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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as SODIMM, SDRAM, Video Memory, Smart Memory, Uncategorized from manufacturers you trust. Parts including XCP2300-MEM-1GB, X7093A-COMP, X7066A-370-5463, X7042A, X6992AC and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
XCP2300-MEM-1GB sodimm new xcp2300mem1gb original 1gb... Avl RFQ
X7093A-COMP sdram x7093acomp 1gb sdram memory di... Avl RFQ
X7066A-370-5463 sodimm new x7066a3705463 256mb ddr so... Avl RFQ
X7042A sodimm 128mb 1x128 sodimm for sunpci ... Avl RFQ
X6992AC sdram sdram-256mb-pc133-ecc Avl RFQ
X6991AC sdram 128mb sdram memory dimm Avl RFQ
X3660A video memory /ati mach64 pgx 8-bit pci vide... Avl RFQ
X1401A smart memory ray smart card Avl RFQ
X085A video memory video sbus card Avl RFQ
VT802400-002 video memory vt802400002 video card lsi pro... Avl RFQ
TURBOXGX video memory video card pulled from sparc 5... Avl RFQ
TGX-12 video memory tgx12 video card lsi processor Avl RFQ
STP3010PGA video memory video card pulled from sparc 5... Avl RFQ
SH224-SD2 sdram sh224sd2 hitachi 256mb pc133 c... Avl RFQ
SH224 sdram hitachi 256mb pc133 cl3 168-pi... Avl RFQ
PWA-GUAVA video memory pwaguava 8mb pci video card wi... Avl RFQ
PGX64 video memory new 8mb pci video card with vg... Avl RFQ
M323S3254CT3-C1LS0 sdram new m323s3254ct3c1ls0 this m32... Avl RFQ
L1A9765 video memory video card pulled from sparc 5... Avl RFQ
F511-1030 sdram f5111030 package of 25 x 512mb... Avl RFQ
BT467KHF220 video memory video card pulled from sparc 5... Avl RFQ
BT467 video memory video card pulled from sparc 5... Avl RFQ
A36-AA smart memory a36aa sb100 500mhz cd fdd flop... Avl RFQ
A/E3 sdram ae3 hitachi 256mb pc133 cl3 16... Avl RFQ
823B-P01W6M video memory 823bp01w6m 8mb pci video card ... Avl RFQ
7051516 uncategorized 7051516-sun memorymicro Avl RFQ
600288602 video memory gateway ati x600 pro 128mb pci... Avl RFQ
600-3091-01 video memory 600309101 sparcclassic 50mhz m... Avl RFQ
600-0025-00 video memory 600002500 video card Avl RFQ
595-5727 sdram new 5955727 4ayg 2gb 4pcs 512m... Avl RFQ
540-5086 sdram 5405086 memory 1gb dimm sdram Avl RFQ
540-5085 sdram 5405085 2gb 4 x 512mb sdram me... Avl RFQ
540-4767 smart memory 5404767 8x dvd-rom drive/smart... Avl RFQ
540-4313 video memory 5404313 elite-3d m6 video card Avl RFQ
5111151 uncategorized 5111151-sun memorymicro Avl RFQ
5017385INFINEON uncategorized 5017385infineon-sun memorymicr... Avl RFQ
5016998 uncategorized 5016998-sun memorymicro Avl RFQ
5016242 sdram 5016242 memory dimm 2gb 3.3-vo... Avl RFQ
5015218 uncategorized 5015218-sun memorymicro Avl RFQ
5015210 uncategorized 5015210-sun memorymicro Avl RFQ
5012658 uncategorized 5012658-sun memorymicro Avl RFQ
5011739 uncategorized 5011739-sun memorymicro Avl RFQ
5011721 uncategorized 5011721-sun memorymicro Avl RFQ
5011482 uncategorized 5011482-sun memorymicro Avl RFQ
501-7386-SAM sdram new 5017386sam 1gb 232p pc133 ... Avl RFQ
501-7386-Q sdram new 5017386q 1gb 232p pc133 36... Avl RFQ
501-7386-MIC sdram new 5017386mic 1gb 232p pc133 ... Avl RFQ
501-7386-INF sdram new 5017386inf 1gb 232p pc133 ... Avl RFQ
501-6174-MIC sdram new 5016174mic 512mb 232p pc13... Avl RFQ
501-5575 video memory 5015575 elite 3d video card Avl RFQ
501-5401-MIT sdram new 5015401mit 256mb 232p pc10... Avl RFQ
501-5031-MIT sdram new 5015031mit 1gb 232p pc133 ... Avl RFQ
501-5030-SAM sdram new 5015030sam 512mb 232p pc13... Avl RFQ
501-5030-HIT sdram new 5015030hit 512mb 232p pc13... Avl RFQ
501-4155 sound 5014155 sound card ultra 60 Avl RFQ
501-2922 video memory 5012922 turbo gx/tgx1 frame bu... Avl RFQ
411904100001-R video memory 411904100001r 8mb pci video ca... Avl RFQ
375-3101-04 video memory 375310104 375-3101 xvr-1200 gr... Avl RFQ
3710071M uncategorized 3710071m-sun memorymicro Avl RFQ
3707944 uncategorized 3707944-sun memorymicro Avl RFQ
3706203X7604 uncategorized 3706203x7604-sun memorymicro Avl RFQ
3706038 uncategorized 3706038-sun memorymicro Avl RFQ
3704281OEM uncategorized 3704281oem-sun memorymicro Avl RFQ
370-6906-X9289A rom 3706906x9289a v40z slimline 8x... Avl RFQ
370-5967 sodimm 3705967 sunpci iii 512mb sodim... Avl RFQ
370-5463 sodimm 3705463 sunpci iii 256mb sodim... Avl RFQ
370-5128-02 rom 370512802 slimline dvd-rom ata... Avl RFQ
370-5018 smart memory 3705018 smart card reader/ bla... Avl RFQ
370-4691 sdram 3704691 hitachi 256mb pc133 cl... Avl RFQ
370-4666-01 smart memory 370466601 smart card reader Avl RFQ
370-4666 smart memory 3704666 smart card reader Avl RFQ
370-4439-01 rom 370443901 16x dvd-rom/48x cd-r... Avl RFQ
370-4412-03 rom 370441203 v440 3.5-inch 8x wit... Avl RFQ
370-4289 sdram 3704289 128mb sdram memory dim... Avl RFQ
370-4281-01 sdram new 370428101 512mb pc133 sdra... Avl RFQ
370-4234 smart memory 370-4234 sunray 1 smart card 0... Avl RFQ
370-4215 sdram 3704215 : 512mb edo sdram memo... Avl RFQ
370-4151-X6993A sdram 3704151x6993a x6993a 512mb sdr... Avl RFQ
370-4150-MIC sdram new 3704150mic 256mb 168-pin p... Avl RFQ
370-4150-01 sdram new 370415001 256mb module sdr... Avl RFQ
370-4149-01 sdram 370414901 128mb sdram memory f... Avl RFQ
370-4149 sdram 3704149 128mb sdram memory ecc... Avl RFQ
370-3933-05 smart memory 370393305 smart card reader su... Avl RFQ
370-3933 smart memory 3703933 sunblade100 smart card... Avl RFQ
370-3801-01 sdram 370380101 128mb pc100 dimm sdr... Avl RFQ
370-3801 sdram 3703801 128mb pc100 dimm sdram... Avl RFQ
370-3797-02M sdram 370379702m 64mb sdram memory Avl RFQ
370-3797 sdram 3703797 64mb 50ns dimm sdram m... Avl RFQ
370-3278-01/50 video memory new 37032780150 video plus pci... Avl RFQ
3501288 uncategorized 3501288-sun memorymicro Avl RFQ
340-6828 smart memory 3406828 dvd-rom drive/smart ca... Avl RFQ
316904100001-R03 video memory 316904100001r03 8mb pci video ... Avl RFQ
316704300004-R0C smart memory 316704300004r0c card reader sm... Avl RFQ
270-2922-X04 video memory 2702922x04 system video card d... Avl RFQ
109-85500-01 video memory ati technologies radeon 7000 3... Avl RFQ
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