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Aerospace Simplified’s computer IT hardware manufacturers catalog is your source for parts such as Cache, Other Memory, PCBA, IO Memory, EDO from manufacturers you trust. Parts including XEO37002-2MB, XEO37001-2MB, WED9DG28032V10D5, TP138974-00, TP136648-00 and many more are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you make a purchase. Thanks to our unmatched international supply chain network, we are able to source parts from all over the world and get them to customers with short lead times at competitive prices. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and proud to be part of their initiative to innovate the parts procurement process. To see how we are making that mission a reality, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
XEO37002-2MB cache xeo370022mb processor: xeon 70... Avl RFQ
XEO37001-2MB cache xeo370012mb processor: p3 700 ... Avl RFQ
WED9DG28032V10D5 other memory super talent ddr3-1333 4gb (2x... Avl RFQ
TP138974-00 pcba tp13897400 analog back plane p... Avl RFQ
TP136648-00 pcba tp13664800 analog back plane p... Avl RFQ
TP132583-00 pcba tp13258300 analog back plane p... Avl RFQ
SG400P io memory sg400p i/o communications proc... Avl RFQ
OSR7701-DPE cache osr7701dpe fc raid enclosure 2... Avl RFQ
OEM2UTMWSP io memory i/o card Avl RFQ
MGT50-PCI pcba mgt50pci server management pcb... Avl RFQ
ES7600R other memory hp 2gb(1x2gb)ddr2-667 ecc fbd ... Avl RFQ
ES7000/420 cache es7000420 server:16 itnanium 2... Avl RFQ
CTS5236-2EA io memory cts52362ea dual drive w/autolo... Avl RFQ
CMP_IPL1 other memory memory 2gb ddr2 667 (pc2-5300)... Avl RFQ
B-9961-15 io memory b996115 serial i/o Avl RFQ
78621182-001 other memory 16gb (2x 8gb) memory kit ddr2 Avl RFQ
78620473-001 cache 78620473001 processor: xeon 70... Avl RFQ
78539483-001 other memory 16gb (2x 8gb) memory kit ddr2 Avl RFQ
78513827-000 edo new 78513827000 128mb memory e... Avl RFQ
78442332-103 other memory 16gb (2x 8gb) memory kit ddr2 Avl RFQ
70203203-016 other memory 512mb memory expansion dimm(c6... Avl RFQ
68935949-000 other memory 8gb, pc3-12800e-11, dual-rank ... Avl RFQ
68916626-013 other memory 8gb, pc3-12800e-11, dual-rank ... Avl RFQ
68669563-001 processors 68669563001 processor 4x900mhz... Avl RFQ
68606235-001 ram modules 68606235001 acceleraid 352 dua... Avl RFQ
46176657-000 cpu new 46176657000 cpu cooling fa... Avl RFQ
46167375-000 pcba 46167375000 i/o pcba Avl RFQ
46164562-000 other memory processor memory board module Avl RFQ
46146148-000 pcba 46146148000 i50 pcba Avl RFQ
46142386-000 other memory processor memory board module Avl RFQ
45906377-000 backplanes 45906377000 backplane Avl RFQ
45903887-001 backplanes 45903887001 backplane Avl RFQ
45890027-005 pcba 45890027005 i51 pcba Avl RFQ
45885258-000 other memory processor memory board module Avl RFQ
45857273-003 other memory processor memory board module Avl RFQ
4552-2802 firmware 36gb 10000rpm 80-pin firmware ... Avl RFQ
44985588-002 pcba 44985588002 server management ... Avl RFQ
44942928-000 backplanes new 44942928000 es2043 sca bac... Avl RFQ
44942696-001 other memory 512mb, 667mhz, pc2-5300, small... Avl RFQ
44940963-000 backplanes 44940963000 backplane hard dri... Avl RFQ
44931368-000 dimm 44931368000 memory: 128mb 50ns... Avl RFQ
44931343-002 dimm 44931343002 memory: 256mb 50ns... Avl RFQ
44890580-000 io memory 44890580000 0sm3000 i/o pcb Avl RFQ
44870913-001 backplanes 44870913001 0sm3000 backplane Avl RFQ
43586601-003 pcb memory 43586601003 rs422 pcb Avl RFQ
43586601 pcb memory rs422 pcb Avl RFQ
43584713-001 pcb memory 43584713001 8io pcb Avl RFQ
43584051-001 pcb memory 43584051001 140 pcb Avl RFQ
43583491-007 cpu 43583491007 33mhz cpu pcb Avl RFQ
43582857-009 pcb memory 43582857009 50mhz cpu pcb Avl RFQ
43582329-000 pcb memory 43582329000 m40 pcb Avl RFQ
43410513-000 io memory new 43410513000 cent i/o cable... Avl RFQ
43381953 pcba mechanics driver pcba Avl RFQ
43381441 pcba hammer driver pcba Avl RFQ
43347483-004 boards 43347483004 main logic board b... Avl RFQ
43347459-001 boards 43347459001 image daughter boa... Avl RFQ
43347442-000 cards new 43347442000 pcmcia card 90... Avl RFQ
43312776-000 pcb memory 43312776000 ndp600 normalizer ... Avl RFQ
41484767-005 pcb memory 41484767005 ndp600 rpint contr... Avl RFQ
39631882-001 pcb memory 39631882001 pcb efp950 Avl RFQ
38711644-000 rom 38711644000 disk: 14-32x scsi ... Avl RFQ
38705935-000 cpu 38705935000 hr/hs/6 cpu p6 hea... Avl RFQ
38704532-000 cache 38704532000 ppro 200mhz 1mb ca... Avl RFQ
38695805-003 pcba 38695805003 lcd controller pcb... Avl RFQ
38695797-003 pcba 38695797003 lcd controller pcb... Avl RFQ
38690004-001 cpu 38690004001 kit: cpu p6 w/o cp... Avl RFQ
38689675-000 dimm 38689675000 memory: 256mb dimm Avl RFQ
38689667-000 dimm 38689667000 memory: dimm mod 1... Avl RFQ
38689485-000 processors 38689485000 processor terminat... Avl RFQ
38688792-002 pcb memory 38688792002 tri cpu pcb Avl RFQ
38688784-001 memory accessories 38688784001 six-pack memory ca... Avl RFQ
38688776-001 dimm 38688776001 memory: dimm memor... Avl RFQ
38682266-000 rom 38682266000 disk: 12-sp intern... Avl RFQ
37718137 pcba ap1371 front panel pcba Avl RFQ
37718129 pcba ap1371 driver pcba Avl RFQ
37718095 logic memory ap1371 gd4cnt main logic board... Avl RFQ
37716313 logic memory ap1337/39 main logic board Avl RFQ
37710902 pcb memory pcb suii ap1337/9 power supply Avl RFQ
37698123 processors new master processor prom 90 d... Avl RFQ
34854596-005 firmware 34854596005 1gb scsi m2694eha ... Avl RFQ
311-3819 memory ram module unisys 2 x 1gb dimm ddr2 pc2-3... Avl RFQ
2839084-00 logic memory 283908400 ap-1329 logic board Avl RFQ
2836085-XX cpu 2836085xx cpu Avl RFQ
151642-001 controllers 151642001 controller lp30-gl Avl RFQ
12600050-20 controllers 1260005020 hr6/qr6 lcd control... Avl RFQ
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