HeliRussia 2018: Spotlight On Engine Building For Helicopters

One of the most experimental and inventive areas of the helicopter industry is aircraft engine building. It is not only complex to the helicopter industry but the aerospace industry in general. R&D, a new aircraft engines tech, is able to act as a stimulus for the progress of technologies progress. Inattention to this, the 2018 HeliRussia expo will focus and put the spotlight on helicopter engines.

The business portion of the expo will host a conference titled “Engine building for helicopters: today and tomorrow.” This event will take place on May 25th. The program has been developed by the Association of the Aero-engines Manufacturers or AAEM. It is also supported by a national aviation magazine called “Homeland’s Wings.” The overseer of the conference is Dr. Victor Chuyko, the president of AAEM.

Recently, Russia’s aviation industry has been persistently expanding their helicopter engine development and production. The Ufa Engine Industrial Association, which is a part of the United Engine Corporation, is furthering their production of the VK-2500 engine types in Russia. These engines will mostly be installed on the Mil and Kamov helicopters. The modernization and development of new turboshaft engines are currently being developed by UEC-Klimov.

Technodinamika, Ural Civil Aviation Plant, and Aerosila have recently revealed their own generation of helicopter power plants that will be developed. The HeliRussia expo will discuss these topics of interest as well as take general questions on the current and possible future state of affairs.

There are many companies who regularly attend the HeliRussia expo, where they are able to introduce theirs develops as well as introduce news and achievements. These companies include Borisfen, ITP Aero, H+S Aviation, Safran Helicopter Engines, Lom Praha, and PBS Velka Bites. Because most of the main regional companies that are involved in the development of helicopter engine production are onboard, the 2018 HeliRussia expo will showcase and allow the audience to learn more about future projects in the field.

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