72AMD-10 sdram new mh16s72amd10 mitsumi 128mb... Avl RFQ
KU-03294V-ON rom ku03294von 16-bit isa cd-rom d... Avl RFQ
G24-010-210-AGGE other memory memory stickö duo connectors Avl RFQ
FX5411M rom 54x cd-rom drive Avl RFQ
FX5401W rom cd-rom drive fx5401w mits-cd#1 Avl RFQ
FX4840W rom mitsumi 5.25-inch half height ... Avl RFQ
FX4830T rom cd-rom drive b.118 Avl RFQ
FX4824T rom cd-rom drive b.23568-13151628 Avl RFQ
FX4820T rom cd-rom drive b.71416 Avl RFQ
FX4010M rom cd-rom drive crmc-fx4010m Avl RFQ
EL24XPCMCIA rom mitsumi 24x cd-rom drive Avl RFQ
E31-010-210-AGKA other memory memory stickö connectors Avl RFQ
CRMC4821T rom 48x cd-rom drive ide Avl RFQ
CRMC-LU005-S rom crmclu005s 4x ide internal cd-... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX820S rom crmcfx820s 8x ide internal cd-... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX810T4 rom crmcfx810t4 8x off white ide c... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX810T rom crmcfx810t 8x off white ide cd... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX810S rom crmcfx810s 8x light gray ide c... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX810 rom crmcfx810 8x ide internal cd-r... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX800S rom crmcfx800s mitsumi 8x cd-rom d... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX600S rom crmcfx600s 6x ide internal cd-... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX5400W rom crmcfx5400w mitsumi 54x cd-rom... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX4831T rom crmcfx4831t mitsumi 48x 5.25-i... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX4830T rom crmcfx4830t mitsumi crmc-fx483... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX4824T rom crmcfx4824t mitsumi 48x ide cd... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX4821T rom crmcfx4821t mitsumi crmc-fx482... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX4820T rom crmcfx4820t mitsumi 48x ide cd... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX410A rom crmcfx410a cd-rom drive crmc-f... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX4010M rom crmcfx4010m 40x ide internal c... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX400E rom crmcfx400e 4x off white ide cd... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX400D1 rom crmcfx400d1 4x cd-rom drive Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX400D rom crmcfx400d mitsumi 4x ide cd-r... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX400B rom crmcfx400b 4x off white ide cd... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX400 rom crmcfx400 4x internal cd-rom d... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX3400S rom crmcfx3400s 34x ide internal c... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX322M2 rom crmcfx322m2 mitsumi crmc-fx322... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX322M rom crmcfx322m 32x ide internal cd... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX3210S rom crmcfx3210s 32x off white ide ... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX320S rom crmcfx320s 32x ide internal cd... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX320M rom crmcfx320m 32x off white ide c... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX240S rom crmcfx240s mitsumi 24x ide cd-... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX162T4 rom crmcfx162t4 16x light gray ide... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX162T rom crmcfx162t 16x ide internal cd... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX140S2 rom crmcfx140s2 mitsumi cd-rom dri... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX120T rom crmcfx120t 12x ide internal cd... Avl RFQ
CRMC-FX001D rom crmcfx001d cd-rom drive for mi... Avl RFQ
CR-489CTE rom cr489cte cd/mitsumi 40x12x40x ... Avl RFQ
CR-4848TE rom cr4848te 16x/8x/40x cd-rom dri... Avl RFQ
CIM-G24 other memory memory stickö duo connectors Avl RFQ
CIM-F23 other memory sd memory card connectors Avl RFQ
CIM-F22 other memory sd memory card connectors Avl RFQ
CIM-E31 other memory memory stickö connectors Avl RFQ
744831 rom 744831 mitsumi slim cd-rom dri... Avl RFQ
74-1881A rom 741881a cd-rom drive 16-bit in... Avl RFQ
74-1645A rom 741645a 16-bit isa cd-rom driv... Avl RFQ
5187-1946 rom 51871946 cd/mitsumi 40x12x40x ... Avl RFQ
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