What are Different Types of Aircraft Valves?

There are many different types of aircraft valves that can be used for the aircraft engine. While they each have different physical characteristics and serve different purposes, the aircraft valves tend to operate in a similar fashion. For example, the valves in the cylinders of an aircraft engine must endure severe conditions, including high temperatures, corrosion, and operating stresses. For this reason, metal alloy is often used in most valves so that they can resist and withstand being subject to extreme factors. However, some valves, such as intake valves, must function at temperatures lower than exhaust valves, and can thus be made of chromium-nickel steel. On the other hand, exhaust valves can be built of nichrome, silchrome, or cobalt-chromium steel because these materials are much more heat resistant. For more information on the different aircraft valve types, see below for more information.

Different Type of Aircraft Valves

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves can be used in aircraft fuel systems such as the fuel control, firewall shutoff, as well as for environmental control systems like the engine bleed air control, canopy seal inflation, waveguide pressurization, and coolant flow. Solenoid valves can also be applied in the flow control for hydraulic systems and for helicopter float inflation. The solenoid valves is sometimes called the “Floating Seal” because of its design that uses a flat seal disc against an equally flat seat. It has a gatekeeping option that wipes each seal clean after any operation.

Relief Valves

Valcor relief valves are used in various aircraft systems, including systems that implement  potable water pressure control, pneumatic (inert gas) pressure control for emergency landing gear systems, and emergency braking systems. The relief valve can also supply protection from  over-pressurization with direct acting and/or pilot operated mechanical components. Relief valves can be made available in the market with double ports (inlet and outlet ports) or ambient vented styles which can be suited for various different aircraft & aerospace plumbing applications.

Check Valves

Valcor check valves can be utilized as propellants helpers in pressurization systems as well as in aircraft hydraulic systems.

Pressure Regulator Valves

The pressure regulator valves are typically mechanical and available in the market as pressure reducers that work without integral pressure relief or pressure regulators that have an internal relief capabilities to provide a tighter outlet pressure band. Many such valves are designed and manufactured as sealed regulators for “absolute” pressure control as well as for traditional o-ring (and/or lip seal) style regulators.These kinds of pressure regulators can be implemented  in various aircraft systems for pressure control, waveguide pressurization, and cabin seal pressurization.


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