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Looking for Istarusa Computer IT hardware components such as part numbers T-5K35T-SA, D-200SEA, D-407P-35R, D-400SE-BK, D-200L-PFS? Look no further than Aerospace Simplified. We are a leading distributor of Istarusa high-quality aviation hardware, IT Hardware part types including ISTARUSA 5.25IN TO SLIM ODD & 3.5IN CAGE, iStarUSA Rackmount D-200SEA 2U Compact Stylish Rackmount Chassis with SEA Bezel Retail (7 Days RMA), iStarUSA D-407P-35R Black 1.2mm SECC Zinc-Coated Steel (Japan Ma, iStarUSA Case D-400SE-BK 4U ATX Power Supply Black Front Bezel Key Lock Retail (7 Days RMA), iStarUSA Case D-200L-PFS Rackmount 2U 3Slot 1/2/(1) High Performance 2xUSB2.0 Power Sup (7 Days RMA) and many more.

Our unrivaled inventory of over 3 billion hardware and networking parts is second to none, and our impressive international supply chain network ensures that each part you buy will come with short lead times and competitive pricing. At Aerospace Simplified, we aren’t just changing the parts procurement process, we are revolutionizing it altogether. To see what sets us apart, submit an RFQ for Istarusa IT hardware parts below.

Part No Description Part Type QTY RFQ
T-5K35T-SA istarusa 5.25in to slim odd & 3.5in cage Drive Cabinets Avl RFQ
D-200SEA istarusa rackmount d-200sea 2u compact stylish rac... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-407P-35R istarusa d-407p-35r black 1.2mm secc zinc-coated s... NA Avl RFQ
D-400SE-BK istarusa case d-400se-bk 4u atx power supply black... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-200L-PFS istarusa case d-200l-pfs rackmount 2u 3slot 1/2/(1... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
BEZEL-RED-400 istarusa bezel-red-400 d-storm red aluminum bezel ... NA Avl RFQ
WN1510 istarusa case wn1510 15u 1000mm depth rack-mount s... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
STAR400 istarusa case star400 4u compact rackmount d-400-n... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-213ASE-MATX istarusa case d-213ase-matx rackmount 2u compact a... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-400-7P d-400-7p 4u rm 9bay black rm plastic door ipc Computer Casings Avl RFQ
WD- 960- D400PL istarusa wd- 960- d400pl 9u 600mm depth wallmount ... NA Avl RFQ
D416-DE6BK istarusa case d416-de6bk 4u compact rackmount 6x3.... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-400-RED istarusa case d-400-red 4u atx power supply red fr... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
DAGE408U20T5-ML2 4u 8-bay sata multilane sff8470 jbod trayless chas... Storage Arrays Avl RFQ
S2M-FIBER4XE1 s2m-fiber4xe1 NA Avl RFQ
DAGE410U20-PM 4u 10bay pm jbod chassis w/ 500w psu Storage Arrays Avl RFQ
D-218M2-ITX istarusa case d-218m2-itx 2u rackmount no power su... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
TC-1U50PD8 500w 1u 80 plus switching power supply Power Supplies Avl RFQ
D-400SE-50P8 istarusa d-400se-50p8 black aluminum / steel 4u co... NA Avl RFQ
WOS-690 istarusa accessory wos-690 6u 900mm open frame rac... Rack Equipment Avl RFQ
IS-950R3NPD8 istarusa power supply is-950r3npd8 950w 80 plus ps... Power Equipment Avl RFQ
D118ITX-30 istarusa d118itx-30 1u rackmount 11 compact server... NA Avl RFQ
D-300-BL-2U35PD8 istarusa d-300-bl-2u35pd8 black aluminum / steel 3... NA Avl RFQ
S-35-B5BL istarusa 5x3.5in hotswap mini-itx tower Computer Casings Avl RFQ
WL-21701 1u 17in tft lcd keyboard frt rmon cost incl contig... Network Avl RFQ
S-35-B4SL 4x3.5in hotswap miniitx frt encl cost incl contigo... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
E3M8 frt cost incl contigous us onlyencl istarusa 3u 8-... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-416-SILVER istarusa case d-416-silver 4u compact sytlish rack... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-412S3-MATX frt cost incl contigous us onlyrm istarusa 4u comp... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-400SE-RD istarusa rackmount d-400se-rd 4u compact stylish r... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-118V2-ITX-DT istarusa rackmount d-118v2-itx-dt 1u compact 1x3.5... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-118V2-ITX27FX8 istarusa kit d-118v2-itx, tc-1u27fx8, dd-fan-4cm-q Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-213-MATX-B124 istarusa case d-213-matx-b124 rackmount 2u compact... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
WA-PD010 istarusa accessory wa-pd010 10outlet overload circ... PDUs Avl RFQ
ZAGE-H-8788-SI mini sas x4 host adapter - zage-h-8788-si - bridge... Storage Components Avl RFQ
D-107V2-35 istarusa d-107v2-35 black 1.0mm steel 1.3u rackmou... NA Avl RFQ
D-200-FSSE istarusa d-200-fsse black steel 2u rackmount compa... NA Avl RFQ
DD-200-DSILVER istarusa d-200 silver door Drive Cabinets Avl RFQ
D-416-B10SA server chassis - rack-mountable - atx - front usb ... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-313SEMATX2B124 3u compact rackmount chassis 8 x 2.5 hotswap drive... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-414SE istarusa d-414se black steel 4u rackmount compact ... NA Avl RFQ
D-200-35 istarusa case d-200-35 rackmount 2u with 350w powe... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-300 A 1077 istarusa case d-300 3u rackmount no power sup... NA Avl RFQ
S-0430-DT-DERD istarusa kit microatx case w/ 300w flex 3.5in hots... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
IBUS-K-LKA-A3 ibis -k lka NA Avl RFQ
RG-3023H istarusa case rg-3023h rackmount 3u 7xbackplane ru... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
S21-15F1 istarusa case s-21+tc-1u15fx1 mini-itx aluminum wi... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
DAGE408U40DEBL-2MS istarusa 4u 8bay 3.5inch 6gbs chassis minisas tray... Storage Arrays Avl RFQ
D-4-B350PL istarusa d-4-b350pl black steel server case 3 exte... NA Avl RFQ
DAGE840BL-2MS istarusa removable storage dage840bl-2ms 8bay 3.5i... Storage Arrays Avl RFQ
DAGE1040SL-PM 10bay 3.5in sas/sata tower frt encl cost incl cont... Storage Arrays Avl RFQ
D2-200 istarusa d2-200 black aluminum / steel 2u rackmoun... NA Avl RFQ
BRT-0203-S2 istarusa accessory brt-0203-s2 is-xxxr2up/ s2up br... Mounting Kits Avl RFQ
D406SE-B6RD-RD istarusa case d406se-b6rd-rd rackmount 4u compact ... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
IS-350R istarusa power supply is-350r 350w 2u 3u and ps2 m... Power Equipment Avl RFQ
E2M10-24R-46R2U istarusa kit e2m10 with is-460r2up & tc-rail-24 Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D410-DE12BK istarusa case d410-de12bk 4u rackmount 10bay stora... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
TC-300 300w switching power supply module for tc-300-r8 NA Avl RFQ
D-200LSE-BK istarusa case d-200lse-bk rackmount 2u high perfor... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
E2M8-24R-40R2U istarusa kit e2m8 with is-400r2up & tc-rail-24 Computer Casings Avl RFQ
IS-400R8P istarusa xeal is-400r8p 400w ps2 dual module mini ... NA Avl RFQ
WA-L8B istarusa wa-l8b l-support bracket for 800mm depth ... NA Avl RFQ
M385 NA NA Avl RFQ
S-0712T-DT compact stylish mini-itx enclosure with 120w psu Computer Casings Avl RFQ
GAGE104U40SL-SAUF 1u 3.5in trayless 150w silv frtencl cost incl cont... Drive Cabinets Avl RFQ
BRT-D3U-C istarusa 3u ps bracket for d-300 Mounting Kits Avl RFQ
D-313ASE-MATX istarusa case d-313ase-matx rackmount 2u compact a... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-340HB-DT d-340hb-dt 3u compact 4x3.5in bay hotswap microatx... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
DD-400-DBLUE 4u d-400 blue bezel doors (pair) Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-407LSE-BLTS859 kit-4u high performance with 8in lcd and 14 pci sl... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
DAGE1040T7-PM 10bay 3.5in sas/sata tower frt encl cost incl cont... Storage Arrays Avl RFQ
WL22834 NA NA Avl RFQ
E212L-25M2450S2U istarusa kit-2u e-atx 24 x 2.5in bays rackmount 50... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D416-DE4BK istarusa kit-4u compact stylish 4x3.5in trayless r... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
T5PF-SA istarusa 5.25 hdd mobile rack satai/ii trayless an... Drive Cabinets Avl RFQ
D-118V2-ITX-1U180FX1 istarusa d-118v2-itx-1u180fx1 black aluminum steel... NA Avl RFQ
BPU-340-SA- SILVER istarusa bpu-340-sa- silver 3x5.25 to 4x3.5 sata2.... NA Avl RFQ
DAGE840BK-2MS 8-bay 3.5 sas/sata 6.0 gb/s minisas hotswap enclos... Storage Arrays Avl RFQ
GAGE104U40BK-ES istarusa 1u 4 3.5 trayless 150w black Storage Arrays Avl RFQ
D416-DE6BL-BL istarusa case d416-de6bl-bl 4u compact rackmount 6... Computer Casings Avl RFQ
D-410-B10SA-RED istarusa d-410-b10sa-red red zinc-coated steel 4u ... NA Avl RFQ
DAGE840DE1SL-2MS istarusa 8bay 3.5 sas/sata 6gbs tower minisas tray... Modules Avl RFQ
T-7M1-SATA-SILVER istarusa storage t-7m1-sata-silver sata/sas 1x5.25... Drive Cabinets Avl RFQ
E-30-A1 NA NA Avl RFQ
DD-643611-C5 istarusa pcie x16 + 2x pci 5cm ribbon Network Interface Cards Avl RFQ
BPN-DE110SS-SIL istarusa 1x5.25inch bay sas/sata 6.0 gb/s AIDC/POS Avl RFQ
WSM-960 9u 600mm depth rackmount server cabinet Rack Equipment Avl RFQ
BPU-23-SATA-BLUE istarusa storage bpu-230sata-blue sata/sas 2x5.25 ... NA Avl RFQ
DAGE840DE1RD-2MS istarusa 8bay 3.5 sas/sata 6gbs tower minisas tray... Modules Avl RFQ
DAGE540T7-PM 5bay 3.5in sas/sata tower frt encl cost incl conti... Drive Cabinets Avl RFQ
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