What Are Aircraft Bushings?

Bushings are much more than a component used for standard cars, they can be used in various wheel assemblies or suspension systems. In fact, bushings are even used in many mechanisms that make up an airplane.

Aircraft engineering is a challenging field where mechanics must take care of every aspect of an aircraft, no matter the size, to ensure safe flight operations. In regard to bushings, airplanes require these concrete components for their functional systems. Aircraft bushings are components that demand exceptional durability and consistency to support rotary operations. You can use these components in landing gears and other structures that provide rotary movement.

While bushings may look simple and have small components, they play an essential role in an airplane's functionality. To discover why these parts are critical for aircraft, we will briefly discuss various bushings and their benefits.

The Basics of Bushings

Rotating parts are a crucial aspect of flight. As such, bushings are hollow, cylindrically shaped components that allow rotary operations to be carried out with ease, and they are usually used in different landing gears and helicopter rotors. An aircraft is a complex mechanism with movable structures that must be spinning at high speeds during flight. Without bushings, the rotation and spinning of parts on an aircraft would be quite impossible. Retractable landing gear, for instance, must rotate while being lowered and raised by control mechanisms, and bushings allow these devices to do so without friction occurring against adjacent surfaces inside their shell-like structure.

Types of Bushings

Bushings have a simple design which resemble hollow tubes. The end of each bushing has been designed to accommodate rotating parts, those of which can be inserted into either side of the bushing for easy application while allowing components to turn freely.

There are many types of bushings in different shapes and sizes. Depending on your particular part requirements, bearings made up of stainless steel, carbon fiber, or aluminium alloys may be considered. However, the most commonly used bushing is a sleeve bushing, which is known for its optimal inner and outer diameters.

Bushings are typically plated in a friction-reducing material like Teflon which prevents the need for lubrication. There are also bushing designs like split bushings, those of which are specifically manufactured with clenched bushings and a cut along their length. Additionally, there are flanged bushings which are constructed with a flange at one end to provide a thrust bearing surface.

The Difference Between Bushings and Bearings

Many terms can be used to describe various parts of bearings, with one such term being ‘bushing’. Bushings allow relative motion to be achieved through sliding, instead of rolling or turning. Bushings are also commonly referred to as sleeve bearings. As such, it can be concluded that every bushing is a bearing but not all bearings are bushings.

The Benefits of Bushings

Bushings are an excellent solution for eliminating the need to use lubricants. As parts come in contact with one another, they will generate friction that can degrade their performance over time and cause wear and tear on both components, especially if not replaced or repaired on time. Lubricating greases provide some relief by reducing rotational drag in a more efficient way. Bushings allow you to rotate individual components without worrying about friction.

You can feel the sensations and vibrations during flight which are caused by the shaking of turbulence and the engine. Various components can loosen with time as vibrations occur due to the forces placed on them during flight. Bushings protect these components from vibration, making them an essential feature of airplanes.

Parts are less likely to sustain damage with the help of bushings. While they may not prevent vibration, they act to absorb large amounts of forces exerted on the plane, allowing passengers and crewmen to feel rest assured while traveling.


Bushings are fascinating inventions that help the rotation of parts without any additional lubricants. They protect engine parts from vibration, which can cause them to loosen with time due to forces faced during flight. Even though bushings are tiny components of such a large machine, their importance cannot be overstated.

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