Entry of Rolls Royce’s Newest Engine Joins Qatar Airways

Qatar Airlines welcomes the implementation of their Trent latest XWB-97 Engines. Constructed by Rolls Royce, the engine is the largest of its kind and also the largest, most efficient civil aero engine in the world. The -97 models was based and manufactured on the previous Trent XWB model also known as 84,000lb thrust version.

Rolls Royce awaits its official release and has the honor of debuting it at the Singapore Airshow that will take place on the 10th through 11th of February (2018). Qatar Airlines plans to replace its aircrafts engines to create a more efficient flight for their commercial fleets. Newer model’s engines may be more expensive but will reduce maintance costs eventually, despite the amount engines that will need replacing. The new and improved XWB-97 engine will have to potential to release over 97,000 thrust capacity.  

Both of these engines have been composed quite the same but are also very unique in many ways. The -97 models has been optimized with more advanced technology along with state of the art machinery that is required to cope with the increased potential and performance by 6%. Having much of the same specs such as the size of the diameter (118in) in and the same number of blades.

Rolls Royce’s, Director of Engineering & Technology, Mr. Simon Burr assures that this new release is first of its kind and awaits the newest model by stating,” The Trent XWB-97 is the highest thrust engine we have ever certified. We have been working at the leading edge of technology to deliver this engine and we look forward to seeing it enter into service.”

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