Greases and Why They Are Used for Engines

It is safe to say that without proper lubrication, there is no doubt that an engine, or any other piece of machinery, can expire quickly. As machines are constantly in motion to produce a desired outcome, objects within an engine that are perpetually in motion or prone to frequent abuse require lubrication. Ranging in varying chemical compounds and viscosity levels, choosing the right type of lubricant can help ensure superior part performance, longevity, and reliability.

Classified as a substance used to reduce friction between two contacting surfaces, lubricants, or greases, are generally used to reduce heat generated between two objects in motion. When building an engine, there are essential assemblies that require specialized lubricants to ensure that all parts are sealed and protected. Upon startup, if an engine is not adequately lubricated, stress placed on internal components and mild engine issues can cascade into total engine failure. As such, to remain in working order, parts such as the crankshaft, pistons, rings, timing gears, valves, rod bearings, and other components should be lubricated.

When assembling an engine, molybdenum composite based greases are considered the optimal choice due to their linear structure. Having the potential to rebuild ionic bonds if broken, this lubricant is capable of retaining its structure despite tremendous forces of heat and pressure. On the other hand, petroleum based greases also function to provide similar results, but are not suitable for high-pressure demands. Reducing the amount of buildup associated with various other lubrication methods, petroleum based lubes are also well-known for providing protection without clogging system parts. As lubricants can be used for different applications and assemblies, it is best to know which parts in your assembly require adequate lubrication and if there are specific types needed.

Essential for maintaining the working order of an assembly and to circumvent preventable mechanical failures, it is imperative that all internal hard parts of an engine be lubricated. If you are looking for top quality greases and engine assembly parts, look no further than Aerospace Simplified. We are your trusted source for lubricant parts, grease parts, diesel engine parts, and related components. Due to our quality control and export compliance, we operate with AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B certification and accreditation. If you would like to request a quote for your comparisons, you can submit an RFQ form as provided on our website. Upon receipt, a dedicated account manager will quickly review and respond with a personalized solution to your needs in just 15 minutes or less, 24/7x365.


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