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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as Video Memory from manufacturers you trust. Parts including TW-05F734, TK-DM59-ECD4, SP5200B-ETNT2-VANTA, S64M, PWA-G4000PRO and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
TW-05F734 video memory tw05f734 agp video card 32mb q... Avl RFQ
TK-DM59-ECD4 video memory new/nib xfx video card tk-dm59... Avl RFQ
SP5200B-ETNT2-VANTA video memory sp5200betnt2vanta video card a... Avl RFQ
S64M video memory video card agp geforce 2 mx400... Avl RFQ
PWA-G4000PRO video memory pwag4000pro 16mb agp video car... Avl RFQ
P114 video memory g4force 4mx adc-dvi agp 64mb v... Avl RFQ
NVS450 video memory new quadro nvs450 512mb 4-port... Avl RFQ
MX440-8X video memory mx4408x geforce 4 mx440-8x 64m... Avl RFQ
MX400D-32 video memory mx400d32 n8852 ver.2 agp-vga 3... Avl RFQ
MS-8866 video memory ms8866 video card agp 8866 ver... Avl RFQ
ITE-204896 video memory ite204896 128mb pcie pci-expre... Avl RFQ
GF-8500GT video memory gf8500gt 512mb ddr2 tv hdcp pc... Avl RFQ
FX775AZNJ4 video memory new xfx video card fx-775a-znj... Avl RFQ
FX3800 video memory new quadro fx 3800 fx3800 pci-... Avl RFQ
FX1500 video memory new quadro fx 1500 fx1500 pci-... Avl RFQ
E-G012-05-1586 video memory eg012051586 128mb pcie pci-exp... Avl RFQ
DA-MSI29 video memory damsi29 128mb agp fx5200-td ge... Avl RFQ
CN-076CXH-44571 video memory cn076cxh44571 16mb pci video c... Avl RFQ
CN-05G998-69700 video memory cn05g99869700 32mb agp video c... Avl RFQ
CM64S video memory riva tnt2 32mb agp silent vide... Avl RFQ
9629U video memory 16mb pci video card with vga o... Avl RFQ
90.05210.B01 video memory 9005210b01 32mb agp video card... Avl RFQ
690-50162-0004-101 video memory 690501620004101 128mb agp vide... Avl RFQ
64001 video memory 16mb agp riva tnt2 64 video ca... Avl RFQ
6002023 video memory 32mb agp video card with vga o... Avl RFQ
6001623 video memory 16mb agp video card Avl RFQ
600-50169-8000-009-B video memory 600501698000009b 64mb pci vide... Avl RFQ
600-50118-0103-003-J video memory 600501180103003j agp video car... Avl RFQ
600-50080-0006-AP4 video memory 600500800006ap4 64mb agp video... Avl RFQ
600-10036-0100 video memory 600100360100 64mb agp video ca... Avl RFQ
6.00101E+14 video memory agp video card Avl RFQ
59P4994 video memory ibm/quadro4 280nvs 64mb agp dv... Avl RFQ
54-0205H-001 video memory 540205h001 8981 ver:110 osp pc... Avl RFQ
5184-3811 video memory 51843811 elsa gloria ii 64mb v... Avl RFQ
5065-4231 video memory 50654231 32mb geforce2mx agp v... Avl RFQ
502/602-8826-170 video memory 5026028826170 64mb agp video c... Avl RFQ
44571-9C9-0221 video memory 445719c90221 16mb pci video ca... Avl RFQ video memory 434207908 32mb agp video card ... Avl RFQ
398683-001 video memory new 398683001 the 398683-001 i... Avl RFQ
3902A585 video memory nvidia 3902a585 16mb agp video... Avl RFQ
3892D508 video memory 32mb geforce2mx agp video card... Avl RFQ
3892C853 video memory 32mb agp video card msi mx400 ... Avl RFQ
377596-001 video memory new 377596001 quadro fx 1400 f... Avl RFQ
365891-003 video memory 365891003 hp quadro fx 3400 fx... Avl RFQ
365889-002 video memory new 365889002 the 398683-001 i... Avl RFQ
351382001 video memory 351382001 quadro fx1100 128mb ... Avl RFQ
34MCW video memory new pro 4x agp 16mb video card... Avl RFQ
3210004000 video memory video card extendor Avl RFQ
319956-002 video memory 319956002 video card 64 mb agp... Avl RFQ
319627-001 video memory 319627001 quadro4 200nvs 64mb ... Avl RFQ
289920-001 video memory 289920-001 16mb agp video card... Avl RFQ
274622-001 video memory 274622001 quadro 4 agp 64mb 20... Avl RFQ
272204-001 video memory 272204001 quadro 4 agp 64mb 20... Avl RFQ
25P6589 video memory 32mb agp video card with vga o... Avl RFQ
226962 video memory 32mb agp video card msi mx400 ... Avl RFQ
225829-001 video memory 225829001 64mb ultra dual vga/... Avl RFQ
201827-001 video memory 201827001 16mb agp video card ... Avl RFQ
20001653 video memory 16mb riva tnt2 64 agp video ca... Avl RFQ
192174-002 video memory 192174002 16mb agp video card ... Avl RFQ
180P00020000B01 video memory nvidia tnt2 16mb m64 pci video... Avl RFQ
180-P0050-0100-A video memory 180p00500100a 16mb agp video c... Avl RFQ
180-P0039-0000-C video memory 180p00390000c 32mb quadro2 mxr... Avl RFQ
180-P0038-0000-C video memory 180p00380000c 32mb geforce2mx ... Avl RFQ
180-P0036-010 video memory 180p0036010 64mb agp video car... Avl RFQ
180-P0036 video memory new 180p0036 nvida 64mb agp vi... Avl RFQ
180-P0032-0100-A02 video memory 180p00320100a02 64mb ultra dua... Avl RFQ
180-P0030-0000-A video memory 180p00300000a gforce2 agp vide... Avl RFQ
180-P0020-0100-E video memory 180p00200100e gforce2 gts 256m... Avl RFQ
180-P0016-0000 video memory 180p00160000 compaq tnt2 pro a... Avl RFQ
180-P00026-0000-B video memory 180p000260000b 16mb agp video ... Avl RFQ
180-P0002 video memory new 180p0002 tnt2 m64 16mb pci... Avl RFQ
180-10283-0000-A02 video memory 180102830000a02 128mb pcie pci... Avl RFQ
180-10268-0000-A01 video memory 180102680000a01 ibm fx1300 128... Avl RFQ
180-10260-0000 video memory new 180102600000 quadro fx 140... Avl RFQ
180-10231-0000-A01 video memory 180102310000a01 32mb agp quadr... Avl RFQ
180-10162-0000 video memory 180101620000 128mb agp fx5200-... Avl RFQ
180-10141-0000-A03 video memory 180101410000a03 128mb video ca... Avl RFQ
180-10118-0000 video memory 180101180000 p118 agp video ca... Avl RFQ
180-10117-0000-B00 video memory 180101170000b00 geforce 8xagp ... Avl RFQ
180-10036-0100 video memory 180100360100 64mb agp video ca... Avl RFQ
13M8479 video memory 256mb pci-e video card with du... Avl RFQ
13M8429 video memory new quadro fx 4500 fx4500 pcie... Avl RFQ
11S24P9709ZJ1HA video memory 32mb agp video card tnt2 pro 4... Avl RFQ
11071 video memory 64mb agp video card with vga s... Avl RFQ
0U0842-38561 video memory 0u084238561 128mb agp video ca... Avl RFQ
0G0170-69861 video memory 0g017069861 p118 agp video car... Avl RFQ
0G0169 video memory 64mb agp video card with s-vid... Avl RFQ
0G0001-44571 video memory 0g000144571 128mb agp fx5200-t... Avl RFQ
07D208-44571 video memory 07d20844571 32mb agp video car... Avl RFQ
06P2361 video memory ibm nv11gl 32mb dual video car... Avl RFQ
05G998-69700 video memory 05g99869700 32mb agp video car... Avl RFQ
05F734 video memory agp video card 32mb quadro2 mx... Avl RFQ
034MCW-44571 video memory 034mcw44571 16mb agp video car... Avl RFQ
032-A2-NV02-B1 video memory new 032a2nv02b1 32mb agp video... Avl RFQ
016-A4-NV05-M1 video memory 016a4nv05m1 video card 16mb ag... Avl RFQ
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