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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as ROM from manufacturers you trust. Parts including DVW/D115A/KIT/DC, DV518GS002, DV-28E-N93, CD-44E-903, CD-44E-902 and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

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Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
DVW/D115A/KIT/DC rom new dvwd115akitdc standalone -... Avl RFQ
DV518GS002 rom new 18x dvd-rom sata half heig... Avl RFQ
DV-28E-N93 rom dv28en93 internal 8x slimline ... Avl RFQ
CD-44E-903 rom cd44e903 4x cd-rom drive Avl RFQ
CD-44E-902 rom cd44e902 4x 3.5-inch 19770079-... Avl RFQ
CD-44E-001-U rom cd44e001u cd-rom 650mb Avl RFQ
CD-44E-001 rom cd44e001 cd-rom drive for note... Avl RFQ
CD-40E-901 rom cd40e901 2x 3.5-inch 19770019-... Avl RFQ
CD-38E-903 rom cd38e903 versa 8x 3.5-inch gra... Avl RFQ
CD-38E rom new cd38e ibm/ cd-38 e-001 sli... Avl RFQ
CD-316E-903-U rom cd316e903u cd-rom 16x drive no... Avl RFQ
CD-316E-903 rom new cd316e903 nec 16x black 3.... Avl RFQ
CD-316E-902 rom cd316e902 versa 16x 3.5-inch b... Avl RFQ
CD-316E rom cd316e slimline 16x versa 2730... Avl RFQ
CD-244E rom cd244e 24x internal ide slim c... Avl RFQ
CD-232E-93 rom cd232e93 cd-rom 650mb Avl RFQ
CD-224E-CC7 rom cd224ecc7 cd-rom drive slimlin... Avl RFQ
CD-224E-CC5 rom cd224ecc5 cd-rom drive slimlin... Avl RFQ
CD-224E-C83-CD-224E rom cd224ec83cd224e 24x 3.5-inch b... Avl RFQ
CD-224E-BD0 rom cd224ebd0 cd-rom drive slimlin... Avl RFQ
CD-224E-B01 rom cd224eb01 drive cd-rom 24x Avl RFQ
CD-224E-A74 rom cd224ea74 nec versa 24x 3.5-in... Avl RFQ
CD-224E-A55 rom new cd224ea55 cd-rom drive ass... Avl RFQ
CD-224E-A48 rom cd224ea48 cd-rom drive slimlin... Avl RFQ
CD-224E-A46 rom cd224ea46 slimline cd-rom driv... Avl RFQ
CD-224E-A43 rom cd224ea43 cd-rom drive slimlin... Avl RFQ
CD-224E-A34 rom cd224ea34 nec versa 24x 3.5-in... Avl RFQ
CD-224E-A33 rom new cd224ea33 slimline cd-rom ... Avl RFQ
CD-224E-A30 rom cd224ea30 cd-rom 650mb Avl RFQ
CD-224E-A28 rom cd224ea28 laptop 3.5-inch 24x ... Avl RFQ
CD-224E rom cd224e 24x cd-rom drive slimli... Avl RFQ
ABS-TD10 rom abstd10 cd-rom drive caddy Avl RFQ
A7231-64009 rom a723164009 notebook dvd/cd-rom... Avl RFQ
A7231-64004 rom a723164004 8x dvd 24x cd-rom d... Avl RFQ
5501056 rom cd-rom drive Avl RFQ
23-40108-00 rom 234010800 nec versa slim 16x c... Avl RFQ
224E rom cd-rom drive reader Avl RFQ
1977947C-85 rom 1977947c85 slim cd-rom drive f... Avl RFQ
1977098C-F5 rom 1977098cf5 cd-rw/dvd-rom combo... Avl RFQ
19770850-93 rom 1977085093 cd-rw/ dvd-rom comb... Avl RFQ
1977067R-93 rom 1977067r93 internal 8x slimlin... Avl RFQ
1977067N-P3 rom 1977067np3 notebook dvd/cd-rom... Avl RFQ
1977067N-93 rom 1977067n93 internal 8x slimlin... Avl RFQ
1977067C-47 rom 1977067c47 black dvd slimline ... Avl RFQ
1977067B-P4 rom 1977067bp4 8x dvd 24x cd-rom d... Avl RFQ
19770670-30 rom 1977067030 slim 8x dvd-rom 24x... Avl RFQ
19770590-38 rom 1977059038 40x ide cd-rom driv... Avl RFQ
19770590-02 rom 1977059002 40x ide cd-rom-blac... Avl RFQ
197704B02 rom black face ide cd-rom drive pu... Avl RFQ
1977049B-57 rom new 1977049b57 32x cd-rom driv... Avl RFQ
1977049B-47 rom new 1977049b47 32x ide cd-rom ... Avl RFQ
1977049B-40 rom 1977049b40 32x cd-rom drive bl... Avl RFQ
1977049B-02 rom 1977049b02 32x ide cd-rom driv... Avl RFQ
1977047K-12 rom 1977047k12 drive cd-rom 24x Avl RFQ
1977047C12 rom 1977047cn4 nec 24x silver beze... Avl RFQ
1977047C-J0 rom 1977047cj0 24-x cd-rom drive f... Avl RFQ
1977047C-D0 rom 1977047cd0 24x internal ide sl... Avl RFQ
1977047C-C7 rom 1977047cc7 cd-rom drive slimli... Avl RFQ
1977047C-C5 rom 1977047cc5 cd-rom drive slimli... Avl RFQ
1977047C-65 rom 1977047c65 24x cd-rom silm lin... Avl RFQ
1977047C rom 24x slimline cd-rom Avl RFQ
1977047B12 rom 1977047b12 drive cd-rom 24x sl... Avl RFQ
1977047B11 rom 1977047bh3 24x slimline cd-rom... Avl RFQ
1977047B-D0 rom 1977047bd0 1977047b-d0 / inter... Avl RFQ
1977047B-33 rom 1977047b33 hp/ slim 24x cd-rom... Avl RFQ
1977047B-13 rom 1977047b13 internal laptop cd-... Avl RFQ
1977047A92 rom 24x compaq max slimline cd-rom... Avl RFQ
1977047A80 rom 24x compaq max slimline cd-rom... Avl RFQ
1977047A78 rom 24x compaq max slimline cd-rom... Avl RFQ
1977047A74 rom 24x compaq max slimline cd-rom... Avl RFQ
1977047A53 rom 24x compaq max slimline cd-rom... Avl RFQ
1977047A-93 rom 1977047a93 24x slim cd-rom dri... Avl RFQ
1977047A-55 rom new 1977047a55 cd-rom drive as... Avl RFQ
1977047A-48 rom 1977047a48 cd-rom drive slimli... Avl RFQ
1977047A-46 rom 1977047a46 slimline cd-rom dri... Avl RFQ
1977047A-44 rom 1977047a44 cd 24x cd-rom drive Avl RFQ
1977047A-43 rom 1977047a43 cd-rom drive slimli... Avl RFQ
1977047A-33 rom new 1977047a33 slimline cd-rom... Avl RFQ
1977047A-30 rom 1977047a30 1977047a-30 cd-rom ... Avl RFQ
1977047-C93 rom 1977047c93 24x internal cd-rom... Avl RFQ
1977043A-47 rom 1977043a47 32x ide cd-rom driv... Avl RFQ
1977043A-40 rom 1977043a40 32x cd-rom drive bl... Avl RFQ
1977043A-02 rom 1977043a02 32x ide beige bezel... Avl RFQ
19770289-03 rom 1977028903 nec versa 20x cd-22... Avl RFQ
19770250-02 rom 1977025002 cd rom white bezel Avl RFQ
19770239-02 rom 1977023902 nec versa slim 16x ... Avl RFQ
19770160-02 rom 1977016002 cd-rom drive cd-38e... Avl RFQ
19770160-00 rom 1977016000 ibm cd-38e 3.5-inch... Avl RFQ
19770149-02 rom 1977014902 cd-rom drive cd-48e... Avl RFQ
1977011001 rom 1977011001 drive cd-rom 6x Avl RFQ
19770070-02 rom 1977007002 cd-rom drive cd-44e... Avl RFQ
19770070-01 rom 1977007001 cd-rom drive for no... Avl RFQ
19770010-02 rom 1977001002 cd-rom drive cd-40e... Avl RFQ
13N6854 rom 24x ultraslim bay eide cd-rom ... Avl RFQ
036RDU rom cd-rom p/n 1977047b-67 dp/n 03... Avl RFQ
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