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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as Other Memory, ROM from manufacturers you trust. Parts including PM15XR00001Z, MEP-7000, LXD1Y0000010, LX21Y0000010, LP2AYR00E911 and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

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Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
PM15XR00001Z other memory 15in/core 2 duo 2.53ghz/1gb Avl RFQ
MEP-7000 other memory professional multi-entertainme... Avl RFQ
LXD1Y0000010 other memory boxi dualcore 1.9g 4gb 250gb Avl RFQ
LX21Y0000010 other memory boxi dualcore 1.9g 2gb 250gb Avl RFQ
LP2AYR00E911 other memory stealthtouch m7 17in dc 2gb hd... Avl RFQ
LP2AYR000011 other memory 17in stealthtouch m7 dual core Avl RFQ
LP25XU10001Z other memory 17in m7 dual core 1.92gb hdd Avl RFQ
LP1AXR000011 other memory 17in m7 dual core 1.9ghz 1gb Avl RFQ
LM2AXR00E011 other memory 15in stealthtouch d/ c 1.9g Avl RFQ
LM2AXR000011 other memory 15in stealth m5 dc 2gb hdd xpp Avl RFQ
LM2APR000011 other memory 15in dc 1.9 2g pos rdy blk bas... Avl RFQ
LM2A0U00E911 other memory stealthtouch-m5 aio 15in 2gb Avl RFQ
LM25YR000917 other memory 15in s-line dc 1.9g 2gb hdd w7 Avl RFQ
LM1AXR000911 other memory 15in stealth-m5 dual core 1.9g Avl RFQ
LM1AXR000011 other memory 15in xv magnus dual core 1.9g Avl RFQ
LM15XR000A17 other memory 15in dcore 1.9 1g xp serial Avl RFQ
KP25XR15003Z other memory 17in pent-m 2ghz 2gb 80gb hd Avl RFQ
KM2AXR000931 other memory 15in pent-m 2ghz 2gb mem Avl RFQ
JP25XR150034 other memory 15in pent-m 1.6ghz 2gb mem Avl RFQ
JM15XR100916 other memory 15in pent-m 1.6ghz 1gb 80gb hd Avl RFQ
JM15XR05003Z other memory 15in pent-m 1.6ghz 1gb 80gb hd Avl RFQ
HDJ-2000 other memory reference dj headphones Avl RFQ
EP15XR150011 other memory 17in m7 atom 1.6g 1gb 80gb hdd Avl RFQ
EM2AYC000011 other memory 15in stealthtouch-m5 atom1.6 Avl RFQ
EM2AXC000011 other memory 15in stealthtouch-m5 atom1.6 Avl RFQ
EM25YC100918 other memory 15in atom s-line 1.6g 2gb hdd Avl RFQ
EM25XC100918 other memory 15in atom1.6g 2gb xp capacitiv... Avl RFQ
EM25XC100018 other memory s-line 15in atom 1.6g 2gb xpp Avl RFQ
EM25PR000918 other memory 15in atom1.6 2gb serial msr po... Avl RFQ
EM1AXR000011 other memory 15in stealth touch atom 1.66 Avl RFQ
EM1AXC000011 other memory 15in atom 1.6ghz 1gb mem 80gb Avl RFQ
EM15YR00001Z other memory 15in atom1.6 1g win7 wall blk Avl RFQ
EM15YC00001Z other memory 15in atom1.6 g 1gb 80gb hdd w7 Avl RFQ
EM15XR15001Z other memory 15in touch lcd 1.6ghz 1gb 80gb Avl RFQ
EM15XR150014 other memory 15in touch lcd 1.6ghz 1gb 80gb Avl RFQ
EM15XR100918 other memory 15in atom 1.6 1gb 80gb hd xp Avl RFQ
EM15XR10001Z other memory 15in touch lcd 1.6ghz 1gb Avl RFQ
EM15XR000918 other memory 15in atom1.6 1gb xp touch msr Avl RFQ
EM15XR000915 other memory 15in s-line atom 1.6ghz 1gb xp... Avl RFQ
EM15WR000916 other memory 15in s-line atom 1.6ghz 1g 80g... Avl RFQ
EK15XR150011 other memory 12in atom 1.6 1gb memory xp Avl RFQ
EK15XR10001Z other memory 12in stealth-m2 atom 1.6g 80gb Avl RFQ
EK15XR100011 other memory 12in xpp touch m2 atom 1.6g hd... Avl RFQ
EK15XR00001Z other memory 12in atom 1.6ghz 1gb xppro Avl RFQ
EA15YC00001Z other memory 15in stealthtouch m5 atom 1.6 Avl RFQ
EA15YC00001P other memory 15in stealthtouch m5 atom 1.6 Avl RFQ
DVD116VAR rom dvd116var 16x dvd/cd-rom drive Avl RFQ
DVD115GA rom dvd115ga dvd-rom drive dvd-115... Avl RFQ
DVD114MC rom dvd114mc dvd-rom drive Avl RFQ
DVD-V8000 other memory pioneer worldwide dvd player Avl RFQ
DVD-305S rom dvd305s 10x scsi dvd rom weigh... Avl RFQ
DVD-116LJ rom dvd116lj 16x ide dvd-rom dark ... Avl RFQ
DVD-115LJ rom dvd115lj dvd-rom desktop drive Avl RFQ
DVD-114LG rom dvd114lg dvd-rom drive dvd-114... Avl RFQ
DVD-113LG rom dvd113lg dvd-rom drive dvd-113... Avl RFQ
DVD-104S rom dvd104s 10x off white dvd/ cd-... Avl RFQ
DRM-624X rom drm624x drm-624x 6 disc cd-rom... Avl RFQ
DRM-602X rom drm602x drm-602x 6 disc cd-rom... Avl RFQ
DR944 rom 40x cd-rom f5 tray atapi Avl RFQ
DR-US124X rom drus124x dr-us124x scsi cd-rom... Avl RFQ
DR-744 rom dr744 36x off white ide cd-rom... Avl RFQ
DR-704S rom dr704s 36x off white ide cd-ro... Avl RFQ
DR-504S rom dr504s 32x off white ide cd-ro... Avl RFQ
DR-502S rom dr502s 24x off white ide cd-ro... Avl RFQ
DR-466 rom dr466 12x scsi cd-rom drive Avl RFQ
DR-444 rom dr444 12x off white ide cd-rom... Avl RFQ
DR-433 rom dr433 12x cd-rom drive scsi Avl RFQ
DR-411 rom dr411 cd-rom crive unit Avl RFQ
DM5AWR00001P other memory 15in stealthtouch m5 intel 1gh... Avl RFQ
DM1AXR00091P other memory 15in stealthtouch m5 intel 1gh... Avl RFQ
DEH-X9500BHS other memory pioneer deh-x9500bhs cd receiv... Avl RFQ
DEH-X8500BS other memory pioneer deh-x8500bs cd receive... Avl RFQ
DEH-X7500HD other memory pioneer deh-x7500hd cd receive... Avl RFQ
DEH-X6500BT other memory pioneer deh-x6500bt single-din... Avl RFQ
DEH-X3500UI other memory pioneer deh-x3500ui single-din... Avl RFQ
DEH-P8400BH other memory pioneer deh-p8400bh single-din... Avl RFQ
DEH-80PRS other memory pioneer deh-80prs single-din i... Avl RFQ
DC502A rom new p4 2.8ghz 512mb/40gb hdr c... Avl RFQ
CDJ-400 other memory professional cd/mp3 turntable Avl RFQ
CDJ-350-S other memory digital multi player silver Avl RFQ
CDJ-2000NXS other memory pioneer cdj-2000nexus professi... Avl RFQ
BM15XR100916 other memory 15in atom 1.6ghz 1gb 80gb hd Avl RFQ
AVIC-Z150BH other memory pioneer avic-z150bh 7 double-d... Avl RFQ
AVIC-X850BT other memory pioneer avic-x850bt 6.1 double... Avl RFQ
AVIC-U250 other memory pioneer avic-u250 add-on navig... Avl RFQ
AVH-X8500BHS other memory pioneer avh-x8500bhs 7 double-... Avl RFQ
AVH-X5500BHS other memory pioneer avh-x5500bhs 2-din mul... Avl RFQ
AVH-X3500BHS other memory pioneer avh-x3500bhs 2-din mul... Avl RFQ
AVH-X2500BT other memory pioneer avh-x2500bt 2-din mult... Avl RFQ
AVH-X1500DVD other memory pioneer avh-x1500dvd 2-din mul... Avl RFQ
APPAMCO10K1 other memory memory card case Avl RFQ
AM5AXR000031 other memory 15in cel m/1ghz 512mb hdd xppr... Avl RFQ
AM15XR100916 other memory 15in 1gb xp pro msr printer Avl RFQ
5501629 rom dvd-rom drive dvd-115ga gatewa... Avl RFQ
44-DDR2-2000 other memory 2gb ddr2-533 pc24200 240 pins ... Avl RFQ
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