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NSN Parts List of Bechtel Technical Services Inc

CAGE Code:

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Part No RFQ
15A6028PC18 RFQ
265R632PC22 RFQ
MSC70001-412 DET24 RFQ
131J658-37 RFQ
556D527GP2 RFQ
566D284IT9 RFQ
131J658-ITEM20 RFQ
129C5552 PIECE 1 RFQ
N22P25008C RFQ
148B3748 PIECE 7 RFQ
868E484PC19 RFQ
131J654 ITEM 49 RFQ
110E3943P26 RFQ
632E256PC41 RFQ
134C9061-1 RFQ
148B3748-6 RFQ
820-4445909 RFQ
148B3906PT3 RFQ
566D454P4 RFQ
SK-B-2321 RFQ
134C9062-2 RFQ
5620B52ITEM2 AND 562 RFQ
6D28403-P8 RFQ
148B3906P1 RFQ
820-4530060G3 RFQ
103E9554P13 RFQ
172C9656P3 RFQ
103E955PC13 RFQ
131J658-59 RFQ
110E3520-ITEM47 RFQ
904E984PC4 RFQ
148B3751PC1 RFQ
148B3906P4 RFQ
566D453PC12 RFQ
905E129IT6 RFQ
110E3520-ITEM15 RFQ
7076E54PC23 RFQ
172C9409G8 RFQ
947J235PC19 RFQ
155C9634PC1 RFQ
15A155-1 RFQ
164A1350PT12 RFQ
6D28403-P12 RFQ
239B8059PC1 RFQ
125D8432GP2 RFQ
S-75473-13 RFQ
148B3817 REV-A RFQ
149A2980G1 RFQ
148B3899PC1 RFQ
257E986PC7 RFQ
15A419PT34 RFQ
148B3831 RFQ
N-6290-26I15 RFQ
296E771P8 RFQ
N28P25010 RFQ
148B-3748-11 RFQ
7076E54 RFQ
996C955-3 RFQ
820-4530012-10 RFQ
298E621P24 RFQ
265R632PC24 RFQ
7512E11-ITEM2 RFQ
296E771P9 RFQ
15A2062-3 RFQ
103E9554PC12 RFQ
36T1116-2 RFQ
8904003P1 RFQ
132A9952PC1 RFQ
103E9554P12 RFQ
149A2834 PIECE 1 RFQ
766B127-PC1 RFQ
632E147 RFQ
15A6028-3 RFQ
296E776PC8 RFQ
288A892BAP3 RFQ
148B3906P3 RFQ
175B3914P1 RFQ
148B3906P6 RFQ
280S1D RFQ
947J235PC6 RFQ
S-75472-11 RFQ
148B3748-9 RFQ
155C9624PC3 RFQ
239B8056PC1 RFQ
566D211-3 RFQ
N24P25064 RFQ
131J654 ITEM 42 RFQ
5620B82ITEM1 AND 562 RFQ
239A8503PC1 RFQ
501D446PC5 RFQ
172C9467ITEM2 RFQ
947J242ITEM7 RFQ
905E148-10 RFQ
298A7105VER005 RFQ
566D526GP3 RFQ
947J242-P91 RFQ
172C9603P1 RFQ
H-634927PC6 RFQ
766B316-PC1 RFQ
566D526GP1 RFQ
6312E04-ITEM1 RFQ
905E129IT7 RFQ
947J242IT57 RFQ
15A2062PT35 RFQ
566D466 RFQ
632E256PC40 RFQ
298A7105VER004 RFQ
131J652-ITEM2 RFQ
N28P25032 RFQ
148B3797PC1 RFQ
296E771PC8 RFQ
2157-435 RFQ
C635684-2 RFQ
148B3748-8 RFQ
148B3751 PT 1 RFQ
132A8120P1 RFQ
155C9634P1 RFQ
148B3932 RFQ
12735 G1 RFQ
172C9471GP1 RFQ
172C9454PC6 RFQ
6D28403-P9 RFQ
36T1092-2 RFQ
947J242ITEM4 RFQ
632E256PC6 RFQ
148B3923GP2 RFQ
131J654 ITEM 80 RFQ
KJY1182-1 RFQ
923B863-P1 RFQ
0138F0648 PC24 RFQ
172C9550PC1 RFQ
156C1161-PC4 RFQ
947J242ITEM22 RFQ
155C9624PC2 RFQ
566D453PC20 RFQ
172C9609P6 P7 RFQ
132A8141-P1 RFQ
5945D23-ITEM4 RFQ
110E3943P14 RFQ
148B3906PT1 RFQ
S-75476-18 RFQ
N70P4520B6 RFQ
501D446PC4 RFQ
36T1061-2 RFQ
947J242IT56 RFQ
11K3545 PC60 RFQ
148B3931 RFQ
131J658-ITEM19 RFQ
7488E51PC21 RFQ
566D284IT7 RFQ
132A8115P1 RFQ
947J242-P63 RFQ
2740283 RFQ
172C9459P2 RFQ
632E321-ITEM3 AND8 RFQ
148B3911 RFQ
6D28403-P11 RFQ
6D28403-P13 RFQ
632E256PC5 RFQ
566D434P2 RFQ
106A-1-0.05 RFQ
172C9319PC1 RFQ
766B130-PC1 RFQ
947J242-P89 RFQ
148B3941-GP1 RFQ
529E861PC52 RFQ
566D519PC2 RFQ
KKA1182-1 RFQ
239B8057PC1 RFQ
172C9365 ITEM 2 RFQ
148B3835ITEM2 RFQ
148B3748 PIECE 11 RFQ
265R632PC28 RFQ
566D499P9 RFQ
175B3914PC1 RFQ
0122F080406PC2 RFQ
632E256PC36 RFQ
148B3930 RFQ
131J656-11 RFQ
820-4384137 RFQ
0.50013UNC2A1.250T1G RFQ
101E7943ITEM9 RFQ
H5478753G3PC2 RFQ
148B3818 PIECE 1 RFQ
172C9409G3 RFQ
868E484P19 RFQ
29X100PC105 RFQ
132A9953PC1 RFQ
947J235PC21 RFQ
132A8196P1 RFQ
156C1146-PC1 RFQ
MSC70001-412 DET34 RFQ
6D28404-P10 RFQ
566D453PC17 RFQ
MSC70011-100 DET-15 RFQ
1080H54 RFQ
566D453PC18 RFQ
N22P25064B6 RFQ
566D453PC19 RFQ
131363-400 RFQ
N22P25010B6 RFQ
148B3906PT5 RFQ
905E148-11 RFQ
556D527GP1 RFQ
N406P43 RFQ
MSC70001-412 DET8 RFQ
131J658-ITEM30 RFQ
148B3906PT7 RFQ
1081H06S6G-H56 RFQ
149A2979P1 RFQ
12735-2PCB15 RFQ
566D454PC4 RFQ
529E895PC23 RFQ
239A8502 RFQ
S75470-9 RFQ
566D454PC6 RFQ
905E129IT8 RFQ
259E139 RFQ
566D499P5 RFQ
148B3748-7 RFQ
201C1081PC2 RFQ
172C9408 RFQ
296E771PC10 RFQ
265R632PC45 RFQ
148B 3892 RFQ
996C955-2 RFQ
7076E54 PIECE 106 RFQ
753B651 GROUP 1 RFQ
172C9604P1 RFQ
D635974-4 RFQ
148B3906PT2 RFQ
529E895PC29 RFQ
11K3545 PC7 RFQ
6HCS-167-66 RFQ
566D558P2 RFQ
131J658-45 RFQ
296E771PC3 RFQ
280C1 RFQ
11K3459AB PC7 RFQ
172C9461P2 RFQ
566D453PC13 RFQ
172C9409G6 RFQ
148B3906PT4 RFQ
566D499PC6 RFQ
947J235PC8 RFQ
148B3748-10 RFQ
110E3520-ITEM31 RFQ
148B3929 RFQ
632E116PC31 RFQ
947J235PC7 RFQ
947J242-P82 RFQ
566D489-1 RFQ
11K3447 PC.29 RFQ
101E7185PC9 RFQ
15A6117-32 RFQ
164A1337 RFQ
164A1344REVG RFQ
172C9705DAVER01 RFQ
11K3547 PC.30 RFQ
566D526GP2 RFQ
566D364 RFQ
172C9409G1 RFQ
632E147-4 RFQ
632E256PC48 RFQ
947J242ITEM94 RFQ
148B3731PC1 RFQ
110E3737-ITEM25 RFQ
15A6028-2 RFQ
7076E54 PIECE 100 RFQ
185D5554P1 RFQ
148B3899P1 RFQ
99-181SH1PC133 RFQ
529E861PC53 RFQ
905E148-12 RFQ
156D9241PC4 RFQ
110E3943P14 RFQ
147A5410PC2 RFQ
172C9365 ITEM 1 RFQ
B-1-77108 RFQ
N24P25024 RFQ
947J242-P93 RFQ
566D490PC3 RFQ
MSC70001-412 DET27 RFQ
566D284IT6 RFQ
947J242IT28 RFQ
131J638ITEM17 RFQ
529E895PC30 RFQ
148B3909 RFQ
11K3545 PC4 RFQ
149B2027G1 RFQ
566D499P6 RFQ
172C9461PC2 RFQ
172C9450 RFQ
171D6027G1 RFQ
947J242IT60 RFQ
149A2979P2 RFQ
15A1648-4 RFQ
820-4384140 RFQ
296E771PC9 RFQ
N24P25032 RFQ
566D453PC21 RFQ
161D8022PC3 RFQ
132A8139-P1 RFQ
923B860-P1 RFQ
566D526GP4 RFQ
131J652-3 RFQ
7512E09-ITEM27 RFQ
172C9607P1 RFQ
945A722 PIECE 1 RFQ
15A502-1 RFQ
172C96668P1 RFQ
265R632PC22 RFQ
1483911P1 RFQ
239A8503PC2 RFQ
1081H99S6G H07 RFQ
905E149-5 RFQ
156D9241P4 RFQ
148B3906P2 RFQ
MSC70001-412 DET3 RFQ
868E472PC3 RFQ
H-978-B-PC43 RFQ
1081H03S6G-H35 RFQ
164A1349 RFQ
183A7792PC1 RFQ
131J769-9 RFQ
947J242IT4 RFQ
172C9456PC6 RFQ
945A721 PIECE 1 RFQ
947J242-P104 RFQ
566D573GP4 RFQ
175B3918PC1 RFQ
632E262PC26 RFQ
B1-77108PC9 RFQ
148B3891 RFQ
B1-77108PC15 RFQ
M3600-3361L RFQ
172C9705AHVER01 RFQ
443D218-5 RFQ
265R635PC22 RFQ
N406P41 RFQ
110E3520-ITEM46 RFQ
632E256PC9 RFQ
905E148-13 RFQ
632E146PC4 RFQ
156C1147-PC1 RFQ
820-4445909 RFQ
566D211PC3 RFQ
C001864-1 RFQ
110E3943P6 RFQ
15A352-5 RFQ
1081H04S6G-H38 RFQ
201C1081PC1 RFQ
529E895PC28 RFQ
15A1713-1 RFQ
947J242-P97 RFQ
110E3520-ITEM38 RFQ
1081H06S6G-H54 RFQ
MSC70001-412 DET29 RFQ
15A352-7 RFQ
101E7943ITEM8 RFQ
101E7943P8 RFQ
166A5008P1 RFQ
131J654 ITEM 39 RFQ
172C9597P1 RFQ
566D499PC9 RFQ
298A7087 RFQ
175B3912P1 RFQ
172C9461PC1 RFQ
947J242-P96 RFQ
904984PC3 RFQ
766B129-PC1 RFQ
148B3906P5 RFQ
148B3906P7 RFQ
239B8060PC1 RFQ
632E210PT85-2 RFQ
KJY1182-1 RFQ
632E116PC30 RFQ
172C9697PC1 RFQ
566D490 RFQ
566D211PC5 RFQ
0138F0648 PC2 RFQ
947J242IT27 RFQ
172C9461P1 RFQ
N28P25044 RFQ
566D357PC2 RFQ
753B651 G-1 RFQ
905E148ITEM1 RFQ
288A884BYP50 RFQ
N-6290-26I13 RFQ
148B3914G1 RFQ
101E7943P9 RFQ
15A6028-21 RFQ
132A9947PC1 RFQ
172C9621P1 RFQ
B-1-77108-12 RFQ
147D5605PC16 RFQ
947J242ITEM3 RFQ
905E129IT4 RFQ
529E895PC64 RFQ
947J242ITEM23 RFQ
N-6487-13 RFQ
M3600-3346L RFQ
172C9496-10 RFQ
33435 RFQ
632E147-3 RFQ
148B3835ITEM10 RFQ
501D446PC21 RFQ
131J658-ITEM23 RFQ
7512E09-ITEM18 RFQ
7512E09-ITEM49 RFQ
148B3854 RFQ
529E861PC55 RFQ
148B3736PC1 RFQ
125D8439PC13 RFQ
265R635PC18 RFQ
MSC70001-412 DET22 RFQ
566D558P1 RFQ
566D453PC16 RFQ
172C9610P7-P8 RFQ
148B3772PC1 RFQ
N28P33024 RFQ
566D573GP3 RFQ
566D453PC22 RFQ
103B7415-P1 RFQ
148B3836IT4 RFQ
947J242IT43 RFQ
148B3865 RFQ
632E147 RFQ
7076E54 RFQ
195B1839PC1 RFQ
11K3459AB PC60 RFQ
5855-30BD RFQ
175B3912PC1 RFQ
632E116ITEM30 RFQ
632E256PC31 RFQ
148B3893-PC1 RFQ
172C9480G1 RFQ
172C9456P6 RFQ
1081H22PC53 RFQ
0122F0806PC24 RFQ
164A1350PT18 RFQ
566D211PC4 RFQ
172C9352 PC 6 RFQ
296E765PC9 RFQ
110E3737-ITEM21 RFQ
149B4854 RFQ
904E981PC17 RFQ
MSC70001-412 DET25 RFQ
15A2062-5 RFQ
125D8439PC12 RFQ
11K3459AB PC6 RFQ
298A7105VER004 RFQ
172C9375 RFQ
632E256PC30 RFQ
132A8214-P1 RFQ
947J242-P65 RFQ
947J242IT84 RFQ
7512E09-ITEM2 RFQ
132A8114PC1 RFQ
101E7185PC6 RFQ
101E7185PC10 RFQ
172C9365-1 RFQ
11K3545 PC17 RFQ
947J242IT8 RFQ
632E256PC40 RFQ
148B3929P1 RFQ
N22-25016B6 RFQ
148B3906PT6 RFQ
131J654 ITEM 70 RFQ
149A2814-1 RFQ
148B3781 RFQ
566D499PC5 RFQ
148B3748 PIECE 9 RFQ
148B3698 RFQ
103E9554PC13 RFQ
148B3923GP1 RFQ
172C9450P1 RFQ
N28P25012 RFQ
996C955-1 RFQ
11K3459AB PC6 RFQ
566D557GP2 RFQ
155C9624PC1 RFQ
566D371GP1 RFQ
634L258PT24 RFQ
2425B13H01 RFQ
15A502-2 RFQ
296E771PC11 RFQ
172C9409G7 RFQ
S75467-6 RFQ
7076E54PC57 RFQ
566D470 RFQ
820-4446059 RFQ
164A1323 RFQ
7076E56PC83 RFQ
946A895-P2 RFQ
632E147-2 RFQ
172C9319PC2 RFQ
947J242IT64 RFQ
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