What Factors Affect Performance For RF Coaxial Cable Connector Assemblies?

Before delving into the complex factors that can affect performance for an RF coaxial cable connectors, it’s important to understand what an RF coaxial cable connector assemblies is as well as their functions. The RF coaxial cable connector assemblies are built up of is actual two RF coaxial connectors and a customi length of a separate RF coaxial cable that is administered through the use of welding. The performance of lone RF coaxial cable is an essential component of the RF coaxial cable connector assembly, and its functionality is highly reliant on  the whole RF coaxial cable connector assembly. For a further look at the RF coaxial cable connector assemblies, read the article below.

There are many factors that can affect the performance of the RF coaxial cable connector assemblies, but here, we will list only six, as these six are among the most common aspects that can alter or adjust its performance. These factors can include the following:

1) if the standing wave has bad periodicity,

2) poor performance due to local deformation,

3) impedance mismatch( this can be either high or low),

4) the movement between the cable foaming layer and the outer conductor,

5) the foaming layer is pasted on the inner conductor and cannot be cleaned,

6) the inner conductor size does not meet the requirements.

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