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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as PCI, Other Memory from manufacturers you trust. Parts including QLOGIC-2GB-SINGLE-PO, QLE8242-SR-CK, QLE8150-CU-CK, QLE8142, QLE8140-SR-CK and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
QLOGIC-2GB-SINGLE-PO pci qlogic2gbsinglepo qlogic 2gb s... Avl RFQ
QLE8242-SR-CK pci new qle8242srck network adapte... Avl RFQ
QLE8150-CU-CK pci new qle8150cuck network adapte... Avl RFQ
QLE8142 pci new e qle8142 qlogic 10gb dual... Avl RFQ
QLE8140-SR-CK pci new qle8140srck [a3ac793] 10gb... Avl RFQ
QLE8042-CK pci new qle8042ck dual port 10-gbp... Avl RFQ
QLE7340-CK other memory single port 40 gb infiniband t... Avl RFQ
QLE7240 pci new e qle7240 infiniband 4x dd... Avl RFQ
QLE4062C-CK pci new/nib qle4062cck 2 x rj45 - ... Avl RFQ
QLE2670-CK pci new/nib qle2670-ck 16gb lc pci... Avl RFQ
QLE2562ESP pci new qle2562sp dual port fibre ... Avl RFQ
QLE2562-SP pci new qle2562sp dual port fibre ... Avl RFQ
QLE2464WG pci new qle2464-sp 4gb quad port p... Avl RFQ
QLE2464HP pci new qle2464wg qle2464-sp 4gb q... Avl RFQ
QLE2464-WB pci qle2464wb qle2464-sp 4gb quad ... Avl RFQ
QLE2464-E pci qle2464e qle2464-e quad port 4... Avl RFQ
QLE2462-E-SP pci new qle2462-e-sp qlogic sanbla... Avl RFQ
QLE2462-E pci qle2462e dual port 4gbs fibre ... Avl RFQ
QLE2460-E-SP pci qle2460esp emc 1 channel 4gb l... Avl RFQ
QLE2460-DELL pci qle2460dell dell qlogic qle246... Avl RFQ
QLE2460-CK other memory qlogic sanblade 246x qle2460-c... Avl RFQ
QLE2460-B1 pci qlogic sanblade qle2460 - netw... Avl RFQ
QLE2460 pci new 4gb pcie pci-express fibre... Avl RFQ
QLE2362-CK pci new qle2362ck sanblade qle2362... Avl RFQ
QLE2362 pci new sanblade qle2362 pcie pci-... Avl RFQ
QLE2360-CK pci qle2360ck sanblade qle2360 pci... Avl RFQ
QLA4052C-CK_BIN1 pci new qla4052cckbin1 sanblade ql... Avl RFQ
QLA4052C-CK pci new qla4052cck 2 x rj45 - pci-... Avl RFQ
QLA4050ESP pci qla4050esp sanblade qla4050 - ... Avl RFQ
QLA4050C-E-SP pci new qla4050cesp sanblade qla40... Avl RFQ
QLA4050C-CK pci new qla4050cck 1 x rj45 - pci-... Avl RFQ
QLA4050C pci new sanblade qla4050c - networ... Avl RFQ
QLA4050-CK pci new qla4050ck 1gb 1-port iscsi... Avl RFQ
QLA4050 pci new/nib / ibm sanblade iscsi p... Avl RFQ
QLA2460-E pci qla2460e 4gb/s pcie pci-expres... Avl RFQ
QLA2460-CK other memory qlogic sanblade qla2460 single... Avl RFQ
QLA2440 pci new qla2440ck 1 x lc - pci-x -... Avl RFQ
QLA2352L pci new qlogic 64-bit 133mhz pci-x... Avl RFQ
QLA2352-NAP pci qla2352nap sanblade dual ports... Avl RFQ
QLA2350-CK pci new qla2350ck 2gb fibre channe... Avl RFQ
QLA2342L-CK-01 pci new qla2342lck01 qlogic sanbla... Avl RFQ
QLA2342-E-SP pci new qla2342esp 2 x lc - pci-x ... Avl RFQ
QLA2340-LF pci qlogic sanblade qla2340 - netw... Avl RFQ
QLA2340 pci new qlogic single port pci-x f... Avl RFQ
QLA2302F-CK pci new qla2302fck 2gb pci fibre a... Avl RFQ
QLA2302F pci new pci fibre channel hba ( ho... Avl RFQ
QLA2202F/66-06 pci qla2202f6606 sanblade qla2202f... Avl RFQ
QLA2200F66EMC pci qla2200f66 pci single fc host ... Avl RFQ
QLA2200F/66 pci qla2200f66 1gb pci 66mhz fibre... Avl RFQ
QLA2200F/33 pci qla2200f33 64-bit pci 33mhz fi... Avl RFQ
QLA200-E-SP pci new qla200esp 2gb 1-port pci-x... Avl RFQ
QLA200-E pci qla200e 2gb fibre channel pci-... Avl RFQ
QLA1280 pci 64-bit pci-to-ultra2 scsi dual... Avl RFQ
QLA-2310-F-CK pci qla2310fck pci-x fibre channel... Avl RFQ
PX261040205A pci px261040205a 4gb quad port fib... Avl RFQ
PX2510401-55-B pci new px251040155b fc1242sr fibr... Avl RFQ
PC2110701-00 pci pc211070100 differential scsi ... Avl RFQ
PC2010703-00 pci pc201070300 scsi-160 single en... Avl RFQ
MTLP23108-C pci mtlp23108c dual port pci-x 10-... Avl RFQ
KZPBA-CA pci kzpbaca pci to ultra scsi adap... Avl RFQ
G7596 pci new dell qla200 fibre channel ... Avl RFQ
FL0210403-22 pci fl021040322 2gb pci-x hba ( ho... Avl RFQ
FC5010709-01 pci fc501070901 sanblade qla2340 n... Avl RFQ
FC5010411-37 pci fc501041137 2gb pci-x fibrre h... Avl RFQ
FC5010409-49C pci fc501040949c 2gb fibre channel... Avl RFQ
FC5010409-31-E pci fc501040931e 2gb pci-x single ... Avl RFQ
FC5010409-27G pci fc501040927g 2gb fibre channel... Avl RFQ
FC5010409-27-F pci fc501040927f 2gb fibre channel... Avl RFQ
FC5010409-27-D pci fc501040927d fc5010409-27 d pc... Avl RFQ
FC5010409-27-B pci fc501040927b 2gb fibre channel... Avl RFQ
FC5010409-13 pci fc501040913 2gb pci-x fc hba (... Avl RFQ
FC5010409--35C pci fc501040935c 2gb fibre channel... Avl RFQ
FC5010401-15-A pci fc501040115a dual port 2gb hba... Avl RFQ
FC2410401-48-B pci new fc241040148b hp storagewor... Avl RFQ
FC2410401-20-F pci fc241040120f dual port pci-x f... Avl RFQ
FC2310701-00-A pci fc231070100a qlogic qla2300f 2... Avl RFQ
FC0610403-05 pci fc061040305 sanblade 2200 seri... Avl RFQ
FC0610403 pci pci dual channel fc hba ( host... Avl RFQ
FC0310406-23 pci new fc031040623 pci to f/c ada... Avl RFQ
FC0310406-05-D pci fc031040605d pci hba ( host bu... Avl RFQ
FC0310406-05 pci fc031040605 pci-x qlogig fibre... Avl RFQ
FC0310401-15 pci fc031040115 pci fibre channel ... Avl RFQ
FC021040613 pci fc021040613 1-gbps 64-bit 66mh... Avl RFQ
FC0210406-14-A pci fc021040614a pci fibre channel... Avl RFQ
FC0210406-05-D pci fc021040605d pci fibre channel... Avl RFQ
FC0210406-05-B pci fc021040605b pci fibre channel... Avl RFQ
FC0210406-05-A pci fc021040605a pci fibre channel... Avl RFQ
900440-100-1 pci 9004401001 dual port pci-x 10g... Avl RFQ
7989D pci fibre channel pci host bus ada... Avl RFQ
7104-HCA-128MB pci 7104hca128mb dual port pci-x 1... Avl RFQ
7104-HCA-128LP pci 7104hca128lp dual port pci-x 1... Avl RFQ
281542-001 pci 281542001 fca2210 swa pci-x 2g... Avl RFQ
200440-003-1 pci 2004400031 dual port pci-x 10-... Avl RFQ
200344-0001 pci 2003440001 dual port pci-x 10-... Avl RFQ
19K1273 pci 64-bit 66mhz pci-x to 2gb low-... Avl RFQ
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