Leading German Engine Firm Adds to Sikorsky Heavy-Lift Bid Team

Sikorsky Aircraft’s newest partner, MTU Aero Engines, is looking to pursue the German Air Force’s heavy-lift competition. Germany’s Air Force confirmed it holds an eighteen percent work share in the CH-53K engine program.

This agreement between Sikorsky and the German Air Force would allow for MTU Aero engines to supply maintenance, repair, and overhaul of the Air Force’s engines. MTU Aero Engines, as well as MTU Aero Engines, have both been teaming up with Sikorsky since the creation of the CH-53K for the United States Marine Corps. The CH-53K is powered by 3 General Aviation T408-GE-400s. The manufacturer of the engines was given the green light to create the low-rate initial production for the United States Marine Corps in November of last year.

 According to Klaus Gunther, the SVP of defense programs at MTU Aero Engines, the purpose of the CH-53K along with its engine, is to support the exhausting requirements of the twenty-first century and also meet the high expected security standards. Gunther believes that the demonstration of reliability, as well as the groundbreaking performance and the spectacular power reserves, will ensure that the T308 engine models will demonstrate that missions can be carried out in a safe manner, even in the harshest of environments.

 As MTU Engines holds the claim of being Germany’s leader in engine manufacturing, on top of being a frontier in low-pressure turbines, the company also claims to be leading in high-pressure compressors, turbine center frames, and lastly, manufacturing processes and repair techniques. AS stated by MTU Aero Engines, the company is the industry leader in Germany for almost all engines operated by the Germany military.

 According to Sikorsky, the aircraft company will be entering the heavy German competition by utilizing a strategic teaming agreement between Sikorsky and Rheinmetall. Recently release this past February, this recent announcement hinted that new partners would be released within the coming weeks.

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