The Future of In-Flight Passenger Experience

The future of commercial in-flight passenger experience is one of both technology advancements and engineering achievement. With the invention of virtual reality in 1957 to now the most advanced VR headset, the StarVR One, Airbus -- a leading name in the commercial passenger service -- recently patented a Virtual Reality Helmet for its passengers. The helmet will offer sensorial isolation and endless entertainment possibilities that would make the flight time on a normal US coast to coast flight, literally, fly by.

Another innovation in commercial passenger flight -- expected to hit the market within the next ten years -- is the windowless fuselage. Imagine the entire inner structure of a plane covered in flexible OLEDs, projecting any picture or video imaginable. No more desperately searching for an open window seat. The Centre for Process Innovation, a technology and innovation centre based in England, is aiming  to replace typical white aircraft panels and tiny windows with walls that appear transparent, giving a 360 degree view of, let's say -- the most beautiful skylines in the world.

Now picture a detachable cabin module where passengers would no longer board the plane itself, but board a cabin module that, by design, could be loaded into the part of a plane involved in flight. Such a design would allow the mechanical part of a plane more mobility for essential preparation before subjecting passengers to long wait times in an aircraft that hasn’t even left the runway.

Another goal to revolutionize commercial in-flight experience is the idea of introducing video games and esports tournaments between passengers. In addition, talks with universities to make e-courses available to passengers would one day make it possible to receive a diploma in the sky. Furthermore, manipulation of light, sound, and even a technology called Nanoe that purifies air on a nano level and removes odors promoting a more conducive sleep environment, is a reality of the near future. Soon a day of flight itineraries will be just as comfortable as a relaxing day at home.


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