Last BUT Very Not Least, As Bombardier Completes Its Global 7000 Flight Test Program

A new chapter for the Bombardier team has finished as they are able to complete their Global 7000 program deeming their Global 7000 FTV aircrafts as airworthy. The entire program was wrapped up as their anchor aircraft, known as the “The Masterpiece” completes its prerequisites for certification. Alongside the continuous tests it managed to also abide by “full airframe fatigue test milestone” regulations that is required for it enter in to service.

The FTV5 aircraft has completed and surpassed 1300 flight hours to be able be certified. Along with flight hours the aircraft has undergone rigorous testing and undergoing flight simulations. The aircraft was tested for altitude compatibility and tested for extreme weather conditions. Bombardier is very confident in their performance and can rest assure that their actions are meaningful as they state that the last aircraft,

”Joins four other test vehicles in the flight test program, which are demonstrating significant maturity, reliability and a smooth ride as they undergo extensive flight and ground tests.”

The “Master Piece” aircraft was the cherry on top for the completion of the entire program. Bombardier continues to release aircrafts as previously releasing the fourth aircraft to the program known as the “The Architect. “

The Global 7000 aircraft is known to be luxurious of its kind with a lot of new innovative features. Features such as personalized design flexibility, with four state of the art living spaces. Not only the passengers are able to experience the newer amenities, but the aircraft has a newly configured cabin for a full-sized crew suite. A full loaded entertainment system has been implanted using the “ Kaband” connection system. The aircraft is only the beginning to the luxurious type of aircraft that the Global 700 displays to the industry.


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