The Importance of Hydraulic Pressure Gauges

Hydraulic equipment and tools function through the use of enclosed fluids placed under pressure, allowing for a great amount of force to be transferred equally and with ease. As pressure is paramount to standard operations, such systems require the use of pressure gauge parts that enable one to monitor such values. Hydraulic pressure gauge parts are crucial to the safe and efficient operations of countless systems, tools, and equipment pieces, assisting operators in preventing over- or under-pressure conditions that may present hazards to individuals or equipment.

There are many reasons as to why one would want to use pressure gauge parts, most of which ensure that an operator does not carry out a procedure completely blind. In a way, pressure gauges are a form of window into the system, allowing for increased visibility over pressure conditions with measurements being displayed. Additionally, this visibility leads to increased troubleshooting capabilities as users may determine the reasoning as to why cylinders may be unable to lift a load or if a pump is not functioning as intended. Through troubleshooting, various issues and their location can quickly be determined as a user conducts inspections and checks.

When leaking or blockages occur, pressure within the system may unexpectedly drop. With the pressure gauge, one would witness pressure drops during operations much easier. During such conditions, the hydraulic system should be inspected and repaired by a technician before operations continue for the means of safety. Explosions, leaks, injuries, and falling loads are all hazards that may occur with hydraulic systems, so having ample ability to monitor pressure conditions is always beneficial no matter the application.

Depending upon one’s needs, there are a few common types of pressure gauges that may be used. Generally, the main variations include dry, digital, and glycerine filled types, glycerine filled types being the most common and beneficial one for on-site systems and applications. Glycerine filled gauges utilize their compounds to lessen the undesirable effects of sudden pressure changes, ensuring that gauge elements are well protected. Often, these gauges are found in applications where shock loads are a factor or may be paired with powered pumps to dampen needle vibration.

When selecting pressure gauges for a particular need, there are a few considerations that may be made to find an optimal fit. Based on the system in question and the type of loads that it will undertake, pressure ranges provided by the gauge should roughly match. If the pressure range is too low, gauge parts may break. Meanwhile, too great of a range can lead to less precise measurements being made. If force is a measurement that needs to be recorded, then a Force Gauge may be an optimal choice. Other various factors may play into purchasing decisions as well, and buyers should consider materials, mounting options, and threading that accommodates the specific need of the application or assembly in question.

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